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Goals, nuances and recommendations for setting up advertising in TikTok ADS

TikTok is a platform for displaying short, vertical videos that are usually filmed on a smartphone. It is the youngest social network of the popular (it was launched in 2018) by a team of developers from China. About forty million people of all ages visit the site every month. In 2020, our company has already written about the advantages and prospects of the TikTok social network, but in 2021 it has a new functionality that is intended for advertising on social networks and is called TikTok ADS. This platform is designed mainly for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, it opens up new advertising opportunities for them that were previously unavailable.

TikTok's users are people with a wide variety of interests, where you can find both dancing to the melodies that are currently in trend, and advice from doctors, lawyers and business coaches.

In our country, TikTok has a decent number of paying users. Most of the audience are women, although men are not far behind (57 and 43%, respectively). This means that in this social network, each advertiser will be able to find their users, moreover, they are all solvent, and 30% of the income exceeds the average.

Research reports suggest that users in the US and UK spend more time on TikTok than on YouTube. This means that a similar trend may be repeated in our country.

Advertising in social networks is the key to a successful business

Advertising on TikTok is divided into several formats:

  1. In-Feed Native Video - This is an advertising information that will appear on the screen while watching a video in TikTok. Since ads are embedded in the feed, they can be unobtrusive and useful. Site visitors can like, comment, share videos, and subscribe to a brand profile. Most advertisers choose this ad serving format. Such videos involve several payment methods, for example, for views. Also, in this format, you can pay for impressions and for clicks. The budget for an ad campaign starts from fifty dollars, and for an ad group starts from twenty dollars (the currency may be different, depending on what is valid in your account). Today, the situation on TikTok resembles Instagram at the time of its appearance. Then the business did not pay attention to this social network, believing that there are only teenagers and young mothers sitting there, who post photos of their children or cats.

  2. TopView is a video up to one minute that turns on automatically when the user opens the application. This is an excellent advertising option for finding customers, increasing brand awareness, and also for building an image;

  3. Brand Takeover is the same full-screen banner in the form of a picture lasting three seconds or a video about five seconds long. Such ads will help users navigate to a website, download an application, or find a page on TikTok. Remember that the file size must not exceed 2 MB. With movable graphics from Canva, you can add movement to even the most ordinary image, so that the picture will be lively and will attract attention. You can use either a ready-made template or change the color, photo and text;

  4. Hashtag Challenge - this ad requires a hashtag for easy searching on the Internet. This is the most popular form of advertising on this social network. Famous people (usually together with brands) launch a challenge, and users shoot videos according to the specified parameters and mark it with a hashtag. As a rule, it is necessary to use certain music here. On the page of this challenge, videos of everyone who took part in it are saved, the organizers choose the winners and award them with prizes. This ad format allows you to significantly expand your audience of users due to the numerous subscribers of stars with whom you are conducting a challenge;

  5. Branded effects, which include various masks, lenses or stickers.

Advertising of this format is launched through a special TikTok ADS account. With it, you can solve various business problems, for example, increase brand awareness or increase traffic and the number of conversions.

If you want to launch paid advertising on the TikTok social network, you should be aware of some of the process's features:

  • you will not be able to promote your TikTok account through the TikTok ADS auction, so if you want to become an advanced TikToker, you will have to do it in the usual way;

  • you will be able to promote your business page on this platform only after it has been thoroughly checked;

  • for the cities of Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, geotargeting has not yet been provided.

SMM advertising is a great way to promote goods and services for many industries, for example, clothing, footwear, electronics, cosmetics, and accessories stores. Short commercials will help you get better to show the advantages of this or that product and to show the whole variety of assortment.

Many fitness centers, beauty salons, service stations, service companies and other representatives of online and offline businesses promote their channels in TikTok. Thus, they have the opportunity to demonstrate to clients the full range of their services.

Preparing to launch ads on social networks, including TikTok

Before launching your first advertising campaign, you need to go through a few steps:

  • install this application on your smartphone. Look at the videos that are viewed most often to determine what is popular at the moment;

  • analyze the accounts of your competitors, study their commercials and the audience's reaction to them, read comments. This is necessary in order to generate your ideas for the future video;

  • prepare the landing pages of the site - since all traffic comes from mobile devices, the site should load very quickly (about three seconds before it is fully loaded);

  • configure all the necessary web resources - you need to install analytics counters, as well as pixels of well-known social networks on all pages of the site. Thus, in the future you will be able to easily assess how effective certain advertising campaigns are, create an audience for advertising, increase traffic to your site;

  • Install the TikTok ADS pixel and set up visitor tracking so that you can collect anonymous information about your site's guests.

