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A business card site is a small site with information that allows you to get an idea of the company's activities.

What tasks does a business card site solve?

The main goal of creating a business card site is the initial acquaintance of potential customers with the company. Distinctive features - information content, conciseness, individuality, attractive design.


The site creates the first impression and conveys the philosophy of the company, improving the image in the market.


With the help of the site, an advertising campaign is possible to promote your business on the Internet.

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The site contains all information about the company, a description of its activities and services.

Stages of creating a business card website

Business card website
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We research the product / service of the business, analyze the competitors and the audience of the company.


We develop a design that leaves a vivid impression of the company.

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We make a website with an interactive design, dynamic elements and responsive layout.

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We fill the site with up-to-date information about the activities of your company.

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We support the site, help manage content.

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Business card website - a vivid representation of the brand on the Internet

Business cards are colorful, catchy, informative, but at the same time laconic advertising elements made of paper or plastic, have long been known to entrepreneurs and are still in use today. They still represent an effective way to share contacts with potential clients offline.

On the other hand, almost every business operates on the Internet, and there you also need to represent your company. The business card website will help to do this - a resource of a presentation nature, the main purpose of which is to inform users about the brand, products, field of activity of the company, as well as about the potential benefits for them.

Your future customers, surfing the Internet, form images of companies based on viewing their own web resources, because this is the first thing they see and how they learn about your business.

And although it is not difficult to create a business card website, you should pay special attention to its development: think over the concept from start to finish, form an original design layout and fill it with informative content.

With regard to the latter, it should not only be meaningful, but also visually complement the design. It is recommended to avoid unnecessarily long or short texts; size them based on the free space left by the designer for the content. The text content should be maintained in accordance with the style, color, background, design theme.

Order a business card website: what we focus on

You can make a business card site relatively quickly, since it consists of 4-7 pages on average, has no nested sections and has a simple one-level structure. Main categories: home, portfolio, product, price, company, contacts. Structurally, a business card website is formed on the basis of a brief filled in by a client, the answers of which help to identify the range of the company's activities, advantages, and goals of the project. Due to the simple structure SEO site optimization business card and its promotion on the network is carried out without any problems.

As a rule, web sites of this type solve the following tasks:

  • Personal presentation on the Internet.
  • Placement of information about the company.
  • Publication of information about the proposed product.
  • Communication of contact information for communication with clients.

Despite the fact that the business card site is one of the simplest in structure and laconic in design web resources, it is one of the most popular in the commercial segment. Thanks to him, you can not only successfully present yourself on the Internet, but also form a positive brand reputation, which largely determines the success of online business promotion.

Turnkey business card website development

The secret to the effectiveness of such resources lies in the catchy design. Compliance with trends, complete visualization of the main idea, mission, goals and philosophy of the company - this is the lion's share of the success of creating a business card site from scratch. Template solutions do not work here, since projects made according to the same type, and as a result, sites that are similar, like a carbon copy, do not interest users. As for trends, recently there has been a tendency to create colorful business cards for various advertising and promotional campaigns.

The second aspect is the comfort of the resource for users. Don't forget that effective, sales-oriented design is not only about beautiful images and vibrant colors, but also superior usability. All buttons, forms, interactive objects, conversion elements must be in their place and work error-free.

Another positive factor in the success of the company's business card site is the resource management system. It is recommended to choose a simple CMS, the functionality of which can be dealt with by any user with basic computer skills. Since the price for a business card site is usually low, customers are not interested in attracting webmasters to work with it. It is important for them that the administration of the resource does not cause difficulties for people far from programming and web development.

Fast loading is an important factor. Currently, no one waits longer than 2-3 seconds for a page response. In the era of high-speed internet, this is unacceptable. At the inhibited resources, the attendance is extremely low. Moreover, if the business card turns out to be slow - an already compact, small site.

You should also pay attention to adaptability. For any business card website, the design must be adapted for mobile devices, because about 70% of the audience use the Internet through portable gadgets. Your web resource must be correctly displayed on the screens of smartphones and tablets with any resolution, so that people are pleased to watch and interact with it.

Development and promotion of a business card site in Kharkov and Ukraine

If you are interested in ordering a turnkey website, starting with the development of the layout and up to promotion in search engines and social. networks, choose a responsible and productive web studio. Experience in working with complex, non-standard projects, and a well-coordinated team are a guarantee of a successful solution to your business problems.

There is no doubt that a business card site is an up-to-date, useful and effective tool for brand promotion. So use this to grow your business. Order the development of a business card site right now!

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