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Website Creation Team: What Specialists Do You Need

Starting a business on the Internet without a high-quality modern website is almost impossible. It is the web resource that personifies the company in the online space, demonstrating its products or services to potential buyers. Of course, you can try to get by with social networks, they are also in trend now. However, this option is not suitable for every business.

Many products will not find their target audience on social media. Let's say it's easier to offer a custom-made cake or manicure services on Instagram. Whereas it is better to sell cars, industrial equipment, building materials through an optimized Internet resource. The latter will be discussed in our article.

Web development: choosing a team to create a website

At this stage, many entrepreneurs face a dilemma: order services for creating a website in a digital agency or contact a freelancer. The second option turns out to be cheaper in 80% of cases, and this is how it bribes in the beginning. After all, it allows you to save money, and at the start of a business, this is a priority factor for many customers. On the other hand, few people think about the consequences of saving. In the same 80% of cases, a web resource has to be finalized, altered, corrected in design, technical and SEO parts.

Theoretically speaking, we can assume that one person is able to make a normal website. Moreover, in our time there are many ready-made tools and template solutions for this. Install a CMS on the hosting, choose a standard design template, slightly “finish” it and the online resource is ready, and even a person without deep knowledge of programming can build it. It would seem that there is no need for a team to create a site.

However, what will the customer get in the end? A web platform of mediocre quality, which most likely will not be able to monetize. And she is unlikely to succeed in presenting the brand online with dignity. Alas, there are tens or even hundreds of thousands of similar projects on the Internet. They close before they can really open. Therefore, we are firmly convinced that it is better to trust the professionals to create websites. Unless, of course, you want your online resource to become successful and profitable.

gather a team to create a siteAs practice shows, it is impossible to create an effective, attractive website alone. It is not for nothing that specialists study for years, develop skills and gain experience in their niche. Thanks to this, they acquire a professional vision and a clear understanding of working with a project from start to finish. Therefore, if a customer is interested in obtaining a high-quality result, he needs a team to create a website. And here the first difficulty arises, since not everyone and not always understands how many and what kind of specialists there should be. After all, not only site developers are needed, but also experienced specialists from other digital fields. Let's figure out together who to involve in the project.

Front-end website developer

He's a layout designer. Unfortunately, the team for creating a website cannot do without such a specialist. The main task of the layout designer is to translate layouts rendered by the designer into HTML using CSS and scripts. We can say that the appearance and visual perception of a web resource depends on the front-end developer, who laid out it according to the layout.

Back-end website developer

He's a programmer. He is also an integral specialist in the website development team. The backend's task is to implement all the designer's ideas, making them workable, functional tools, and combining them with the layout. Thanks to the programmer, the website is able to solve applied tasks, such as ordering, purchasing and paying for goods, integration with CRM, sending data to the server, administration, etc.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the scope of options and functions implemented, a team of front-end and back-end specialists is recruited. For example, when developers of online stores are required, the team may have several frontends and backends, especially if you plan to create a large-scale trading resource. Yes, it so happens that a specialist is excellently oriented both in the layout and in the software and hardware part of the project. Then he positions himself as a full-stack developer and, as a rule, independently develops an online platform.

SEO specialist

He's a SEO-manager. Another person the team needs to build the site. The task of an SEO specialist is to optimize the results of the developers' work so that the website they have created is attractive to search engines and promoted in organic, free search.

For this, a considerable range of works is performed:

  • the semantic core of key queries is formed,

  • a content plan is created,

  • an initial technical audit is carried out,

  • the structure of texts and meta-tags is being worked out,

  • the trust and authority of the website increases from the point of view of the search engine.

SEO-manager provides a search engine with the ability to see a web resource, index it, understand the subject matter and show it to users who will find it useful. After all, even the best website developers, as practice shows, do not really take into account the requirements of search engines in their work.

Web designer

Creates UX and UI website design. There can be two different specialists performing their work separately, or a universal “fighter” who immediately forms a layout, ready for layout.

If we consider the design separately, the UX specialist creates a prototype, thanks to which the layout of the layout elements, the functionality of the online resource and the tools necessary for its performance, which are subsequently implemented by the developers, become clear. A UI specialist visualizes the prototype, making it stylish, attractive, user-friendly and understandable.

