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Who is a copywriter and what is copywriting in 2021

The speed and scale of internetization of the population, the spread of sites with audio and video content have led to disastrous (by all accounts) consequences. The share of the so-called “reading” population in different countries ranges from 30 to 40%.

The statistics are extremely general and inaccurate, but they show the trend remarkably. The share of people who prefer to read literature (of any direction and form) is rapidly declining. Is this related to the popularity of Youtube and similar platforms?

We suggest leaving this question to the researchers. Nevertheless, the profession of a copywriter is becoming more and more in demand every year. A suspiciously illogical curve comes out.

One of the main (ingrained in the minds) forms of text is literature. Artistic, technical, etc. In the modern world, new forms appear every day. Her strong side also became an objective disadvantage — the times when free time could be spent either in front of the radio or behind an interesting novel are long gone. Technical reference books have supplanted online encyclopedias like Wikipedia. The development of methods of transferring information, to a large extent, led to a decline in interest in book products. Then why is a copywriter in demand?

Despite all the twists and turns, the text remains the main element of information transfer. Its transformation from complex to simple forms is driven by the needs of the audience. Few people will start reading an advertisement in the form of a “canvas” - tens of thousands of signs describing in detail “why you need it” are now of little interest to anyone.But despite the lack of "interest", authors of selling articles continue to write.

The role of a copywriter is to find information, structure and write text. Some are negligent about their work and make a "dump" out of the text. Their work leads to the fact that many users simply do not read long texts on sites. But for an accurate representation of the copywriter and his work, several questions need to be answered. Who is he? Is it important? Is a copywriter in demand on the market? You will find the answers as you read the article further.

A copywriter is a way of life

A copywriter is an author of selling texts. Its task is to attract a potential buyer, to make the text better, more interesting and more relevant than that of competitors. And it takes up most of his working time. Copywriters' texts are obliged to express what the customer wants and at the same time attract the audience. Often they are written according to the “Let it be” principle. Authors are not always interested in quality. Sometimes texts are simply "not read" and sent to the customer in raw form. “It turned out what happened” — they justify themselves. But the work of a copywriter is not an excuse, but a search for information and constant learning. But what is it to be an author of articles? A dry explanation of the profession from a reference book is not enough.

A copywriter isThe life of a copywriter is a constant pursuit of information. Sometimes, newcomers to the profession mistakenly perceive such work as analogous to journalistic or writing. Naturally, this opinion is fundamentally wrong. The journalist informs, the writer writes works of art. The copywriter, in turn, puts the sale as the goal. Write a text that can present a product, literally make the reader fall in love with it. In this regard, he is closer to a marketer, with the exception of tools and direct responsibilities. A copywriter needs to analyze the audience, find “leverage” and sell the product. But the analysis of the market, services, goods and trends should be paid for, right? What does the salary depend on? Can he make a lot?

There is a misconception that a copywriter's salary depends directly on "production" - the number of characters that he must print in a certain time. This is closer to the profession of the so-called “typists”. A copywriter takes about 10-15% of the total time spent on the project for typing. The rest of the hours will be spent working through and structuring the material. Copywriting is a lengthy and thoughtful process. Although requests for “Fast, here and now!” Are popular on specialized exchanges, “real” work requires not quantity, but result.

Unfortunately, it is extremely rare for beginners to prepare exactly according to the above principle. In such cases, inexperienced copywriters are required to be conscientious and motivated during copywriting and text writing. They must understand that what they are doing now is just a “ticket to the future”. The conscientiousness and motivation of the copywriter is important.

Otherwise, it just crystallizes like a conveyor man, often broken. He releases tens of thousands of characters every hour, his verbal constructions and turns of speech are unintelligible, and the meaning of the text is littered with tons of key words. Such a copywriter, at best, makes $300 a month. It is necessary to take into account — not the fact that he will really be paid for such work and that time will not go down the drain.

An author who writes articles skillfully, not very quickly, but efficiently, often earns more. Firstly, his work costs "a lot", and a positive result is not long in coming. But as mentioned above. It is important to write not for the quantity, but for the result. Secondly, his work is aimed at attracting customers. This requires knowledge in the fields of psychology, marketing and just talent. But there are marketers, designers and other advertising specialists. Is a copywriter in demand?

The last 5 years have been marked by the rapid growth of the IT sphere. More and more companies are developing web resources, more and more people need to fill sites with content. Relevant, well-ranked text is one of the most important parts of website promotion. It is thanks to him that web pages take places in the “TOP-10” search engine results. But the text remains itself. He plays many roles besides selling. It is desirable to structure the text so that the reader can easily accept it in parts.

How to become a copywriter?Text is an integral part of any site. The user does not always have the option to include video or audio. Pictures are not good enough or intelligible enough to explain the essence of the site.Then the input is well-written, relevant text. Its task is to familiarize the user with the goods and services of the site as efficiently as possible.

At the same time, it must be made interesting, readable and, preferably, informative. If the reader enjoys reading — this is a great result, most likely he will place an order. But in attempts to make the text more interesting and “better”, the copywriter needs to control himself. The Internet is full of funny phrases (or even texts) which, apart from anecdotes, cannot be counted. Unfortunately, the writing of such content took time, and, as you know, money. We can say that a copywriter is an eternal profit hunter. He scours the Internet in search of lucrative orders, like a shark bites into "cash" assignments.

