What tasks does the Landing page solve?

Landing page is a one-page web resource, the purpose of which is to attract the attention of potential customers, to motivate them to place an order. Start Page can offer visitors a product, service, or encourage online payment. It all depends on the target action you expect.

Fast start

Launching a landing page will ensure that applications are received as quickly as possible compared to launching an online store or business website.



Landing page is perfect for active sales. The page completely concentrates the client's attention on the product or service


Increase in profits

Using a landing page, you can launch new products or services separately from the main site, attracting an interested audience.


Stages of creating a landing page

Landing page АнализАнализАнализАнализАнализ

We research the product / service of the business, analyze the competitors and the audience of the company.


We form the user's path and its interaction with content.


Making a juicy call-to-action design. We create marketing traps.


We make the site interactive, saturate it with dynamic elements, create a user-friendly interface.


We create and customize advertising campaigns to sell your product or service using landing.

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Landing Page development - quick start of sales

In modern conditions, online presence is important for business. It is there that you can quickly find the target audience and establish attracting new customers. After all, who, if not buyers, provide entrepreneurs with profit, thereby satisfying their desires and needs.

And one of the most effective options for presenting your products / services on the Internet is a landing page - a one-page site, which is also known as a landing or landing page. 

Some entrepreneurs mistakenly underestimate it, believing that it is better to develop right away ready-made online store, powerful and functional. Of course, the possibilities of such a site are much wider, but it also requires more significant investments. If we are talking about quickly attracting customers, especially with the help of social. networks and contextual advertising, there is probably no better option than a landing page.

Landing page, the development price of which is affordable for entrepreneurs, is an effective way of converting visitors into buyers.

The fact is that users who got there via the link, after clicking on the banner or entering a search query, see your unique selling proposition, motivating them to buy a product, order a service, subscribe to a newsletter, or leave a request for a call. Therefore, it is important that the landing page is attractive, non-trivial, informative. Even if you order the development of a landing page inexpensively, under the minimum budget.

Why is it worth making a landing page?

As statistics show, landing pages have three main advantages:

  • Conversion from 2% to 40%, based on the subject of the business and the advertising sources involved.
  • A unique offer of a product or service, the user's focus on a specific product.
  • Motivation to perform certain actions through carefully thought-out conversion elements and sales texts.

When should I order the creation of a landing page?

  • If you need to increase the number of transactions and increase the level of business profitability.
  • When you are just starting to develop and you need to make yourself known on the Internet.
  • With the aim of expanding the client base.
  • If you need to offer the target audience a specific product or service.
  • In the case of a promotion before the holidays for an instant increase in sales.

Landing page development: what are we focusing on?

The first is the definition of target audience. You need targeted conversions, right? What's the point of creating a landing page and bringing people to it who don't want to order anything? Therefore, first of all, the target audience of the promoted business is determined, its age, interests, status and other social indicators are studied. 

Secondly, a pool of queries is formed by which users can search for you. As part of a turnkey landing page service, this must be done in order to weed out non-target visitors. 

A simple example is you are selling houseplants. Queries like “buy houseplants”, “houseplants with large leaves” are quite relevant, and it is rational to order a landing page for them and promote it on the Internet. In parallel with these, there are non-target search phrases, for example, “indoor plants abstract”, “indoor plants care videos”, etc. People who went to the landing page for them, and did not find the necessary information, will simply leave it. Therefore, you do not need such visitors.

The third is advertising. It is placed on relevant sites so that people see ads on resources relevant to your business topic and go to the landing page from the “right” place. That is, from sites visited by your target audience.

Selling landing page: key aspects

A landing page can be considered as such if a number of powerful marketing attributes are involved in its development, among which we note:

  • A catchy, catchy headline that describes the customer value and makes the visitor understand why they need to make a purchase.
  • A second level subheading that complements and expands on the first heading. Concise, informative.
  • Visual content. High-quality images, photos of products and workflow associated with the customer's business.
  • Block presentation of information. Structured, visual, no visual distractions.
  • Unique selling proposition. Its goal is to reveal the advantages of a product, service in comparison with analogues, competitors. A well-designed USP can increase conversion by 2-3 times.
  • Hook: a discount, a bonus, a promotion, a USP time limit, or a description of the strengths of a product or service.
  • The block of trust that forms the loyalty of visitors: reviews, certificates, company awards, a video message from a director or a top manager, answers to popular questions (FAQ).
  • Selling content. Informative, effective texts, without complicated terminology and long sentences. Just a couple of sentences on the topic "Why this product?" and “Why order from us?”.
  • Calls to action. Usually these are 2-3 buttons located between information blocks and at the end of the landing page. As a rule, they are labeled “Buy”, “Order”, “Subscribe”, “Contact me”, etc.

The button and the feedback form are the logical completion of the development of the landing page in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities. At the same time, it is important that the registration form is as simple and understandable as possible for the visitor (name, phone number, email as an optional field). 

What determines the price of the landing page?

There are a lot of factors affecting pricing, so we approach each client individually. The cost of developing a landing page in Ukraine is affected by:

  • the complexity of the design,
  • business specifics,
  • competitiveness of goods or services,
  • number of logical blocks,
  • the complexity of the implemented functionality,
  • animation / illustration development,
  • binding to administration,
  • A / B testing,
  • setting up "end-to-end" analytics,
  • integration with CRM and other wishes not included in the list.

The key to a successful landing page is the lack of templates and an emphasis on individuality. In addition to the design of the landing page, you can order from us the creation and development of sites of varying complexity for any business purpose.