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топ-20 плагінів на wordpress

Development | 21.02.22

TOP 20 plugins on Wordpress — must have for your site

Nowadays CMS Wordpress is one of the most used content management systems. It has been noticed that it is much more efficient to create or modify web resources on Wordpress using plugins. WordPress developers have created hundreds of plugins that improve website performance in many ways: SEO, security, usability, e-commerce, etc. Let's consider WP plugins in more detail in our new article.

what is an opencart

Development | 04.02.22

Finalization of the site on Opencart: stages and popular edits

The success of any site, especially an online store, is determined by clear navigation, wide functionality and modern design. An excellent solution when creating a selling website would be to use the Opencart platform. Let's consider together what kind of system this is and what are the stages of creating, finalizing the site on this CMS.

доробка сайту на Wordpress

Development | 21.01.22

Finalizing of the website on Wordpress: when it’s necessary and what it includes

WordPress (WP) is one of the most popular content management systems CMS (Content Management System). WordPress uses open source. The functionality of the system allows you to cover a wide range of web resources for every taste from business cards to small online stores. However, like all CMS, WordPress is not without bugs. What improvements are most often seen on WP? Read on!

Етапи та нюанси створення сайту-візитки

Development | 14.01.22

Stages and nuances of creating a business card site from scratch

A business card site is the easiest type of web resources in terms of implementation, capable of presenting you and your business in the eyes of the target audience. Created once, it will always work for you. But this does not mean that by creating it easily and quickly, you will get the desired result. Indeed, in the process of developing even that business card site, there are many aspects that should be taken into account. We will talk about them in our article!

для чого треба замовляти лендінг

Development | 09.12.21

What is a landing page for and how to use it most effectively

Landing page has become one of the most effective marketing solutions for attracting target audience. An elegant and unpretentious solution. Why do you need a landing page? First of all — to show the product and the company in the most favorable light. While there are many ways to attract customers, it must be admitted that the landing page remains one of the most popular and relatively inexpensive methods of lead generation.

сайт магазину на опенкарт

Development | 27.10.21

How to Build an Online Store on OpenCart from Scratch

Today, it is unlikely that it will be possible to find a person who has never used online stores. More often there is a much wider choice of goods, there is the possibility of delivery to the address, and the prices are more affordable. Such sites work on engines. The engine, OpenCart, has become especially popular recently. Why did this happen and what is he like? About this in our article!

команда з розробки сайту

Development | 16.07.21

Website Creation Team: What Specialists Do You Need

We select a team to create a site and start a business on the Internet. Which specialists should be involved and who should be entrusted with the work on the project? After all, at this stage, many entrepreneurs have a dilemma: order services to create a site in a digital agency or contact a freelancer. So where to find good professionals? Let's understand in our new article.

Вордпресс разработка сайта

Development | 22.04.21

How to Speed Up a WordPress Site: Proven WP Optimization Guidelines

In our new article, we are going to show you how to speed up your WordPress site. Why did you choose this particular CMS for inspection, you may ask. Everything is simple here. Firstly, our digital agency is engaged in WordPress development, and secondly, more than 65% of all world web resources made on CMS use this engine.

що таке прототип сайту

Development | 29.01.21

Prototype of your site: agreeing correctly

Presentation of a prototype to a customer is an important step towards creating a website. And here you need to correctly convey information to him so that he can understand what to focus on, and what specifically needs to be monitored. After all, customers in most cases are far from development, and many aspects of the functioning of a web resource are not clear to them.

разработка на мадженто - плюсы и минусы

Development | 15.01.21

CMS Magento for eCommerce projects — pros and cons, overview of features

An online store on Magento captivates users with its attractiveness and simplicity, and developers - with its flexibility and functionality. On CMS Magento, development is carried out initially with an emphasis on e-commerce. This is also noted by the functionality of the engine, which allows you to create resources with an assortment of 500,000 or more products.

Создание интернет магазина на OpenCart

Development | 10.12.20

Creation of an online store on OpenCart is the optimal solution for e-Commerce projects

Why do we recommend creating a website with OpenCart? This CMS is a multifunctional content management system focused on e-commerce, making it suitable for businesses of various levels. On OpenCart, you can create a website both for a small online store with several hundred product items, and for a large resource that offers more than 100,000 products.

разработка сайтов блог

Development | 11.11.20

7 questions about website development that are "ashamed" to ask a programmer

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the answers to the most popular development questions, which will help you better understand the basics of creating websites, and look like a completely competent person in front of the executor of the order.