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що заборонено до реклами в гугл

PPC — contextual advertising | 30.08.21

What you can't advertise on Google Ads and why your ads are being blocked

It so happens that ads on Google are blocked, and a site or company is sanctioned by the search engine. Let's take a look at what you can't advertise on Google and why your ads are rejected by the moderation service. Let's find out what topics are prohibited in Google ADS and what is the specifics of working with this platform.

як робити аудит контекстної реклами

PPC — contextual advertising | 04.12.20

Contextual advertising audit: what we pay attention to + final checklist

An audit of Google Adwords and Yandex Direct is a comprehensive check of the settings of an advertising office, the purpose of which is to increase the profitability of the business, achieve the necessary KPI parameters and reduce the cost of each attracted client.