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Where and How to Find Blog Topics

The profession of a copywriter, oddly enough, appeared long before the development of the Internet. Back in 1932, John Caples published the book "Proven Advertising Methods", which later became one of the first information and training manuals on copywriting. Authors in those days had to competently and professionally generate advertising, presentation, selling and even propaganda texts. Now copywriting has become an integral part of online marketing, helping SEO and SMM specialists to carry out business promotion on social media and search.

The work of a copywriter is interesting and creative, but it cannot be called easy. A specialist needs to constantly be in trend, look for inspiration and not succumb to regression. One of the problems that even venerable copywriters face is finding topics for writing content. It would seem that it is difficult, because there are a lot of sources of information around, just take it and write. Nevertheless, it seems that everything has already been written up and down, and it is problematic to get new data even on trend topics.

And ideas for a blog are so necessary, because without them it will not be possible to interest readers, even if the text is flawless from the technical point of view. Any great article with 100% uniqueness and useful material, presented in a fun, easy-to-read form, will not attract people if its topic is not interesting, popular, not relevant. Yes, we are not talking about highly specialized information. Articles about quantum mechanics or reviews of combine harvesters will always find their readers.

идеи для блога и темы для статей в блогHowever, let's take a typical situation - blogging for an IT company, and consider it in our example. On our blog you will find articles about the upcoming Google update, e-commerce and SEO trends in the new year, CRM systems for business, etc.

As analytics show, they found their readers, and in large part due to the fact that these blog topics are now in demand in the digital sphere. After all, we are interested to know what awaits us in the new year, and it is advisable to do this in advance, and not when six months have already passed. In the modern world, oversaturated with information, the competition for the audience is extremely high, and without stable attendance, any blog or online publication loses its rating and does not live long.

Let's not go far. A couple of days ago, our copywriter decided that it was time to write something to a corporate blog, the content plan won't do itself. And suddenly the problem is what topic to write an article on. The decision came quickly enough: Google - a search query “what topic to choose for a blog” and an analysis of the results. At this time, the thought came to me: why not write about where and how to look for topics for blog articles. No sooner said than done!

Topics for an article, ideas for a blog: considering search options

Whether it's commercial copywriting or authoring an expert article, the process is based on text. Therefore, for a start, we propose to figure out what types of content are, and how they work in a given situation.

Blog post topics: situational and evergreen content


In the first case, the actual topics for the blog are meant, which are limited by the time frame. It can be news, trend, hype newsfeed, niche narrow-profile materials, seasonal requests. Such content can attract a large amount of traffic in a given period. In this case, it is important to submit the material as succinctly and efficiently as possible, answering all possible user questions in the article before competitors do it.

Situational topics for writing articles include:

  • holiday, for example, gifts for the New Year, February 14, March 8, etc.;
  • seasonal - clothes, shoes, accessories for summer, winter, spring-autumn;
  • cases, expert materials, trends and news.

Evergreen content is a popular blog topic that never fades away, unlike a review of a new graphics card model or the latest news from city life. The value of “evergreen” content does not depend on the trend and the season, therefore it has a long-term effect and is able to consistently bring traffic, attracting interested users to the site.

Popular topics on the Internet that are classified as "evergreen":

  • step by step guides, instructions, manuals, tips, personal experience, FAQ pages;
  • ratings, “must have” lists, checklists, recipes, TOP selections;
  • information-type content that reveals terms, concepts, toponyms, etc.

An important condition for working with evergreen content is a thorough study and updating of information. That is, you need not just to rewrite previously published materials, but to carefully study the information and add your own insights so that the article is useful from a practical point of view.

Interesting topics for the article: search by category


This method is suitable for generating content for any web resource. Therefore, you can safely use this strategy when looking for a topic for a personal blog, as well as for a corporate one.

Let's consider the main options:

  1. Selling content. The purpose of such texts is to interest the reader and encourage them to buy products. To achieve the desired result, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the product, segment the target audience, identify the need for it and identify the problem that the purchase will solve. A good selling article not only provides a rational description of product benefits and customer emotions, but also answers to questions that readers might have.
  2. Review content. If you are looking for interesting blogging topics, you cannot ignore all sorts of reviews. They are always popular among people, because, unlike selling texts, they contain not only facts and descriptions of the characteristics of the subject, but also the personal impression of the author. In principle, you can review everything that fits the topic of the blog. By the way, manuals, instructions, manuals, and some research publications can be classified as an overview.
  3. TOP ratings. At all times, topics for articles like “TOP-10 tools”, “5 life hacks”, “7 common mistakes”, “15 best applications”, etc. remain popular. The presentation of information in the format of lists, ratings, classifiers is easier for readers to perceive and allows them to select the necessary information much faster.
  4. Entertaining content. The presence of this type of publication will not let your audience get bored. However, it is not necessary that they fully correspond to the topic of the blog. By posting life stories, creative stories, memes, colorful infographics, quizzes and other entertaining materials, you can dilute the flow of monotonous content and entertain readers.

Where and how else can you search for article topics


In most cases, as practice shows, there is no need to go far, ideas are by themselves in the immediate environment. If you are an expert in a certain topic, then your own imagination will help you find a lot of ideas about what to tell readers about. You can also refresh previously published materials by updating their data and adding a fresh perspective.

популярные темы для копирайтингаWhen forming the top topics for a blog, we recommend taking into account the feedback from readers. Comments under articles, poll results by email newsletters may well become a source for writing a new article. Alternatively, you can analyze your competitors' blogs and find interesting, popular copywriting topics there.

Key phrases from the semantic core are an excellent base for finding ideas. Even if you have an e-Commerce resource, commercial keys can be turned into informational ones by adding interrogative forms “how”, “what”, “why”, “where”, “who”, “where”, “why”, etc. .d. Choose the most suitable, target, relevant phrases and write an article on them.

You can search for ideas for blog articles using Google. Services such as Google Trends and Alerts, Blocks “Related Searches” and “Also Searches” will help you choose a topic for a future article. By the way, Yandex and other search engines have similar functionality.

Still few answers, and you can't decide what topic to blog about? International holidays and events to help you. You can find a similar news feed for almost every day. Of course, most of these holidays are unknown to anyone, so to attract readers, the topic will have to be creatively wrapped and presented in a key that is interesting to your target audience.

In addition, social networks, forums, YouTube, webinars and conferences, foreign sites on your topic, blogs of online news editions will help you find tips for the topic of a future article. In general, any resource that comes to your attention and liked after the first visit can become a source of inspiration.

As you can see, the search for topics for writing an article is a painstaking occupation, but very exciting, because at the same time you will learn new, interesting information. However, catching the idea is half the battle. The main thing is to write after this a quality text that people will like. Therefore, we recommend not just retelling the first found article in your own words, but generating content taking into account the E-A-T principle based on several sources of information.

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