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як просувати онлайн бізнес

Analytics | 06.12.21

How to start an online business and what promotion metrics to track

How to start promoting your business on the Internet? At the start, it is important to determine exactly what and why you offer the customer, and how he will be able to buy your product. And for that you need a web resource. But not just a sales platform, but an effective tool. How to find out if it is profitable? Metrics will help you find out, which we will consider in a new article.

управление проектами

Analytics | 08.04.21

TOP-7 project and task management systems for your business

The reality is that any rapidly growing business needs a project management organization for further effective development. Whether it is an internet marketing agency or several freelancers united by one common goal - a task and project management system must be implemented. And there is a solution - this is a task manager.

расширение браузера Google Tag Assistant

Analytics | 18.12.20

Google Tag Assistant is a browser extension useful for SEOs and marketers

To minimize the collection of corrupted data, and to identify problems at the time of the introduction of Google tags, we recommend using Google Tag Assistant - an extension for a web browser used to identify, check and troubleshoot when various Google tags are introduced on the site.


Analytics | 28.08.20

Identifying business needs

Meeting the needs of the business is one of the key objectives of internet marketing. Knowing what exactly is needed in a given situation, you can immediately find an effective solution. In order for your project to run smoothly and lead to a successful end product, you need to meet the business needs as early as possible. So you will lay a solid foundation for promotion and significantly increase the chance of successful implementation of your ideas.