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What email marketing will look like in 2021: 7 best practices for writing emails

Recently, there has been a controversy surrounding email newsletters. As practice and user experience show, most people delete emails without even opening them. For example, how long have you been reading the letters that came to your email? How often do you open them? We believe that it is infrequent, and mainly when you yourself are expecting them.

The user, as a rule, only needs to familiarize himself with the header and the sender in order to understand whether it is worth opening a mailing list from a particular company. And business representatives need to work hard to create a beautiful, meaningful, unique letter that can induce the addressee to read and draw their attention to the brand. Your goal in this case is to make sure that a person who sees a newsletter from your company in his mail does not delete it, but reads the received material with pleasure. How to make email marketing useful and productive in 2021? Consider in this article.

Email marketing is an outdated or modern marketing method?

Given the controversy surrounding this marketing tool, this issue is more relevant than ever. Email marketing is a mammoth in the digital world. Promotion of products and brands via emails originated in the late 70s and early 80s, when no one even thought about marketing tools such as SEO, SMM and PPC. By the way, the first ever e-mail advertising campaign brought the author $ 13 million. It was 400 invitations to the presentation of the DEC computer at the exhibition in Los Angeles.

Currently, the digital world is divided into 2 camps. Some experts insist that e-mail marketing is outdated, and it is high time to forget about it, replacing it with chats in instant messengers. Others are of the opinion that promotional emails are too early to be discounted, as their potential can be unleashed through modern technology. Thus, letters can acquire completely new formats, opening up a lot of opportunities to attract an audience through non-standard personalization methods.

Name substitution or timely holiday greetings? Alas, today this is not surprising. To make email marketing effective, you can configure:

  • formation of blocks with individual advice for readers based on their interests;

  • dynamic change of content taking into account the gender of the recipients, for example, based on these parameters, you can change the visual design, text content and products offered in the letter.

And these are just a couple of easy personalization options that will help make your newsletter stand out from the competition. Next, let's take a look at how to set up turnkey email marketing taking into account modern realities.

User Generated Content is a good strategy

Стратегия email маркетинга

Engage user-generated content in branded emails. In this way, you will build brand loyalty and increase your sales.

For business, this will play a plus both in terms of budget savings, because content will be generated by your customers, not a paid copywriter, and in terms of promotion efficiency, because UGC has higher ER - engagement and CTR - click-through rates. And email marketing metrics are known to be one of the main ones.

As User Generated Content, you can use customer reviews, their photos and posts on social networks, supplemented with branded hashtags.

An email marketing strategy with a focus on interactivity and gamification

Engaging your audience is one of the goals of sending emails. Interactivity will help to achieve it, especially since it is now gaining momentum, and allows, if used correctly, to increase conversion by three times, if not more. Interactive buttons, short videos, animations, product cards with dynamic price tags used in your emails can encourage the user to interact with you. As practice shows, these elements can increase the engagement of readers at times. Moreover, technologies are developing, and new solutions appear, for example, APNG-animations, which are significantly superior in quality to our usual GIF-images.

Email Marketing: Sending Interesting Stories From A Living Sender

Storytelling is one of the popular marketing techniques today, and is successfully used in almost all content formats. Why not use it when composing corporate letters? People love stories and read them with joy, and for them the source is not so important. Whether it's an article on a corporate blog, a post on Instagram, an email - if the content is interesting, it will be read and shared. The presence of the author will help to enhance the effect and revitalize the story.

Another good solution would be to add a live character to the branded mailing list, especially if it is constant and comes out at regular intervals. Sender Animation will show users that they are being approached by a company representative. A live character is especially effective in storytelling newsletters. If a company has shared its ups or downs with subscribers on behalf of a real author, they will rejoice in success with it, experience failures, and support. As a result, audience loyalty will increase, and the brand may even have advocates among its regular clients.

Modern email newsletter with a focus on machine learning

AI technologies help to facilitate the work of a specialist and automate routine manipulations, which positively affects the quality of e-mail marketing. Artificial intelligence analyzes the content of emails, finds spelling errors, typos, spam words, non-working contacts and other elements that can cause emails to fall into the Spam folder.

In addition, AI contributes to:

  • data segmentation,

  • improving analytics,

  • optimizing the timing of sending emails,

  • finding the time of maximum subscriber activity for each time zone.

As a result, the marketer receives a high-quality e-mail newsletter, ready to launch and promote the brand.

Focus on AMP technology

Accelerated mobile pages open up new, convenient options for email recipients, for example, purchasing goods directly from an email. Now, to add a product to the cart, the user does not need to visit the company's website. Thus, interaction with customers is accelerated, conversion is growing, and marketers receive up-to-date information about users, which they can use in the future when forming e-mail newsletters.

Thanks to the AMP solution, letters can be animated by adding different interactive elements to them:

  • carousel of images,

  • dialog menu,

  • lists and checkboxes,

  • sidebars for navigation,

  • pop-up blocks,

  • feedback forms, reviews and questionnaires.

Thanks to the introduction of such components, the interaction of the user with the brand is simplified, and the marketer receives information about customer satisfaction with the service, product, service.

Email маркетинг рассылкаAfter analyzing the data obtained, it is possible to single out dissatisfied consumers and transfer them to the call-center for calling, and to the satisfied ones - to offer bonuses, discounts and promotional codes for further orders, which will increase the percentage of repeat transactions.

By the way, the capabilities of AMP emails are not fully disclosed. In theory, with their help, you can implement functionality that allows you to add products of interest to your favorites, to the basket, and even place an order directly from a letter, without visiting the site.

The problem with accelerated page technology at the moment is more complex layout and limited support by e-mail providers. In particular, AMP emails are currently accepted by Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and

Combining e-mail newsletters with other advertising channels

Nowadays, marketers are increasingly using omnichannel communication with the audience. Email newsletters are combined with posting in social networks and chats in instant messengers, linking all this into a single environment for interaction with customers. For example, when subscribing to a newsletter from social networks, you can offer the user a bonus, discount, gift certificate.

To attract an audience from social networks, announce the start of the mailing there, and focus on the uniqueness of the content. The main thing in the future is to share in letters really exclusive information, the one about which there are no posts in your corporate accounts. Customers will appreciate your honesty and will most likely leave positive reviews about you. Likewise, you can attract subscribers to social networks through email newsletters.

As you can see, email marketing is still too early to be discounted. Thanks to modern technologies and innovative solutions, it may well become an effective tool for promoting a business on the Internet. E-mail marketing is changing, developing, focused on maximum personalization, omnichannel, bright and creative visualization. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment, compose letters for mailing taking into account our recommendations, and believe in your success.

Interested in setting up mailings or complex promotion in social networks, price which will fit within the budget? Contact our digital agency!

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