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Stages and nuances of creating a business card site from scratch

A business card-site is a web resource that represents a company on the Internet and consists of one or more pages. Usually, it contains information about the activities of a particular person or company, the goods they produce or the services provided, as well as contacts for communication. We can say that this is an ordinary business card, only it is placed on the Internet and provides not only brief information for communication, but also all the information necessary for visitors and potential customers. Such sites are used by companies with various types of activity, persons of creative professions, for example, photographers, artists, makeup artists, etc.

It is necessary to start creating a business card website if there is no corporate website development and if the whole business is conducted offline, and you only need to place coordinates and other important information on the network. Using a business card site has many benefits. With its help you can:

  • popularize your business;
  • significantly increase brand reputation and brand awareness;
  • attract new clients;
  • provide visitors with constant access to information about a company or a person;
  • to carry out advertising campaigns in the network;
  • collect data for various analytical studies;
  • to interest a potential client and provide an opportunity to contact him and order services and goods.

What and how the business card-site is filled?

There are no strict requirements and frameworks for the design of such a site. Any information that is useful to business and visitors can be placed on it. Usually, resources of this type contain various information, for example, data about a person or a company, their contact information (address, phone number, e-mail, other messengers that can be contacted). If necessary, you can post information of a legal nature, for example, licenses, certificates, as well as display data about the goods, services or products offered. Vacancies, news, reviews, information about employees, price lists can also be displayed on the web resource.

make a business-card website

And yet, before making a business card-site, you need to take into account that it must meet the requirements of the time. Otherwise, the chances of its success will be greatly reduced. So what should be a business card site to attract the attention of potential customers? The rules are not strict, but they are still there:

  • the web-resource should load quickly and instantly respond to user actions;
  • be easy to use and have an intuitive interface;
  • to function stably and without interruptions;
  • well displayed on all sizes and types of screens and devices;
  • the information presented by him should be laconic, comfortable, easy to perceive and contain various formats for presenting data (for example, tables, images, texts, etc.).

These are, of course, just recommendations, but judging from my experience, their implementation will have a positive effect on your business.

How much does website development cost

It is impossible to name a specific price here. Each project is individual and unique, therefore it requires a different investment of time and effort. But something can be said about the cost. If you create a business card website yourself, then, of course, the costs will be minimal. There are many constructors, templates and online platforms for this:

  1. uKit — is a suitable option for creating a small website on your own. Ideal for companies to position their business on the Internet, as well as increase the number of customers and profit. It has a lot of ready-made templates, more than forty categories that cover all branches of business. If you don't have any design ideas, you can simply fill out a ready-made template and publish your business card;
  2. wix — with its help beautiful business cards with custom design are created. Here, most of the interesting technologies appear first, which are then used by other market players, but already in their own interpretation;
  3. uCoz — is a universal constructor with which you can create almost any site. Its advantage is that this engine makes it possible to create visually different sites, by the appearance of which few people will understand what they were created on. The range of results that can be obtained is quite wide. The easiest way is to take a ready-made template, fill it with information and that's it, the site is ready;
  4. Nethouse is a builder that can be used by beginners to create good company business card sites with a simple structure and typical design. The functionality is quite enough, the potential for promotion is also at a good level. There are not many templates in it, but they all look nice and modern. Still, it should be borne in mind that there are more interesting platforms for creating business cards. This engine looks much more interesting in the narrow context of creating event sites.

A domain name and hosting can be free, but their use is highly discouraged, as search engines and email services treat them very "badly". In addition, free hosting will not increase the performance and speed of a business card site. Therefore, it is best to entrust the creation of a business card site to specialists who have solid experience in this area. The cost of the service in such a company depends on several factors:

  • does the development of the site require a unique design;
  • how many pages are needed for design and layout;
  • whether it is necessary to implement functionality on the site;
  • whether the resource should integrate with analytics systems and third-party services (for example, messengers, databases, etc.).

Before starting to create a website, you need to choose a suitable engine or constructor. A business card site is the easiest type of web resources to implement; it is able to present you and your business in the eyes of the target audience. Once created, it will work continuously for a long time.

The specialists of the Light Spider company offer the creation of a business card site from scratch using the Word Press engine, which is the most popular in the world. This is a great option for anyone looking to tinker with a content management system and is considered the easiest platform to understand. Has many free templates to choose from the built-in library. The engine has excellent SEO potential, but out of the box the range of settings has only basic elements. By installing plugins, any possibilities are integrated into the site: CRM, online consultant, notifications, order a call back, marketing tools, a service calculator, synchronization with any web resources and social networks.

How much does website development cost

It is best to order the development of business card websites on this engine from digital companies. Their staff is staffed with SEO specialists, programmers, front-end and back-end developers who will set up the CMS properly and in a professional manner.

