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Benefits of developing an online store

Online store - a site that sells goods via the Internet. According to recent statistics, 74% of people order goods from online stores.

Увеличение объема продаж
Increase in sales

Everyone loves to buy online. There are many reasons, but you must admit that if you are in sales and you are not online, sooner or later you will be replaced by competitors.

Расширение рынка сбыта
Expansion of the sales market

Without reference to the location. Sell products to customers from all over the country!

Увеличение прибыли
Sales 24/7!

Judge for yourself: working around the clock, the company will receive more profit than if it is tied to the “From 10:00 to 19:00” mode.

Stages of creating an online store

Online store
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We research the product / service of the business, analyze the competitors and the audience of the company.


We create the user's path and his interaction with the content.

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Making a juicy call-to-action design. We create marketing traps.

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We make a website with an interactive design, dynamic elements, create a user interface.

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We launch a project with automated functions, integration and related services.

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Order an online store from scratch and develop a successful business

Online sales are one of the most popular ways to develop a trading business today. If you manufacture any goods or want to become a dealer and cooperate with different suppliers, you need to create an online store and actively develop it online. By developing an interactive, understandable and functional website, you will start making money and find a successful business.

However, for this you need to make a lot of efforts and realize that the formation of entrepreneurial activity on the Internet cannot do without costs and requires initially serious capital investments. Of course, this will be a smaller amount in comparison with the arrangement of a shopping pavilion or renting premises in a shopping and entertainment center.

It is possible to create an Internet store within a few weeks, and this is faster than erecting a building for offline trade or refurbishing or renovating a leased facility.

Thus, by ordering a website for an online store, you will be in trend, save time and money, and immediately get the first customers.

If you are not a seller, but also want to make money online, you can create your blog and share interesting, useful information there. Popular, visited blogs bring their owners a decent income through articles and links.

Turnkey online store - goals and functions

As you know, online shopping is beneficial for users because it saves time and money. A person does not need to spend half a day looking for the right product in the market or in a shopping center, and overpay for it, because offline stores invest in the price the cost of rent, wages, utilities, etc. Another ready-made online store attracts people with the availability of information. If earlier people turned to friends, relatives, colleagues for advice, now the description and all characteristics of the product are available on one page. There you can also read customer reviews and tips for use, watch an overview video, etc.

You can order an online store to solve the following business problems:

  • Increasing the level of sales and income of the company through the use of the web-space as an additional channel for the sale of goods.
  • Maximum satisfaction of the needs of the target audience by analyzing and processing the collected marketing data.
  • Brand development, increasing company awareness, building a positive reputation.
  • Development of the field of activity, search for new partners, dealers, suppliers and even employees.
  • Expansion of the customer base, provision of service, presentation of new products on the market.

To successfully solve problems and achieve the set goals, the creation of an online store is accompanied by the implementation of the appropriate functionality. With its help, the comfort of the user's visit to the site is ensured. Thus, if you decide to order an online store from scratch, it is important at the design stage to provide all the functions necessary for stable operation.

What should be added to a modern internet store?

In fact, the range of its equipment includes a lot of different plugins and widgets. We will highlight the most commonly used solutions:

  • Product catalog with optimized filters and convenient search for the desired item.
  • Responsive design to cover the target audience of mobile gadgets.
  • The ability to purchase in 1 click.
  • Acceptance of payment in different ways and payment systems.
  • Online support chat, manager consultations.
  • Option to notify the order via SMS, email.
  • Integration with CRM to track behavioral factors and take measures to improve the quality of the site.

In addition, you need to initially choose a convenient engine for a commercial site. As a rule, for comfortable administration, it is recommended to choose the development of an online store in Kharkov, Kiev and in Ukraine on CMS OpenCart, MODX or Bitrix. These are the time-tested admin panels that ensure the full functioning of the virtual trading platform.

A successful online store from scratch - what is it like?

Having analyzed many eCommerce platforms, we have identified 7 main factors that determine the success of an online store, even if its price is kept within the minimum budget:

  1. Stability of work. One of the most commonly encountered problems is slow download speeds. Hanging up the site annoys people a lot. It is recommended that the page load in no more than 3 seconds. Regardless of the price of an online store, it should not contain errors. Seeing an Error message, 502 Bad Gateway, 404 Not Found, or any other window instead of the desired page, the user will quickly leave the site. To prevent this from happening, you should choose a quality hoster and a reliable CMS of the future web resource.
  2. Selling design. Just a beautiful web site is now no surprise. It is important to order a website (online store) that is not only attractive, but also convenient. An analysis of the psychology of the target audience, its expectations and possible behavior on the site will help to achieve the harmony of usability and design. Modern trends and web design technologies are also taken into account.
  3. Convenient search and selection by category. The user must easily find any product, otherwise, despite the high cost of the online store, he will leave it, and the entrepreneur's investments will not be justified. Comfortable navigation is developed at the stage of prototype layout. This is where you need to carefully consider categories, filters, sorting of goods.
  4. Available product descriptions. When you go to the site, you see only 1 photo and a couple of offers in the characteristics, do you have a desire to make a purchase? Unlikely. Also with other people. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up high-quality, thoughtful, informative product cards initially. The development of content from the entrepreneur, placement of large photos of the product with a convenient transition, visualization of characteristics will help in this.
  5. Integrated marketing. Competent promotion is the key to the success of the project. For this, both marketing channels and leads are used: promotions, discounts, bonuses, seasonal sales, special offers.
  6. Call to action. You probably noticed that any Internet store contains buttons “Order”, “Learn more”, “Add to cart”, “Buy”, “Call me back”, “Submit an application”, etc.? This is a trigger that subtly prompts visitors to take targeted action.
  7. Decent service. Attentiveness to customers, timely feedback, technical support, detailed advice - all this forms a positive reputation and good reviews from buyers. An eCommerce site like this simply cannot be unsuccessful.

How much does an online store cost?

This question is, perhaps, most often asked by entrepreneurs. Each of them is interested in the development of an online store, the price of which will fit into the project budget. In fact, the prices for selling web resources vary in a wide range, based on the complexity and volume of work. Therefore, each customer can find for himself the optimal cost of developing an online store. The main thing is to clearly articulate your desires.

Contact us if you want to create your own online store or if you are interested in other website development services. Each project is discussed individually and a mutually beneficial solution is always found.

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