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що таке пбн мережа сайтів

SEO — search engine promotion | 16.11.21

PBN network of sites — what is it and how is it used for SEO promotion

Over the past few years, building PBN networks has grown in complexity. This happened due to the update of the search engines and the improvement of the algorithms. In our new article we will look at the methods of building PBN networks and answer the question What is it? What are they needed for? And is PBN really an effective way to optimize your website for SEO?

зовнішня та внутрішня оптимізація сайтів

SEO — search engine promotion | 29.09.21

Internal and external site optimization — what is it in simple words

Website launch is a rational solution for promoting your own business. However, if a person cannot use the site in the way that is convenient for him, then he, most likely, will simply close the resource and start looking for another one. To prevent this from happening, it is worth optimizing the site. Therefore, in this article, we will consider what internal and external website optimization is.

новий гугл апдейт

SEO — search engine promotion | 11.09.21

New Google Title Tag Update — how the search results will change with the update of the algorithm for forming the title tag

Google recently released a tag system update. Although the official statement of the corporation was posted online, not all SEO experts understood the essence of the changes. Let's understand what is Google Title Tag Update, what is new in the search engine and why did it happen at all? And what will be the SEO promotion of the website in the new realities. Consider in the article!

технологія mum від гугла

SEO — search engine promotion | 06.07.21

Google's MUM Technology: A Radical Change in the Online Search Model

Google is implementing MUM technology. According to Google, MUM is 1000 times more powerful than BERT, released in 2019. What is MUM technology and how does it work? Will the basics of site promotion change due to its release? Which sites will have an advantage in search engine rankings? Consider in the article!

Сайт не індексується Google - що робити?

SEO — search engine promotion | 31.05.21

Why the site is not indexed by Google: TOP-7 reasons for the absence of your resource in the search engine

What are the reasons for the lack of a site in the index and what to do to eliminate them? There are often situations when work on the site is in full swing, and the number of pages in the index does not increase. What's worse, they start falling out of there or there is no indexing of the website at all. The only rational way out of this situation is to find the reason why the site is not indexed in Google.

Google Discover — что это такое

SEO — search engine promotion | 05.02.21

Google Discover: answering popular questions

One of the latest Google developments is the Discover tool. It launched at the end of 2018 with the aim of grabbing the attention of users. At the same time, the emphasis is on an individual approach to the delivery of content. In fact, this service is a personalized Google Feed, improved and refined.

seo тренды 2021 года

SEO — search engine promotion | 23.12.20

SEO optimization in 2021 TOP 7 trends website promotion

The end of the year, as you know, is the best time to take stock of your achievements, and plan actions for the future, analyzing mistakes, and formulating plans for the next year. In this article, we will look at what trends will be in demand in the world of SEO, and what you should pay attention to when optimizing and promoting sites in search engines.

атрибут rel=canonical

SEO — search engine promotion | 23.11.20

How to use the rel = "canonical" attribute correctly and set up pagination on the site

What is the rel = "canonical" attribute and what is it used for? When should you set up canonical links? What errors occur when working with rel = "canonical"? We consider the use of canonical links in SEO-site optimization.

алгоритм кор веб віталс

SEO — search engine promotion | 19.10.20

New Google Core Web Vitals Algorithm

Core Web Vitals is a big new update from Google. To measure performance, this algorithm uses three comparable metrics, which, in fact, will become ranking factors in the next year, affecting the place of a page in Google's organic search results.


SEO — search engine promotion | 28.08.20

The future of SEO

Over the past 10 years, the network has repeatedly asked questions on the topic: is the CEO alive or dead, which he will be in the future, changes and trends await SEOs in a year, two, five years? We will answer these and other questions in our article!