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The pain of a copywriter or our writing

що таке копірайтинг

Internet Marketing | 30.09.21

Who is a copywriter and what is copywriting in 2021

Nowadays, the profession of a copywriter is becoming more and more in demand every year. Therefore, despite all the twists and turns, the text remains the main element of the transmission of information. The role of a copywriter is to find her, structure and write the text. And the life of a copywriter is a constant pursuit of information. How to become a good copywriter and what is needed for this? Let's consider in detail!

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Linkedin promotion

SMM - promotion on social networks | 30.09.21

LinkedIn Promotion: Best Practices for Business

Social networks are commonly used as a means to communicate, meet or share photos and videos. But there are also specialized social networks. They have a narrow focus and unite people in terms of professional skills, interests, areas of business or work. And the most popular resource for this is LinkedIn. Let's talk about it in our article!

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внутрішня і зовнішня оптимізація сайту

SEO - search engine promotion | 29.09.21

Internal and external site optimization — what is it in simple words

Website launch is a rational solution for promoting your own business. However, if a person cannot use the site in the way that is convenient for him, then he, most likely, will simply close the resource and start looking for another one. To prevent this from happening, it is worth optimizing the site. Therefore, in this article, we will consider what internal and external website optimization is.

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site promotion as effectively as possible

Internet Marketing | 29.09.21

What is site promotion and how to do it most effectively

You have launched a web resource. Days, weeks, months pass, and the number of clients from the site is in no hurry to grow. You ask yourself, "What's going on?" And the answer is on the surface — it is not enough to launch the site, it is still necessary to "promote" it. What does it mean? What is “website promotion”? Why and why is it necessary? Let's figure it out and answer these questions one by one.

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SEO - search engine promotion | 11.09.21

New Google Title Tag Update — how the search results will change with the update of the algorithm for forming the title tag

Google recently released a tag system update. Although the official statement of the corporation was posted online, not all SEO experts understood the essence of the changes. Let's understand what is Google Title Tag Update, what is new in the search engine and why did it happen at all? And what will be the SEO promotion of the website in the new realities. Consider in the article!

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what is Facebook targeting

SMM - promotion on social networks | 31.08.21

What is Facebook targeting and what are its opportunities for business promotion on social media

Social networks are one of the most popular platforms today. That is why business promotion there is a rather urgent task. And in this article, we'll take a look at Facebook targeting. What it is? In a few words, this is an advertising campaign, the task of which is to determine the target audience and methods of influencing it.

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