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Internet Marketing | 10.08.21

Website traffic: what is it and what is its role in promotion?

Site traffic is one of the main indicators of the effectiveness of online promotion. It represents the number of Internet users who have visited a web resource over a period of time from various sources. Why is it important to know website traffic, how to check it, and why do we need this information? More about this in our new article!


Internet Marketing | 15.02.21

Where and How to Find Blog Topics

The work of a copywriter is interesting and creative, but it cannot be called easy. A specialist needs to constantly be in trend, look for inspiration and not succumb to regression. One of the problems that even venerable copywriters face is finding topics for writing content. It would seem that it is difficult, because there are a lot of sources of information around, just take it and write.


Internet Marketing | 21.01.21

What email marketing will look like in 2021: 7 best practices for writing emails

Email marketing is an outdated or modern marketing method? Currently, the digital world is divided into 2 camps. Some experts insist that e-mail marketing is outdated, and it is high time to forget about it, replacing it with chats in instant messengers. Others are of the opinion that marketing emails are too early to be discounted.


Internet Marketing | 04.11.20

TOP-5 CRM for business in Ukraine

TOP-5 CRM for business in Ukraine Efficiency, focus on development and automation of processes is important in business, because the better you can track customer relationships and the quality of work of specialists, the more likely you will be able to increase sales, improve the level of service and form the right marketing goals. The fact is that at a certain stage of the maturity of your enterprise there will be a need [...]


Internet Marketing | 28.10.20

E-commerce trends - what to expect in 2021?

Practice shows that sellers improve consumer comfort factors every year. Thus, they overestimate the requirements, requests and expectations of buyers. After all, every seller strives to please the client, and the search for new solutions, how to do this, gives rise to new trends in online sales.


Internet Marketing | 26.08.20

Online sales

The e-Commerce segment is rapidly gaining momentum, as due to quarantine, offline business has stopped for several months. The number of people who buy goods on the Internet is growing, and this is an indisputable fact. At the same time, the user changes his views on online shopping and is more focused on purchasing products without the need for those brands that they know and love.