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Finalization of the site on Opencart: stages and popular edits

The success of any site, especially an online store, is determined by clear navigation, wide functionality and modern design. An excellent solution when creating a selling website would be to use the Opencart platform. Today we will look at what kind of system it is. And also consider the main improvements for sites created with Opencart.

What is Opencart

You can find a lot of positive reviews about the Opencart engine. It is characterized by high quality and versatility. Here are the main advantages of this CMS system (Content Management System), due to which it is in the top among competitors.

  • A good site loading speed is provided if you use opencart.
  • Easily adapts to different types of tasks.
  • Server resources are consumed to a minimum.
  • Multifunctionality.
  • When creating a site, a license is not required, since it uses open source code.
  • A globally applicable product, so within the community you can find answers to your questions.

Opencart is especially relevant for online stores. This system is ideal for shops of low and medium load. But this is not a dogma. It is also convenient to develop a site on opencart because it can be customized, then the load is distributed, and voila — it is possible to increase the number of “merchandise shelves” of an online store to impressive volumes.

Opencart allows you not to limit yourself in terms of product placement. The field of activity also does not matter.

Steps to create an opencart website

If you still set a goal to create a web resource on opencart, you should do it in a few steps:

  1. Training. First of all, digital agency specialists analyze the customer's business area. Proper analysis at this stage will make life easier for your project in the future.
  2. Coordination of terms of reference, conclusion of a contract. The TOR is formed according to the brief, which is filled in by the customer and, after agreement, it is sent to the designer and developers. This document should include: requirements, structure, what services the customer wants, desired modules, etc.
  3. Design development. The first stage — the designer draws the layout of the future site. Further, if necessary, a meeting is held with the customer to discuss the layout and form a list of edits. After finalization and implementation of edits, the design is waiting for implementation.
  4. Layout according to the layout. The layout designer needs to transform the layout developed by the designer into program code. With an accurate display of the work done by the designer.
  5. Filling content. All pages of the resource should be filled with unique content, both textual and graphic.
  6. Testing and optimization. Before launching the site “to the masses”, the tester checks that all buttons, forms, pages function exactly as planned. Improvements are also being made that contribute to the growth of the site's position and visibility in search engines.

Why opencart

Creating an online store on opencart is so important because this engine is convenient both for the developer in preparation and for the customer when using it. For example, you do not need to hire a special person or train existing ones in order to manage the site. Everyone can easily add content to the site, correct some data or delete it through the admin panel.

As time passes, however, the site will need to be upgraded. New trends in design and usability of websites are constantly appearing in the world. The advantage of a site created on opencart is the ability to refine the web resource without damaging the existing web resource. Naturally, provided that such a refinement will be performed by a qualified specialist.

Moreover, another benefit from creating a site on opencart is the ease of optimization for a search engine. This is a very important aspect that affects the promotion of the site, and therefore — on key business indicators.

Why is it important to finalize the site on opencart

We decided that the opencart engine is convenient and has many advantages. At the same time, the site, as with any other engine, should be finalized over time. It's like car maintenance. It is better to do it regularly and with experienced professionals.

completion of the site on opencart

So, the introduction of a new web resource into the open spaces of the network can be compared with the birth of a new living organism. It needs systematic development in order to keep up with its "peers" — the sites of competing companies. For productive work, the site requires periodic support. This is, first of all, a check of technical issues so that the site is operational and performs its main function. In addition, you need to monitor timely optimization, regularly update the content on the site, increase the number of links to the web resource in social networks, and so on.

Grouping of revisions of sites on Opencart

All improvements to opencart sites can be divided into main groups.

  1. Technical nuances. Everything related to software edits of a web resource. The key goals here are to get an https protocol and an SSL certificate, reduce server load, speed up page loading, and debug scripts.
  2. Interface design. In the open spaces of the network, as nowhere else, the phrase “meet by clothes” is relevant. Therefore, it is the design that is very often finalized, from time to time critically evaluating usability and eliminating gaps in the quality of UI \ UX.
  3. SEO promotion. Over time, the established promotion parameters in search engines lose their effectiveness. Meta tags, titles, content, product cards — all this should be updated and optimized to reach the top search engines.
  4. Input of automated tools. For an online store, calculators that calculate the cost of goods of different volumes are very relevant. This also includes pumping up the revaluation of goods, setting up internal reporting, buying or ordering a callback in one click.
  5. Setting up electronic accounting. This includes the integration of an online recording system, warehouse accounting. You can also set up accounting for monitoring the activity of customers, their actions.
  6. Marketing nuances. The work with discount systems can be singled out as key improvements. Assign them automatically or generate discount coupons for certain types of purchases.

Popular improvements in the store on Opencart

The following types of work can be attributed to the most popular types of finalizing a website on opencart:

  • Adaptation of a web resource for mobile devices. If your site is not yet adapted, this should be fixed first. The reason for this is the mobile-first index ranking algorithm introduced in the late 2010s. This thing allows Google to promote sites that have a mobile adaptive in the first place.
  • Increasing site loading speed. CSS, JavaScript files, content, modules and engine components are being optimized.
  • Setting up a shopping cart, adjusting the decoction payment system, introducing online payment, adding additional delivery methods.
  • Connecting a product filter if your store did not have it. Setting the filter parameters, depending on the wishes of the customer.
  • Optimization of the order form. Correct filling of fields, etc.
  • Expanding the functionality, adding new categories, sections, finalizing the menu.
  • Adding blocks with top popular products, as well as promotional offers, to the main page.
  • Connecting a subscription in order to generate a mailing list.
  • Carrying out internal optimization of the program code. This option will speed up the promotion of the online store in the search engine.
  • Eliminate errors in the program code, configure its normal operation without failures, check for viruses and remove them.
  • Creating an unloading of the product range, as well as loading additional products.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be improved on your site if it is made on Opencart. The final set of options depends on the goals and wishes of a particular customer.

Why Choose Light Spider

It is important to analyze what changes your site needs. Which of them are the most critical and, at the moment, reduce the chances of being competitive in the market. This approach to work is the most effective. You should not throw money away and install all units from the Mercedes on the Zaporozhets. It is better to focus on the key points, upgrade them in such a way as to catch up and overtake the development trend of competitors' sites as much as possible, to promote on the Internet and increase profits.

This approach is close to our agency. The most efficient work and justified customer costs for really relevant improvements.

If you want to professionally modify your web resource, you can leave a request here. We are finalizing the site, the price of which will be calculated in accordance with the scope of work and the wishes of the customer.

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