This is a very powerful flexible engine that is demanding on hosting resources, especially after you have installed a couple of dozen plugins on it. The operating cost depends on the price of the domain and hosting. It must be chosen carefully, since the reliability and safety of the site depends on its work. A high-quality web resource can only be obtained as a result of correct and consistent stages of its development, while they must be perfected to the smallest detail. Someone might think that this is not at all difficult — you just need to come up with a design, hastily sketch out text material, collect all the codes and that's all, you can send it to the site. In fact, it is not nearly as easy as it seems. The process of creating a business card site is a painstaking work of a whole team of professionals.

Thorough study of even the smallest details, close work with customers, selection of optimal tools in order to create the highest quality product in the shortest possible time — these are the actions of our company to achieve the required results.

Creation of a business card website includes several stages:

  • drawing up goals and analysis of tasks that need to be completed in order to come to a certain result;
  • preparation of technical specifications;
  • preparation of a prototype;
  • creation of a site design layout;
  • implementation of layout;
  • work with the software part;
  • uploading content to the site;
  • checking the site's performance;
  • transfer of the finished site to the customer.

There are clients who, when contacting our agency, are not always able to clearly formulate their thoughts, explain their wishes, requirements, preferences and give an exact answer why they need a website. Therefore, at the first preparatory stage, it is necessary to find out the goals of the customer, and then determine the type of site, since different web resources can perform different tasks. Some, for example, can be a virtual company representative on the Internet, while others are a trading platform where goods and services are sold. The specialists of our company will be able to resolve all issues related to this service.

When the priorities are finally set, we proceed to drawing up a portrait of potential customers, since it is necessary to clearly understand who the site is designed for and who belongs to the target audience. At the next stage, the structure of the site is formed, its design and functional load are worked out, content is selected. After that, the resource is analyzed from a marketing point of view, competitors are audited, the seasonality of a service or product is determined, and a business niche is worked out. Various "goodies" are necessarily included, with the help of which the client's attention is attracted so that he stays on the site as long as possible. After all the preparatory work is completed, the prototype of the site is shown to the customer.

Registration of technical specifications

When registering a technical specification, it is necessary to register all the main characteristics of the site:

  • what should be the design, for example, color shades, the proportion of text to graphic elements, that is, all preferences and wishes of the customer are taken into account;
  • the structure of the site, how many pages it should consist of, how many blocks and categories there will be;
  • functional content;
  • technologies used;
  • technical requirements for the site.

The technical task itself is the base. All specialists who participate in the development of the site rely on it. When drawing up the document, the customer must be present and make his own corrections and edits. TТ is not accepted for work without his full consent. Until a complete understanding of all the issues related to the development of the site is reached, the TТ can be edited an unlimited number of times. When the document is agreed, the work goes on clearly and it is possible to make adjustments, but the number of amendments is agreed at the stage of approval of the TТ. And after signing all the necessary documents, you can proceed to the next stage of development.

creating a business card website from scratch

All stages are important in creation, but the design of a business card site is one of the main ones. The first thing a visitor will pay attention to when he gets to the site is its design. Based on his first impression, he decides whether to stay on the site or not. Therefore, the designer, guided by the TТ, must carefully think over all the stages of design, choose the required color and shape. It should be said that if the customer company has its own style, this must be taken into account and the web resource is designed in the same color scheme. A variant is also possible when the corporate style of the company is first worked out, and then a website design is created on its basis. The templates of the main pages are being worked out. The finished design is shown to the customer for approval or revisions. The site is being finalized, as a rule, until the client approves it.

The next stage is layout. A specialist uses HTML from a ready-made design to create a working project. It is as if life is being breathed into it: the site becomes working, alive, active. It is typeset in such a way that it can be well displayed on all Internet resources. This step also creates CSS styles.

The programmer always takes part in the creation of a business card site, a large full-fledged software site. He develops complex functional blocks such as currency converter, calculator, payment systems and so on. In other words, the programmer develops additional functionality for the site, which is optional and not included in the usual package.

The next step is to create pages, categories and subcategories, place hyperlinks, and determine how the menu tab will function. Putting it all together, you get the final structure of the site. This is how the visitor will see it when the resource is on the Internet.

At the last stage, content is posted. All the necessary material (photos, videos, articles, descriptions, etc.) that will be of interest to a potential client is uploaded to the site.

Testing a business card site

This function helps to determine whether the site is working correctly, whether there were any mistakes during its creation. According to certain criteria, the tester carefully checks all the functionality of the resource. If errors are detected during the check, they are immediately eliminated by specialists. At the end of the work, the client receives all the necessary logins and passwords. The customer can continue to cooperate with the agency at the end of the development of the business card site, ordering him support or promotion.

It should be said that the client can control all stages of work, at the end of which he is provided with a report. Without agreeing on the previous step, specialists do not proceed to the next one. This will make it possible to control the work of the company, and the agency to understand whether the client is satisfied with their work. Joint actions of professionals and the customer will help bring the actual result closer to the desired one.

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