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Contextual advertising is shown in search engines, on various sites, in mobile applications and on other resources

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Why do you need contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is an advertisement that is shown to users in accordance with their search queries, interests or online behavior.

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Fast way
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Conducts constant competitor analysis
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Stages of creating contextual advertising

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Collecting the semantic core

We define a set of search words and phrases for an effective launch

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Semantic core clustering

We split the semantic core of the site into groups of phrases

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Writing ads

We write selling ad texts

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Launch of advertising campaigns

We launch effective advertising campaigns to attract target audience

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Optimization of advertising campaigns

We optimize advertising campaigns to maximize your audience growth

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Contextual advertising - fast customer acquisition from scratch

Successful online business development is impossible without attracting target users to the site. These people are of the greatest interest to entrepreneurs, since they search the Internet for the product or service they offer, and are potentially interested in purchasing it.

You can attract such visitors to your site using various marketing tools, and one of them is contextual advertising (PPC). These are ads located above and below the organic results of Google and Yandex search engines, which can be recognized by the inscription "Advertising", as well as text and multimedia messages on YouTube and sites included in the partner network of search engines.

The PPC toolkit allows you to find and segment your target audience, resulting in advertisements only shown to interested people. You can watch them both on computers and on mobile devices. Ads are shown in response to key queries entered by users in the search bar, which means that they are unobtrusive and do not annoy other users who are not interested in your product.

Why is Google and Yandex contextual advertising considered the tool that most quickly attracts customers to the site? It's simple - it starts working immediately after the launch of the campaign. At the same time, setting up takes from 1-2 days to a week, depending on the goals and volumes of the website. Typically, in the early days, the campaign is launched, and in the subsequent days, the publication settings are debugged.

When is advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex Direct effective?

It is advisable to order contextual advertising for any e-Commerce project, the purpose of which is to sell goods or services. It ensures the achievement of goals in a wide range:

  • A quick result - when calls and requests from a web resource are needed on the very first day of promotion.
  • Popularization of landing pages that are not suitable for search engine promotion through SEO optimization.
  • Increase in site traffic, the flow of potential customers and the reach of the target audience.
  • Promotion of young sites - Google Adwords advertising contributes to the formation of positive behavioral factors.
  • Return of users who previously interacted with the resource, did not complete the ordering process, etc.
  • Виведення і розкрутка на ринку нового продукту або послуги, підвищення впізнаваності бренду.

An important aspect of successful Yandex and Google Adwords advertising is the experience of conducting campaigns within the framework of these PS. Of course, there are many video tutorials, instructions, manuals for starting and configuring PPC on the Internet. Based on this information, you can quickly create a campaign and send it spinning in the system. But it is important to remember that generalized knowledge is provided on the web. Nobody reports in detail about the pitfalls that await you in the setup process.

Before launching Google context, you need to collect a core of keywords, compose ad text, fine-tune the target audience, etc. Contextual site advertising is shown in the SERP only in response to user search queries. Moreover, the phrases entered by the user in the PS line must match the phrases specified in the campaign settings. If a negative keyword is in the way of interaction between a search engine and a person, the ad will not be shown to him.

The Light Spider team has sufficient experience in launching, setting up and running Google ads. In addition, you can order from us site upgrade or developing an online resource from scratch.

Types of advertising in the search engine Google, Yandex

The context is not limited to just the posts in the SERP. Perhaps the most popular option, but far from the only one. Let's take a closer look at what PPC advertising is:

  1. Search engine. We have already mentioned it above. The main factor influencing its display is the relevance of the ad keys to the user's search queries. The Adwords ad budget is spent only on your potential customers, thanks to the linkage to the click on the post. Payment is charged after clicking on the ad and going to the promoted site. Therefore, it is recommended to display your USP in the text block and supplement it with a catchy, creative description.
  2. Media. Interactive format of publications posted on YouTube and search engine partner sites. As a rule, products are promoted here through images, banners and videos. Display advertising is an excellent solution for promoting new products, increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness. Paid per click or impression. Its main advantage is targeting the target audience. Users are segmented by interests, behavior, gender, age, location, device, etc.
  3. Google Shopping. They are also Shopping ads. It makes sense to order Google ADS contextual advertising in this format to promote your online store and specific commodity items. It is a block containing the image and the name of the product, the price and the name of the web platform where it is sold. Google Shopping posts are displayed above or to the side of SERPs, partner sites, YouTube channel, Pictures, and Gmail.
  4. Application promotion. If your business has got a cool application, but a small number of users install it, you can order a separate type of advertising campaign to increase its visibility and the number of installs. This can be done both on Google Play and the App Store. In addition to these platforms, ads are shown on Google Search, YouTube and other resources.
  5. Remarketing. It is focused on interacting with users who have previously visited your online resource. This makes it the most converting type of PPC, as it focuses on a warm audience familiar with your brand and interested in your products. Also, through remarketing, you can return users and motivate them to complete a purchase or purchase an additional product if they have already contacted your brand before. Implemented thanks to cookies. With their help, users are collected in special audiences and data about them is used in the framework of the advertising campaign.

Creating an advertising campaign in Google Adwords: what we pay attention to

Today PPC in Google's PS takes about 80% of the entire context market. This search engine is popular and, if properly configured, its advertising tools can provide a really profitable and effective campaign. In order to maximize the effective promotion through PPC in Kharkiv and in Ukraine, we recommend paying attention to the following aspects of working with context:

  • Business localization. Before setting up a campaign, you need to determine the region of the client's business as accurately as possible. This will help attract more interested visitors to the site.
  • Semantics. At the stage of forming the core, keywords are distributed among relevant pages, taking into account the best final conversion. In parallel with this, minus words are being worked out to get the maximum targeted clicks.
  • Defining goals. Without this, the effectiveness of the campaign will noticeably decrease. Agree, it should have a specific goal - an action on the part of a website visitor, - registration, call, filling out a form, purchasing, installing an application, downloading a catalog, etc.
  • Creativity. Typical, unremarkable text ads are now of little interest to anyone. It is recommended that you highlight the benefit of the advertised offer and add ad extensions to increase click-through rates.
  • Testing and analysis. The lower the cost per click, the more profitable for the budget. The better the ads are formed, the more conversions they will bring. A \ B testing and analysis of the results will help to improve the context.

How much does contextual advertising cost on Google

The cost of setting up contextual advertising is perhaps what interests entrepreneurs the most. After all, each of them wants to get the maximum result with a minimum investment. And this is quite logical. If you order a competent setting of contextual advertising, its price will be favorable due to the optimal cost per click, the correct selection of sites, geo targeting and other factors, the spectrum of which is different for each project.

Contact us if you are interested in ordering a website from scratch and effective turnkey promotion using all marketing tools available today.

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