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команда для створення сайту

Development | 16.07.21

Website Creation Team: What Specialists Do You Need

We select a team to create a site and start a business on the Internet. Which specialists should be involved and who should be entrusted with the work on the project? After all, at this stage, many entrepreneurs have a dilemma: order services to create a site in a digital agency or contact a freelancer. So where to find good professionals? Let's understand in our new article.

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Технологія MUM від Google

SEO - search engine promotion | 06.07.21

Google's MUM Technology: A Radical Change in the Online Search Model

Google is implementing MUM technology. According to Google, MUM is 1000 times more powerful than BERT, released in 2019. What is MUM technology and how does it work? Will the basics of site promotion change due to its release? Which sites will have an advantage in search engine rankings? Consider in the article!

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Сайт не індексується Google - що робити?

SEO - search engine promotion | 31.05.21

Why the site is not indexed by Google: TOP-7 reasons for the absence of your resource in the search engine

What are the reasons for the lack of a site in the index and what to do to eliminate them? There are often situations when work on the site is in full swing, and the number of pages in the index does not increase. What's worse, they start falling out of there or there is no indexing of the website at all. The only rational way out of this situation is to find the reason why the site is not indexed in Google.

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Вордпресс разработка сайта

Development | 22.04.21

How to Speed Up a WordPress Site: Proven WP Optimization Guidelines

In our new article, we are going to show you how to speed up your WordPress site. Why did you choose this particular CMS for inspection, you may ask. Everything is simple here. Firstly, our digital agency is engaged in WordPress development, and secondly, more than 65% of all world web resources made on CMS use this engine.

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управление проектами

Analytics | 08.04.21

TOP-7 project and task management systems for your business

The reality is that any rapidly growing business needs a project management organization for further effective development. Whether it is an internet marketing agency or several freelancers united by one common goal - a task and project management system must be implemented. And there is a solution - this is a task manager.

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Как раскрутить паблик в Телеграме

SMM - promotion on social networks | 17.03.21

Promotion of a Telegram channel from scratch: free ways to promote and practical recommendations

Telegram is one of the most popular marketing tools for interacting with the target audience today. Why does it make sense to spend time, effort and even finances in promoting Telegram? What are the nuances of promoting channel telegrams from scratch these days? Do authors often make mistakes at the start of promotion? - Answers to these and other questions in our article!

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