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SMM-site promotion on social networks

SMM — promotion on social networks | 17.02.22

Social media website advertising: goals, strategies, methods and results

Today, it is increasingly difficult for companies to attract a warm target audience to the site. Social networks are a location on the Internet where the largest concentration of interested users is observed. Therefore, companies should focus on targeted advertising and website promotion not only in search engines, but also in social networks. Let's consider in this article the tools and methods of site promotion in social networks.

SMM TOP 10 errors

SMM — promotion on social networks | 09.02.22

Harmful SMM: TOP 10 mistakes of account promotion in social networks

SMM promotion is a tool that gives results only when used correctly. And how to correctly use the mechanisms of promotion in social networks, we will consider in our article. After all, to get a profit from SMM promotion, you should not only know and use trends, but also avoid typical fails, the TOP 10 of which we will consider right now.

targeted advertising — what is it

SMM — promotion on social networks | 24.01.22

Targeted advertising: features, opportunities, formats, advantages and disadvantages

Recently, social networks have become very popular, and targeted advertising is gaining more and more momentum. It allows you to select the necessary target audience and work only with it. This is exactly what targeted advertising attracts representatives of different business segments. After all, this approach to attracting the target audience is much more effective than addressing many users at once.

просування в тікток

SMM — promotion on social networks | 17.12.21

Goals, nuances and recommendations for setting up advertising in TikTok ADS

As you know, advertising on social networks is the key to a successful business! Since now TikTok is rapidly gaining momentum, and even launched an Ads ad account, it would be a big mistake not to take advantage of this. After all, TikTok has its own target audience for almost every area of business, which can be identified and attracted to the ranks of regular customers. Let's consider what it is, advertising on TikTok!

як оформити інстаграм красиво

SMM — promotion on social networks | 16.12.21

How To Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed — recommendations of specialists for SMM promotion

Today, the design of Instagram is a real art, because this social network has long ceased to be a platform in which only good photos can be shown. In the modern world, this is a virtual place where people declare themselves, their business, goods and services. And a business page is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of users. Therefore, it must be executed responsibly and at a high level.

просування в соцмережах

SMM — promotion on social networks | 29.10.21

Instagram Stories: Reach, Statistics, Trends and Life Hacks

Social networks are most often used for communication, viewing interesting material, communicating with friends or in search of useful (and not so) content, etc. But pretty quickly they learned how to make money from them, for example, by advertising a business. But how do you actually start making money on social media? How to promote Instagram? In this article, we will answer these and many other questions!

стратегія просування в лінкедін

SMM — promotion on social networks | 30.09.21

LinkedIn Promotion: Best Practices for Business

Соціальні мережі звично використовуються як засіб для спілкування, знайомства чи обміну фото та відеоматеріалами. Але існують і спеціалізовані соцмережі. Вони відрізняються вузькою спрямованістю, і об’єднують людей за професійними навичками, інтересами, сферами бізнесу чи роботи. І найпопулярнішим ресурсом для цього є LinkedIn. Про нього і поговоримо у нашій статті!

таргетинг реклама у соцмережах

SMM — promotion on social networks | 31.08.21

What is Facebook targeting and what are its opportunities for business promotion on social media

Social networks are one of the most popular platforms today. That is why business promotion there is a rather urgent task. And in this article, we'll take a look at Facebook targeting. What it is? In a few words, this is an advertising campaign, the task of which is to determine the target audience and methods of influencing it.

чат-боти у телеграмі

SMM — promotion on social networks | 20.08.21

Telegram bots: TOP-30 useful helpers of SMM specialist

Telegram is a messenger that confidently ranks among the most popular applications, and is actively used by people of different professions, ages, and social statuses. Of course, it is also in demand in the digital sphere, since it is simple, functional and easy to use. Why are Telegram bots useful in SMM promotion? Consider in our article!

Розкрутка Telegram каналу з нуля

SMM — promotion on social networks | 17.03.21

Promotion of a Telegram channel from scratch: free ways to promote and practical recommendations

Telegram is one of the most popular marketing tools for interacting with the target audience today. Why does it make sense to spend time, effort and even finances in promoting Telegram? What are the nuances of promoting channel telegrams from scratch these days? Do authors often make mistakes at the start of promotion? - Answers to these and other questions in our article!

продвижение в социальных сетях

SMM — promotion on social networks | 27.11.20

Why people don't follow you on social media: 7 reasons to check your account

Business promotion on social networks is a modern trend, and it is a sin not to take advantage of it in the current conditions, when competition on the Internet is growing every day. One of the guaranteed ways to popularize your brand is SMM - Social Media Marketing.

раскрутка в тик ток

SMM — promotion on social networks | 26.10.20

Do you need a business promotion on TikTok?

How useful can TikTok be for business and in what cases does it make sense to try your hand at promoting on this video hosting? Is promotion on TikTok suitable for any business? How does TikTok differ from Instagram and YouTube? Find out in our article!