A lot of people are attracted to this approach, especially since freelancing allows you to combine content generation with your main job. Copywriting is not the most profitable profession at first. You will have to “tighten your belts” for a while. But over time, experience will accumulate and then the copywriter will be able to take on more tasks, perform them better and faster, or join one of the IT companies. But how do you get started? How to become a copywriter?

Who is a copywriter and how to become one?

If the above difficulties and challenges did not intimidate you and you still want to try yourself in writing articles, then you should familiarize yourself with the basics. A copywriter is an employee. His job is to complete the task. Since a person does not have work experience at the very beginning of his professional path, he needs to get it! But how to become a copywriter from scratch without education? The answer is clear. Need to work! Most people new to the profession start out as a freelancer. There are platforms, copywriting exchanges on the Internet, on which customers post technical specifications (technical specifications). This is the so-called “copywriting for beginners”. The job is not profitable, but it allows you to gain experience in SEO copywriting, and more. For a qualitative perception of the term, you need to figure out what it is.

SEO copywriting is a part of website promotion. Implies writing articles using the so-called "keywords". It is impossible to explain SEO copywriting without revealing the essence of the "keys". Key words are queries of people in search engines. They can be either in the form of one or two words, or in the form of sentences. It is necessary to learn how to harmoniously include them in the general text. Otherwise, a jumble of incoherent thoughts will come out. By learning how to organically fit key words into text, you quickly turn them from “structure-breaking” elements into beautiful, reference points.

For a copywriter, the “name” is also important. His portfolio and reputation are the defining moments when looking for a job. But if working on a copywriting exchange is too expensive? You should work in your free time. For example, at lunchtime.The order exchange is full of non-urgent, small tasks. But if you are interested in rapid growth, then you should ask the question "How to become a copywriter in Ukraine?". In recent years, more and more IT companies are looking for copywriters to write SEO-optimized copy. Some of them are willing to take newcomers and train them.

SEO copywritingIt is important for a copywriter not to forget about “conscientiousness”. Making the text "somehow" is not an option at all. Unfortunately, copywriter exchanges or copywriting agencies teach “Fast and a lot”, not “Qualitatively”. That in the future, when a person wants to go up the career ladder, he can play a "cruel joke" with him. It is difficult for a copywriter to retrain. The hardest thing is to fight habits. Not all copywriters ultimately manage to defeat their former training, so they remain at the bottom of the “food chain”. They continue to generate low-quality content, which is more troublesome than good, for example, eternal damage to the results of the uniqueness of other copywriters.

Remember! You are working with the goal of “getting the job done”. Do not fill in the exact number of characters, but do something that will show the very essence of the product. The number of characters can be approximate, there is no need to "pour water" — the reader is only worse from this. But what do you need to get started?

For the aspiring copywriter, it is extremely important to “find a teacher”. There are both courses for authors of selling articles and training by doing in copywriting agencies. Initial tasks in this case are not difficult and represent not so much work on assignments for the customer, but rather “scheduling” a copywriter. No matter what they say, writing a good text requires experience and a “well-trained hand”. But if you want not just to "try", but to achieve success in the field of the author of texts, check out the thematic literature and the following recommendations.

How to become a good copywriter?

To grow professionally in copywriting, you first need to make up your mind. After all, the work at the very beginning will not bring large profits. The copywriting profession is popular, but not because of the demand (which is). Often they see her not as their future profession, but as a ticket to the IT sphere. At first glance, it may seem that you don't need to be able to do anything. "Just write text." Copywriters are popular, but only because a lot of people become copywriters in order to further advance in the IT field. They need skills with which they can stay in the market. In this case, it is enough to simply write quickly and understand what exactly the customer wants.

How to become a good copywriter?

But quality content and that kind of approach aren't exactly synonymous. For those who are determined to stay in the copywriting field, it is advisable, as soon as the opportunity arises, to get a job in an IT company. Working in an experienced team, with professional SEO specialists, will quickly make it clear what “article copywriting” is all about.

It's important to remember. Professionalism is not determined by the number of characters. The important thing is how relevant your text will be in practice. If you can sell a product to a user in a nutshell, this is much better than a “canvas” that will hang in the background on the site. It follows from the above that it is not the words that are important, but the meaning. You need to learn how to search for information, quickly “collect” it and competently structure your own text. A couple of sentences are not always enough. In such cases, it is necessary to analyze the audience, write what they will read.

A competent copywriter has a wide range of knowledge in many areas, but the main one is marketing. For professional growth, it is necessary (to begin with) to have a rough idea of ​​the psychology of the buyer. Know what to write and what not. He does not need to be equal to competitors, but he needs to analyze them and create unique content. Sometimes copywriters take positions in companies offering marketing agency services. In such cases, their texts are focused on attracting a new audience. You will need to use both “selling” writing styles and excellent understanding of the topic.

Teamwork will teach you how to write SEO-optimized articles, and you will become familiar with the specifics of website promotion on the Internet. The ability to correctly use key words is especially in demand and highly valued in the copywriting text market. Most copywriters, unfortunately, after years of work in IT companies change their profession to SEO or SMM specialists. Even less often, they stay in the team for a long time. Often, copywriters, with professional growth, return to freelance, where they are looking for "money orders".

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