To create a pixel, you need to go to the Events or Asset section. You can configure it in two ways: register it on the website or through a Google account (already existing or you can create a new one). After that, you will need to fill in all the fields offered to you, and then the pixel will automatically redirect you to your site.

реклама в Тік ТокTo create an audience, you need to go to the Audiences or Asset section. Please note that for a small audience, it will not work to create an advertisement; you must have at least a thousand users. Then choose a regular Audience or Lookalike (similar to the one you created earlier).

Mobile numbers cannot be loaded into TikTok, therefore there is a Customer File — a file for recognizing mobile devices. You should also remember that audiences are not automatically updated, that is, by the date the advertisement was set up, the cabinet will record everyone who interacted with it. You can select the age and gender of your audience when you create an ad campaign in the Campaign section.

Before setting up social media ads, remember that TikTok has three goals: website download, website traffic, and web app installation. Experts advise using the first goal, since here you can decide targeted actions. During the ad setup process, you can test two different ads or two different audiences. Then you need to set a budget either for one day or for the entire campaign at once. Advertising is paid for with both personal and corporate bank cards. Next, the type of placement is selected. The company has several sites (for example, Vigo), but they are not available for Ukraine, so only Tik Tok. After that, the URL and profile picture are added.

At the stage of choosing a business category, it is necessary to register keywords, for example, if it is Tourism, then the keywords can be a hot tour, vacation, hotels, etc. Maximum 20 words. You can independently enable or disable comments, depending on whether you need them or not. After the ad parameters have been configured, we proceed to creating advertisements. You can download them from your computer or create a video in the TikTok editor. Then add the text of the advertising message (maximum 80 characters), put the button and your video goes to moderation.

Creating ads on the social network TikTok

To create a commercial, you have three options. In the first, you can assemble a video from existing image templates. The second option involves using the TikTok ADS video editor. In the third option, you shoot your video and overlay text on it.

The first method is suitable for small businesses, using it, in a short time you will collect an ad from the photos you have and run an ad. In the second option, you will not be able to get rid of the watermark, besides, the video editor has problems with subtitles.

Shooting your own video is a safe bet. For this process, you will need an LED lamp with a height-adjustable tripod. You need to choose a lamp so that it can be adjusted according to the level of light supply, brightness, as well as the type of glow, for example, cold and warm. You will also need a smartphone with a high quality camera and a tripod to mount it, as well as a remote camera control. The main message of the ad is best shown within the first five seconds.

створення реклами у TikTokThe choice of the target audience is no different from a similar process in other social networks, where advertising is also launched taking into account the target audience. It is worth saying that your custom audiences will be available at least one month after the ad is shown. Further, the audience can be narrowed down depending on interests and behavior.

Today, there are fifteen groups on TikTok, which imply division into narrower interests and directions. User behavior can be determined based on the content with which he interacts on the web. There are significantly more categories than interests, while in the "Settings" menu you can select the type and period of interaction with a particular category (for example, like, comment, view to end, etc.).

Let's say you select the Lifestyle interest, which includes the Food interest, then it is in turn divided into Food and Cooking, Drinks and Cooking, and more.

If you want to promote some kind of mobile application, then it can be divided, for example, according to the version of the operating system, the mobile operator, the price of the mobile device, etc.

Videos are included in recommendations depending on the interests of users, so the algorithm of work is more similar to YouTube, in which videos are also guided by the interests of users.

You can also use thematic challenges and contests to promote your brand. To this end, the company announces the start of the challenge and explains its conditions. Participants must record a video about the company's product, publish it and include a hashtag.

How to pass ad moderation for social media promotion

All content that is published is checked for compliance with the rules of the social network. To comply with them, a check is applied, which passes two levels. At the first, the process is performed automatically using smart algorithms, the second — manually by moderators.

