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Do you need a business promotion on TikTok?

Promotion in social networks has long and confidently taken the leading positions in Internet marketing, and now no one is surprised by YouTube videos and Instagram collaborations.

Promotion in social networks has long and confidently taken the leading positions in Internet marketing, and now no one is surprised by YouTube videos and Instagram collaborations. However, TikTok, a new video hosting service that emerged in China in 2016, when local company ByteDance launched the social network Douyin, is gaining more and more popularity among people. Several years passed and it literally thundered all over the world under a new name.

Today Tok Toka's audience numbers over 800 million users, including not only children and adolescents under 14 years of age, but also a fully solvent audience. With this in mind, let's consider how useful TikTok can be for business, and in what cases it makes sense to try your hand at promoting on this video hosting.

To begin with, a few statistics that will help us better understand the possibilities and prospects of promotion in TikTok:

  • In the first quarter of 2020, the TikTok app was downloaded by 315 million users, which is 75% more than in the same period in 2019, when 183 million downloads were recorded.

  • Tik Tok's audience engagement rate is about 30%, while on Instagram this indicator is 10 times lower.

  • The daily traffic of video hosting in the United States increased by a little more than 15% during quarantine, we believe the trend is similar in other countries.

  • More than 50% of the audience of the service are people over 24 years old, of which 37% are with an average income and 30% are with a higher income.

  • The audience is divided by gender ratio 56% to 44% in favor of girls.

  • On average, a user visits the app 8 times a day and spends 56 minutes there.

  • 64% of the audience take active actions: they like, share a video, leave a comment.

Before starting to promote Tik Tok, it should be noted that most people use this site for fun and wasting time. Most likely, they just scroll the feed, but even in this ordinary process, you can find benefits for promoting your brand and business in general.

What kind of business is TikTok promotion suitable for?

продвижение тик ток

First of all, promoting a TikTok account will be an excellent solution for a business that can visualize its product or service and explain their essence within 15 or 60 seconds, since the main content of the video hosting is made up of videos of this length. The tik-tok format will perfectly fit the themes of fashion, cooking, creativity, beauty-sphere, healthy eating, online education, food delivery. It will be more difficult to work with industrial, legal, medical, economic topics. However, companies offering electronics and household appliances, in particular, Citrus, Hello and Foxtrot, have already been able to promote TikTok channels. There are accounts there with financial structures, for example, Oschadbank.

It turns out that, as such, limiting the business by niches within the framework of this social. no network? It turns out that no. The main thing is that your target audience is present in it and your brand does not have a strict corporate culture, tone of voice. For example, TikTok does not prohibit and does not pursue jokes on a religious or political topic, moreover, in this social network, flash mobs and challenges are considered trendy, and the most popular are epic and trashy, funny and stupid content, exactly what users would never have not repeated in our experience. However, this does not mean that positive and entertaining or humorous, but meaningful videos are doomed to failure. It is important to capture the mood of your target audience and provide it with interesting content.

Another important aspect is to order SMM service Tik Tok follows with the aim of shaping brand popularity. Develop your account, catch the eye of the target audience, remind of yourself and be always in sight. Going to TikTok to sell is notoriously a failure strategy. This is not Facebook, or even Instagram. Here visitors do not think about shopping, they just spend their leisure time pleasantly.

Promotion in TikTok: publishing a trend video

So what is the best video format for the new video hosting trends? If we are talking about adaptation to specific topics, we recommend adhering to the following trends:

  • “Before and after” format - creatives on this topic are always positively perceived by the audience, based on your business, it can be “before and after” videos of massage, make-up, manicure, cosmetic procedures, repairs, equipment installation.

  • Competitions are an excellent solution for the sports sector, for example, fitness clubs, gyms, specialty food stores. Sports are one of the trending niches in Tik Tok.

  • Experimentation - different user experiences are well received by the audience, because people are interested in learning the results of processes that they personally would not dare to repeat. This kind of theme fits well in the field of cooking, fashion, beauty, where you can experiment with styles, means, ingredients, etc.

  • Social videos are enjoyable videos with an empathetic storyline that still grab the audience's attention and interest.

  • Dances and songs - from these videos, the popularity of the TikTok video hosting began, the promotion of which is now of interest to many entrepreneurs. And no matter how trite these videos may look today, they are still among the most viewed.

  • Illusion, tricks - here it is important to make the video catchy, even if the audience understands that this is a joke, it should be interesting for them to watch it.

  • Vines, a format of short videos that tell a specific story, are still in demand among TikTok users.

In addition to publishing your content, it makes sense to participate in the discussion and express your opinion on videos that are directly or indirectly related to your business niche. The main thing is that it does without a hat and negativity; within the framework of the TikTok social network, this behavior is considered bad manners.

TikTok opportunities for business

Before including an account in the SMM TikTok service, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tools and capabilities this video hosting offers to business. The main ways to promote content in this social. networks are considered:

  • Hashtag Challenge - announce a thematic contest or challenge, announce the conditions for participation, come up with a branded hashtag, adhere to the video hosting requirements for the video and distribute the video by any available means. This will help generate interest in the product and expand your target audience.

  • Native videos are ads that are placed in the feed and shown to the user at the time of scrolling. It can be supplemented with interactive elements, clickable links, reactions.

  • Brand integration - the use of brand products and branded elements in videos.

  • Collaboration with bloggers - as in any social. networks, there are also people with popular and visited channels. Promotion of Tik Tok with their help is quite an effective solution.

  • Labeled elements - create stickers, masks, lenses in a corporate or unique style, unobtrusively place a hashtag or logo, and publish.

  • Brand Takeover - placement of a branded banner that is shown when entering the application. The show lasts no more than 5 seconds. This is how you can advertise third-party sites, apps, and internal content.

You can track how effective the promotion of TikTok is through account analytics, which can be accessed through the settings section.

Now, one more aspect of video hosting. You are probably wondering how videos get into user recommendations. Issuance at TikTok is formed according to the following criteria:

  1. Geolocation. This is beneficial for a local business, for example, a food delivery service, while it is much more difficult for bloggers and companies to promote an account to an audience of another country.

  2. User interaction. Social algorithms networks analyze and track the activities of each user. For this, likes, comments, reposts, duration of viewing videos, transitions to author profiles, subscriptions after views are evaluated. Videos similar in topic will be displayed in recommendations.

  3. Popular videos. Posts that have collected a lot of views eventually end up in the feeds of all visitors.

How does TikTok differ from Instagram and YouTube?

The peculiarity of this social. network is that much more often users watch the video they recommend, and not the content of the people they follow. This is one of the fundamental differences between this resource from Instagram and YouTube. In TikTok, the number of subscribers of an account is not so important, since the recommendations include videos even from newly registered users. And, as noted by many budding bloggers, their videos were more actively promoted by the TikTok system.

Does business need TikTok: summing up

After analyzing the trends of modern marketing, it can be unequivocally stated that social networks are increasingly playing a role in promoting a business. Therefore, the more often your brand is noticed on different online platforms, the higher their loyalty to you will be. As for this service, the promotion of TikTok for free and for a fee, with the help of advertising, is in increasing demand in Internet marketing. Even companies working in areas that seem to be little suitable for the tick-tok format have a positive experience of promotion in this social network. This means that a successful result is achievable and it can be yours!

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