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Finalizing of the website on Wordpress: when it’s necessary and what it includes

Today, Wordpress occupies a top position in the world among systems for creating websites. This platform allows you to create different web resources, from business cards to small online stores. In this article we will observe what this system is and what major improvements should be made with sites created on Wordpress in order to stay in trend.

What is Wordpress

WordPress (WP) is one of the top content management systems (CMS). It uses open source code. The functionality of this system allows you to cover a wide range of created web resources.

WordPress helps to create, and, if necessary, modify, various versions of sites. The only thing that this system may have difficulties with is databases and optimization. This makes it problematic to work with very large sites, especially the e-commerce segment. If it’s important for you to create or modify a massive site, it is better to use other CMS systems or stop at a self-written version. This is the most noticeable limitation in working with WordPress. The rest of the platform is very convenient and multifunctional.

What is a WordPress CMS

Let's consider the main Internet resources, for the creation and refinement of which Wordpress is most suitable:

  • To create a blog. The pilot version of WordPress was implemented specifically for the formation of blogs. This is due to the fact that the platform allows you to easily and very quickly share text materials. Difficulties with the work of plugins also do not arise, since the blog is not demanding on special functionality. In addition, creating a blog is convenient because there are many templates for its design.
  • For news sites. The key goal of such a resource, like a blog, is to quickly and easily publish (or update) content. At the same time, CMS Wordpress is well adapted to various devices. This allows you to create such news portals that will be convenient for the reader both on a smartphone and computer and tablet. You can make it so that the user doesn’t need to customize the interface for different devices.
  • To build a portfolio. This goal is pursued mainly by creative people — such as photographers, designers, artists etc. They need a portfolio in the form of a website that stores their professional work. WordPress in this case allows you to fill the site with photos in various formats for presenting information. It can be a gallery, carousel, slider, lightbox and more.
  • To create a business card site. It happens that it’s more expedient for some companies to create a small site for one or two pages. Rather than spend resources on the formation of a large service with a dozen or so pages. For example, it’s important for a company to reflect key information on the website — the field of activity, contacts, a couple of photos with product examples, answers to frequently asked questions. A business card is definitely not the case where it would be logical to attract a “company” of experienced programmers. Such a site can be created using Wordpress. Either independently, or with minimal costs for a programmer.
  • To create an online store. At first sight creating such a service is not easy. It really is much more complicated than a blog, business card or portfolio, but WordPress makes it easy to create an online store. Thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, the task of creating hundreds of product positions has become quite real. Also, the platform developers have implemented many templates to speed up the procedure for creating stores.

What is usually included to improvements on the WordPress CMS

We’ve found out that the initial sketch and content of the site is possible using the WordPress platform. With minimal involvement of programmers. However, filling the site and choosing its design is only half the deal. It’s important to make its presence in the network efficient and profitable. To achieve this goal, fine tuning and refinement on the WordPress engine is required. It is better to entrust such work to professionals, because the degree of quality of refinement here is directly proportional to the profit from the business of the website customer.

Including improvements to WordPress

Below are the main cases when improvement of wordpress sites is needed:

  1. It’s necessary to eliminate technical errors. Plugins are checked for correct operation, if necessary, they are replaced. It happens that pages load slowly due to hosting or for other reasons (congestion or poor optimization of css, js). In this case, the site is transferred to the best hosting or scripts and styles are configured.
  2. The visual design of the site is not attractive and needs to be improved. In this case, either the design is fine-tuned, or a complete redesign of the web resource is performed to achieve its uniqueness and originality.
  3. We need a virus check. For the correct working of the Internet service, during its operation it’s necessary to perform diagnostics for malicious files, viruses, software. If any are found, the site is cleaned.
  4. There is a need for additional options. If this is an online store, there is 100% no point in creating it without filters (by price, region, product range, etc.). You can add a shopping cart, cost calculator, and online support. All these types of WordPress refinement are very important and require professional fine-tuning. However, such extras are relevant not only for online stores options. Without them, almost any site aimed at sales becomes uncompetitive.
  5. Updates needed. Without periodic updates and regular upgrades, even the highest quality site loses its settings over time. It ceases to work efficiently and satisfy the requirements of users.
  6. It is required to expand the site functionality. In this case, no matter what the goal is, you should trust the professionals in finalizing WordPress. Even if your goal is to create animated transitions or an automatic call to the client.

The procedure for ordering finalization

Our digital agency has extensive experience in finalizing WordPress sites, as well as creating them from scratch. Even a standard site template created by a user can be upgraded beyond recognition.

In addition, special focus should be placed on the adaptive web resource. After all, wordpress website optimization for mobile devices is the trend of today. It’s also important for us to make a website that is maximally focused on the needs of your specific target client.

The procedure for working with the customer is structured as follows:

  1. The customer leaves a request on our website: name, phone number, a brief description of the desired product. For example, "website development" or creating a web resource from scratch.
  2. The person is contacted by managers. The key things that affect the final result are discussed. As a rule, this is the customer's business area, the main advantages of the product and the development strategy. An assessment of economic efficiency is given, an analysis of competitors and the current state of the resource (if it already exists and needs to be upgraded) is performed.
  3. If it’s necessary, we help to draw up a further strategy for promoting the product.
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