On TikTok, it is strictly prohibited to:

  • post videos that contain scenes of violence and cruelty;

  • advertise prohibited activities, such as gambling, pyramid schemes, etc.;

  • promote prohibited goods, for example, weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.;

  • it is forbidden to post content that does not correspond to reality, that is, engage in misinformation about medicine and health, as well as government processes;

  • you can not plagiarize, that is, upload someone else's content and pass it off as your own.

If an advertising video does not comply with the rules, there are sanctions from the moderators for this, and your account may simply be blocked. First, the visibility of the video decreases, that is, the coverage and display of videos becomes less. The content is also sent for manual review and becomes temporarily unavailable for viewing, that is, the content is temporarily blocked.

If violations are found during the verification process, the administration has the right to delete such a video. For more serious and repeated violations of the rules for using this social network and posting advertisements on social networks, for example, using content that incites hatred, and also contains scenes of violence, the administration blocks the account.

The cost of advertising on social networks and TikTok

The price of advertising on social networks is adjusted according to a specific algorithm, which is not easy to understand, especially if you are launching it for the first time. First, you need to set the validity period of your ad group (to do this, go to the "Schedule" parameter in the ad account).

You can set a budget for one day or for the entire duration of your ad campaign. Please note that the current TikTok currency is the dollar, and the values ​​in the cabinet do not include VAT. The budget has some limitations, for example, you must spend at least twenty dollars per day per audience unit. You can also get around this limitation (here a low rate will come to your aid), then the system will cut the coverage of the company, but your costs will be lowered. It is also advisable to limit the display time of ads, thus increasing the ratio of site visitors to the total audience. If your office or delivery service is not working at night, there is no point in showing your ad at this time. Then you will not spend your funds on those users who did not get through or were unable to instantly receive their order.

If the goal of your advertising campaign is to reach as many users as possible, then it is worth optimizing video impressions by frequency per user. In order not to bore a potential buyer, we recommend showing your ad video four times a week. For other purposes, various options are suitable, for example, conversion on the site, duration of video viewing, etc.

вартість реклами в TikTokBets are set in two ways: automatic and manual. In the first case, the system places a bid automatically at the auction in order to get results at the lowest price. It's worth noting that when the bid is set independently, TikTok will still bid on social media ads. By the way, you need to be extremely careful, since the system is still working in test mode, the real cost of conversions may differ materially from the rates offered.

For example, you are promoting a mobile offer for a large online store. You needed installations of no more than one hundred and fifty hryvnias, and TikTok offered you one hundred hryvnias, and it was perfect for you. When you set this value, ad campaigns stopped spending money altogether. You are forced to raise the rates and in some cases go up to 400 hryvnias per installation. As a result, the total cost of the installation has become even higher than 500 hryvnias. In the event that you do not know what bid you need to set, start with the desired cost of the targeted action, and then gradually increase it if your ad will not have impressions.

The specialists of the Light Spider company, which carries out promotions in social networks, recommend testing different strategies so that you get the required number of targeted actions at the right price.

At the very last stage, work with the visual is performed. Today there are two formats available - single video or banner. The second format, according to experts, is less effective, since the user comes to TikTok for video content, therefore, an advertising video made in the second format must be carefully thought out. When shooting a video, you need to try to make it not intrusive, besides, taking into account TikTok's trends, you need to show your product and motivate the user to purchase it.

If you do not have the opportunity to edit a video, you can create it on the site itself, for this you just need to click Create, then select the desired template, the necessary images and add music to them.

The ad should be named so that later you can easily track its effectiveness, so we recommend that you write the strong points of the video content or the main characters. When creating a video, keep in mind that a third of your ad will be text. If there are subtitles, it is best to raise them up, it is advisable to choose a single-color background under the text, there should not be unnecessary inscriptions on it. Then move on to the text itself. Enter the name of the brand on behalf of which you will create the video (it should be no more than forty characters). After that, the main capacious text is written up to a hundred characters, while keeping in mind that by default it will not be reflected in all. Then pick Call-to-action, enter your landing page link and add your profile picture. If you have an application, the last two items are pulled up automatically. At this point, your ad is ready to launch on TikTok.

Light Spider specialists will help you create a website for advertising in social networks from scratch. All employees have extensive experience in this area, they are responsible for fulfilling their duties, so you are guaranteed to receive a high quality product. You can find out the cost of advertising on social networks on the company's website. We will launch an advertising campaign, focusing on the needs of your business and the specifics of your audience.

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