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The Future of SEO: Is the Patient Alive or Dead?

What is the future of SEO promotion? This issue is regularly raised in the digital environment, especially with the release of global updates and new search engine algorithms. Over the past 10 years, the network has repeatedly asked questions on the topic: a living or dead CEO, what will it be like in the future, what changes and trends await SEOs in a year, two, five years? Only one thing can be said with certainty - the phrase “SEO will die, links will not work”, which is regularly heard at various IT conferences, does not correspond to reality. In fact, backlinks worked then and now. It's just that a lot of other factors have been added to them that affect the ranking of the site, and now the way to the TOP can not be trodden by links alone. With this in mind, Light Spider SEOs always keep pace with the times, which allows them to provide customers with only the most effective search engine optimization. 

So, SEO is the optimization of a website in search results in order to get traffic and bring it to the first positions in the search for key phrases. Typically, the higher the ranking of a website in the search results for a user's request, the more potential customers come to it from search engines.

Okay, now you know exactly what it is, but why, in a global sense, does every business need SEO website promotion? In short, here's why: competent optimization will help you solve several very important tasks at once, such as:

  1. Increasing website traffic, attracting traffic and increasing positions.

  2. Compliance of the web resource with the needs of the target audience.

  3. Analysis of competitors and identification of the reasons for their success.

  4. Formation of brand awareness and growth of brand popularity.

And for this, a wide range of marketing channels and resources are currently being used. 

SEO development: then and now

Here's a comparison: 10 years ago it was enough to buy a bunch of backlinks, and the trust and authority of domains did not play such an important role as today, and literally spam in the text with keywords. The content ended up looking unreadable and awkward. Remember the colorful web sites of the 2000s? Yes, yes, these are the ones on the pages of which the font was of different colors, with some paragraphs highlighted in bold, the second in italics, the third were underlined, and the fourth were flickering, and all this was placed on a green or red bright background. In 2020, it is very rare to see such a site. Such web resources have moved beyond the TOP-100 and hang out on 10-20 search results pages. You can only see them on link building exchanges like Sape. 

SEO gets more complicated every year. If then you could just write a keyword several times and you're done - you are in the TOP, but now search engine optimization involves the daily work of a whole team of people. And Google is unlikely to give you the right answers regarding promotion, it only claims that you cannot buy links, while it itself prefers sites with a large number of high-quality backlinks, thereby creating a vicious circle for SEOs.

Only one thing can be said for sure - SEO these days is not only keywords and links (although their importance remains high), now this activity has gone much deeper, and it is necessary to completely immerse oneself in the scope and specifics of the customer's business. SEOs are now challenged to leverage their deeper knowledge of not only how Google works, but also how people behave when visiting an online resource. 

What is the SEO optimizer of the future?

Considering the pace of development of search engine promotion, SEO today is a universal soldier who knows not only the principles of ranking sites, but also understands programming, design, copywriting, marketing at least at a basic level.

In 2021, useful skills for a CEO will be:

  • Understanding the principles of creating a comfortable website usability, UI / UX design and design.

  • Knowledge of the basics of programming, the ability to independently make changes to the code, orientation in HTML, communication with the programmer on an equal footing.

  • Skills of a project manager, the ability to competently and clearly form a technical specification for a developer, copywriter, designer. 

  • Understanding the basic aspects of sales, customer and business needs, brand promotion features.

  • Analytical thinking, monitoring competitors, regularly analyzing the market situation and finding the best solutions for promoting a web resource.

  • Ability to work with optimization tools, understanding the principles of search engines, knowledge of modern promotion techniques.

What are we focusing on in the future of SEO?

The trends of recent years remain relevant to this day. As part of SEO optimization, we pay attention to the mobile version of the resource, behavioral factors, semantics, content, backlinks, local and voice search, knowledge graphs (quick response blocks), HTTPS protocol. At the same time, it is important to “hook” both users and the search bot. When developing and optimizing a website, you need to work on two fronts in order to please both people and the search engine. 

Why should you distribute your efforts evenly? Because, on the one hand, promotion is focused on users, and the optimizer needs to understand the psychology of buyers: how they search, how they think, what they click, how they act and what they see. This is not difficult, the SEO only needs to imagine himself in the user's place, or remember how he behaves on the Internet. On the other hand, search engine algorithms are developed using neural networks and take into account the relationship between keywords, web resources, backlinks, content, meta tags, and more. Therefore, the SEO optimizer needs to understand how search engine technologies affect its results. 

This understanding comes from experience, which is gradually accumulated in the course of working with projects of various topics and complexity. Entrepreneurs usually do not have time to study the nuances of SEO promotion, so they often create a marketing department within the company or entrust promotion to digital agencies. If you have absolutely no experience in the field of search engine promotion, but you need the result as soon as possible, contact Light Spider - here the best specialists in development and promotion on the Internet work for you.

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