You need more than just a website

You need an effective tool for presenting business and selling goods or services. Today it is not enough to just make a website, today you need to have a powerful resource, comfortable for users, search engine optimized, useful and interesting, one that encourages visitors to make purchases or order a service.


We will conduct a full analysis of your site, social media accounts, business competitors, and determine the reason for the absence.


A complex approach

We offer a full package of services for website development, which includes not only development, but also their promotion in search engines.


Advanced solutions

We do not impose too much, but we do everything that is needed. Unique design, transfer of goods from, adaptation and comprehensive promotion.


What do we offer?

We define tasks

We define the stages of the future project and form all aspects in a detailed technical specification.

We write texts

Texts for main pages, catalogs, landings, blogs and social networks.


Changing the current design style, replacing pictures with better ones, finalizing the functionality.

We optimize

We make sure that the site is liked not only by visitors, but also by search engines.

We promote

We work in conjunction with SEO and SMM. We build a strategy so that they complement, not duplicate each other.

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Original solutions for web development — we will make a website unlike others

The key to effective business presentation on the Internet is a high-quality, functional and attractive web resource. Website development in Ukraine or a specific city, if we are talking about local promotion, lays the foundation for the development of every entrepreneur online.

As practice shows, often in the course of working on a web resource, tasks arise that require an original approach and non-standard solutions. This is possible at different stages, from defining the goals and objectives of the project and up to filling the site with content. Agree, a unique web resource with interesting content and striking design will delight any customer, because it opens up vast prospects for the growth and development of a business on the Internet. To achieve the desired result, you need an integrated approach, unconventional thinking and a willingness to implement creative ideas, both by the web agency and by the customer.

However, everything that is used in moderation is good. Not overdoing it with creativity, creating creatives is appropriate, in the theme of the site, highlighting key accents and ultimately satisfying the wishes of the customer will help the analysis of competitors, as well as a clear statement of goals and objectives of the future online resource.

A correct understanding of the final result is a key factor in the success of any project. It is important to have a tangible idea of ​​what should come out in the end. Therefore, at the beginning of work on a project, an analysis of competitors is performed. And sometimes, in order to determine the reason for the absence or a small number of customers, you need to think non-trivially. After all, the problem of visitor interaction with the web platform can be hidden in the most unexpected places, for example, in an illogical structure, inoperative feedback form, complex navigation, lack of some functionality, weak content, freezing, low download speed, etc.

Upgrading the site will help to identify difficulties and eliminate them. This may require:

  • filling the site with information useful for users and relevant to the topic of the web resource;
  • back and front-end development, design with wow-effect, elaboration of conversion elements;
  • optimization for search engines and other solutions that often go beyond typical manipulations with an online platform.

Website improvement as a path to success

Even if a highly developed web resource with an impeccable structure and navigation was initially created, there is always something to strive for, and to find what to improve, add, expand. And this is not to mention filling the site with content, the price of which depends on the volume and quality. Regularly adding new content is important for SEO promotion. So we let the search bot know that we regularly update the site and develop it. Even during the operation of an online platform, current problems and failures may arise that negatively affect the promotion, and it is good when there are specialists at hand who can eliminate difficulties and return the functioning to the proper level.

At the stages of creating a resource, various tasks may arise, for example, mobile adaptation, transferring goods from an old web platform to a new one, setting up the functionality of server software, using specific frameworks, filling the site with relevant content and colorful images, forming a sales funnel, any other manipulations, going beyond the typical development. Depending on the type of non-standard task, it may arise at one of the stages:

  • analysis and setting goals,
  • creation of a design layout,
  • back and front-end development,
  • testing,
  • Internet Marketing,
  • production and technical support.

If you are interested in quality finalization of sites or if you have any wishes that go beyond the boundaries of typical web development operations, feel free to contact us! The price and terms of cooperation will certainly delight you.