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Light Spider — our team combines sales experience and the ability to create a finished product from scratch.

Through creative thinking, we combine understanding of business, brand, technology and user behavior.

A simple website, a huge online store, or a personal blog — we know how to make it all work for you quickly and without errors.

Why us?
  • Light Spider's mission is to help your business reach the next level of customer relationship.
  • Quality and efficiency of work performed
  • Rich experience of working with various projects and topics
  • High level of professionalism of our employees
  • We are always in trend
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    Digital agency Light Spider — website development and integrated internet marketing

    We are a full cycle digital agency. We are engaged in the development of incredible sites that generate income for entrepreneurs and evoke positive emotions from visitors. To achieve our business goals, we use modern marketing techniques and choose effective digital solutions, while taking into account the wishes of our customers.

    The goal of Light Spider is to successfully cover any needs of customers, whether it is Stone's one-page for contextual advertising or an online store with several thousand products and integrated promotion across all media channels. Representatives of any business can safely contact our marketing agency: small, medium, large and any sphere: car services, medical centers, grocery companies, shops, agricultural and industrial enterprises, event organizers, metal rolling shop, etc. For everyone, our agency will find the most profitable solutions.

    How does Light Spider digital agency work?

    The formula of our work is simple and understandable to every person: order + idea + implementation = finished project and satisfied client. In our activities, we do not limit ourselves to any framework. Thanks to flexibility and creativity, we can solve problems of any complexity without any problems. Another good habit that contributes to success is discussing all aspects of a future project with clients. We put forward each stage of work for approval so that the customer ultimately gets exactly what he wanted.

    Digital agency Light Spider creates new sites from scratch. And we are 100% sure that using template design will only damage the project. Is it anyone today who will be surprised that online resources are created like a carbon copy without zest and sincerity? After all, this is the essence, it catches and evokes emotions in visitors, and encourages not to stop the session after 5 seconds. At the same time, it is quite possible to pump even the template design of CMS beyond recognition, making a web resource fresh, bright and as attractive as possible, including in an adaptive version, because now it is extremely important to develop sites with an emphasis on Mobile-First Index.

    This is a PS algorithm that gives priority in the TOP of organic search results to online resources with a high-quality adaptive version. Indeed, about 70% of the traffic to any website is now mobile. Users are looking for content through tablets and smartphones more and more often, which means that you cannot do without a working mobile version of your online resource. And the digital marketing team of the Light Spider agency understands this perfectly, paying special attention to the development of an adaptive for each project.

    Our work algorithm is as follows:

    1. We get acquainted with the client's company, discuss tasks and wishes, study the field of activity, target audience and strengths of the promoted one, evaluate economic efficiency, analyze competitors and the current state of the online resource, if it was developed earlier.
    2. We formulate a promotion strategy and coordinate all aspects with the customer: terms, budget, range of work, expected results.
    3. In the case of developing a website from scratch, we fill out a brief, form a TS, create page prototypes and a unique design layout, draw up a structure taking into account the requirements of search engines, make up, fill with content, carry out initial SEO optimization and test in two versions: desktop and mobile.
    4. As part of the provision of marketing services, we fill out the brief, draw up a promotion strategy, select the most effective advertising channels and launch the resource promotion in search engines.

    At all stages of cooperation, our digital agency adheres to the bright side: we are driven by customer focus, focus on 100% result, priority of quality over quantity.

    Development of web resources in our digital company

    We create high-quality, beautiful sites, and we do not work in a formulaic way, so the project may take several days or weeks to complete. However, the result obtained justifies the expectations and the effort invested. Ready-made online resources come out attractive, optimized and functional.

    Qualified specialists of the digital agency Light Spider work on the websites of our clients, namely: a designer, back- and front-end developers, a tester. The basis for success is a clear, step-by-step approach:

    • Development of corporate design, thanks to which visitors can recognize you among competitors. We carefully work out the layout and each page to achieve the highest quality usability of the online resource.
    • Layout according to the agreed layout. Our specialists apply the design taking into account cross-browser compatibility and mobile adaptability.
    • Functional. Developers endow the web resource with useful options, add commercial elements, create convenient navigation, and ensure overall stability.
    • Testing. Thorough research of the site after development, checking the performance of all buttons, feedback forms, animated elements, assessing the page loading speed, identifying all the minor flaws.

    In the course of development, the question often arises on which engine is the best to create a site. Based on practical experience, the best option is not a modular designer or SaaS platform, but a full-fledged CMS, where the necessary functions are fully presented. Some of the most popular engines are OpenCart, WordPress, ModX, CS-Cart, Bitrix, Drupal, Joomla, Magento. Some of them are successfully used by our website development company, developing high-quality, interactive and attractive online resources with their help.

    However, even in the current digital age, there are entrepreneurs who do not fully understand the benefits of online resources and still wonder: why do you need a website? Our integrated Internet marketing agency knows the exact answer to this question and is ready to voice a number of facts confirming the need to present any business on the Internet:

    • Expanding the geography of sales, increasing the number of leads and, as a result, increasing income.
    • Establishing feedback with the audience, receiving customer reviews, shaping the company's image. In today's marketplace, it's important to know what customers think of you.
    • Increasing brand awareness, creating a positive reputation. A good, interactive and functional website will be a good basis for a positive perception of your business.
    • An effective selling platform that, in parallel with offline trading, will expand the sales market and increase the profitability of your business.
    • Information field. Now you can directly inform consumers about various promotions, discounts, new services and products.

    Ordering a website from Light Spider digital marketing agency is your first step into e-commerce.

    If you already have an online resource, but it does not bring the desired profit or does not function properly, entrust us with the Internet promotion and refinement of your web platform.

    Digital agency Light Spider offers comprehensive marketing

    In modern eCommerce, it is impossible to achieve success without a systematic and holistic approach to the promotion of online platforms. If earlier it was enough to use 1-2 services, and this gave an acceptable result, now the priority is the complex impact. To attract the target audience, increase user loyalty, improve positions in search results, increase brand awareness and increase sales, it is necessary to use all available Internet marketing tools. The Light Spider agency does just that. We set up Google ADS contextual advertising, targeting on Instagram and Facebook, carry out SMM-promotion and SEO-promotion of resources in the TOP of the search results, work with retargeting, remarketing and SERM.

    A digital agency that is constantly evolving

    So, the basis of our activity is the constant improvement of professional skills, the acquisition of new knowledge and improvement of the skills of each specialist. Thanks to a difficult task, creative ideas, non-standard solutions, non-trivial thinking with each project, our digital marketing agency becomes better for you and for ourselves. We implement even seemingly simple projects with maximum efficiency, bringing creativity to them, which favorably distinguishes our clients' websites from competitors and attracts new users in a much larger number.

    At the same time, the price of work with us is loyal and is calculated individually for each project. The following factors affect the cost of website development services in the Light Spider digital agency:

    • geography of company promotion,
    • business niche,
    • competition,
    • a range of goals and objectives,
    • type of cooperation,
    • the actual presence of the company online,
    • terms of development and implementation of the promotion strategy.

    Due to the flexibility and variability of cooperation formats, each client can count on optimal conditions for the implementation of the project. And finally — why is it worth contacting the website promotion agency Light Spider?

    By choosing us, you will receive:

    • deep analysis and full immersion in your field of activity;
    • prices correspond to the quality of the services provided;
    • creative solutions to the assigned tasks;
    • focus on developing your online business;
    • positive results in the first month of work;
    • an integrated approach, modern technologies, fresh ideas.

    Our goal is to make our clients' business profitable. Contact us! We will be happy to discuss your project and offer the best solution!