Internet marketer

Who, if not him, is able to form a strategy for the development of a site on the Internet. Without a marketer, it is not easy to choose the correct vector of project promotion. The main task of this specialist is an analyst:

  • studying the needs of the target audience,

  • formation of a strategy and an optimal set of promotion tools,

  • understanding of the processes: what, how and at what stage should be implemented during development and after the release of the project.

The second important aspect of his work is the elimination of errors. Analyzing competitors and customer needs, he adopts the best experience, successful solutions, useful recommendations, and ensures the implementation of all this on his project.

Project Manager

The team for creating a site, as we have already found out, includes different specialists, each of whom has its own range of tasks, speed of work, temperament, etc. And this team, as practice shows, needs control. Therefore, to maintain the relationship, both within the team and with the customer, a project manager is needed. Moreover, after development, in the future, support of the site will also be required, questions about which will also have to be discussed and resolved with the client.

The tasks of the project manager are as follows:

  • solution of organizational and administrative tasks;

  • control of deadlines, adherence to deadlines;

  • tracking the stages and progress of the project;

  • monitoring compliance with the requirements of the technical specifications.

Responsibility for the result rests with the project manager, because he takes over the control and management of the project, relieving this responsibility from the client.

Content manager

Without filling the site with useful, relevant information, it is difficult to imagine its promotion. Therefore, a content manager is often involved in the team. His job is to add texts, images, photos, videos and other content to the website, and design new pages. Also, its functions may include proofreading and editing of articles provided by the copywriter.

Unlike previous participants, which are indispensable, the functions of a content manager are not something of a narrow profile. Often they are delegated to a front-end developer or SEO specialist.


A specialist who is also often hired to work on a project. His task is to write unique, expert, site-relevant texts according to the terms of reference received from an SEO specialist. As practice shows, the functions of a copywriter and content manager are often performed by one person. If the amount of content is large enough, these specialists are involved separately to work with the project.

where to find a specialist team to create a site

Who else is involved in the website development team?

Depending on the specifics of the project and the tasks set, the team can be supplemented by illustrators, video editors, photographers, 3D artists, translators and other specialists.

When forming a team to create websites, it is important to understand one simple truth - the narrower the specialization of the involved participant, the better he or she understands the topic and the more efficiently he works. Of course, a layout designer can draw a design, and a SEO specialist can add content or generate articles, but this does not mean that their activities will be of high quality and productive. Saving on the team may well impair performance.

Where can I find good specialists?

If you are looking for a website builder, designer, marketer, or anyone else, there are not so many options to find them. More precisely, only two.


This method attracts with its low cost. It is possible to assemble a team of freelancers to work on a project, and it will cost less than the services of a digital agency. However, the guarantee of high-quality work is the professionalism and coherence of the team.

In the case of freelancers, it usually takes an incredible amount of time. It is difficult to interact with them, to control and track changes in the project, it is not easy to assemble them for calling, it will not be possible to form working groups with them, it is problematic and to connect everyone in time. The customer has to take on the functions of a project manager and control each specialist separately.

Even worse, there are a lot of complications in the process. Let's say a designer was involved in the project. He drew the layout, got paid, and forgot about the client. Then the client turns to the developers with this layout, and it turns out that it is problematic to implement it. And there is no one to make changes to the layout. So yes, freelancing is really inexpensive, but difficult and unpredictable.

Digital agency

Ordering the services of a marketing agency is the best option for those who value their time and want to get a high-quality result. Yes, the cost of creating a website in this case will increase significantly, but imagine how many benefits you will receive as pleasant bonuses.

A well-coordinated team of specialists works with the project, each of whom knows his job. At the same time, the entire process is controlled by a project manager who is always in touch with the customer. With a company for the development and promotion of sites, you can easily conclude an official contract. Thus, the client will protect himself from possible problems, disruption of the deadline, and other troubles. As a result, he will get a modern, optimized, user-friendly and search engine friendly website that will generate income and become useful for visitors.

Light Spider has already assembled a team of qualified specialists who are ready to develop an effective Internet resource that will bring profit to your business and represent your brand in the online space with dignity. We also provide services to promote ready-made websites. Our priority is fast and high-quality implementation of client projects. Interested in? Call us now!

4.24/5 Helpfulness Number of estimates 17
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