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Identifying business needs as the basis for effective promotion

As you know, a business is created in order to make a profit. If it doesn't work, it means that mistakes were made in the development strategy. And one of the most common problems is neglect of business needs. Many people mistakenly believe that a set goal, assertiveness and a desire to implement their ideas are enough for the success of the project. Of course, without these qualities one cannot break into a leader. On the other hand, it is equally important to keep cool and act in a planned manner.

It is clear that at the start you radiate confidence and positiveness, because every new undertaking is a bright event, full of expectations and hopes, covered with an aura of optimism and anticipation of great success. However, enthusiasm is often accompanied by a feeling of impatience: you urgently need to do everything so that the project starts as soon as possible, and the final product is implemented as soon as possible. This rush is understandable from a psychological point of view, but from an economic point of view, it often leads to disastrous results, because a key element of development is ignored - the definition of business needs. Although this process will take time, these efforts will save your project from unnecessary confusion, rework, internal disputes and, above all, from potential failure.

What does your business need?

Have you ever wondered what your project needs to be effective, profitable and successful? As practice shows, regardless of the field of activity, business needs include three aspects:







In the first case, it means the ability to provide your goods and services to everyone in need, expand the sales market, increase turnover and attract new customers. Improvement is a process focused on increasing efficiency, reducing financial costs, accelerating time to market, and automating operations. Prospects - further development due to the attraction of innovative technologies and advanced solutions. Taking advantage of this today, with an emphasis on prospects, you will initially sharpen your business according to the criteria of the future.

Meeting these needs is one of the key tasks of Internet marketing. Knowing what exactly is needed in a given situation, you can immediately find an effective solution. So, online promotion will help to build up opportunities, for example, promotion in social networks or website advertising on Google... With its help, you will expand the market, attract new customers, offer your product to everyone who is looking for it on the Internet. Analytics will help you find improvements. Thanks to it, you can track at what stage customers are lost and why there are not enough orders, how you can automate business processes and thereby actually reduce costs.

What is the threat of not setting business needs?

Unfortunately, many companies starting a new project, especially those at the start-up level, either do not have clearly defined business needs for their project, or their needs are constantly changing throughout the development process. What does this mean for the promotion team? How does it work in an environment where it develops a product without a well-defined business problem? Let's take a look at specific examples.

Beginning business analysts, by not highlighting the needs, miss an important thing, and this will prevent them from doing their job correctly in the future. If the ultimate business need is not clearly defined, the project requirements may change on a daily basis. And this will negatively affect the work of the team that is developing the site.

Developers who don't know the business logic and the problem their coding has to solve are not very productive. As a result, the code starts to generate errors or does not generally work to meet the needs of the business. For example, forms on the site contain unnecessary fields or registration errors, buttons are not located there, there is no consultant chat, etc. And this happens almost always if the developers do not see the purpose of the entire project. When a site's functionality is first tested without a clearly defined business need, developers usually don't know if it is functioning properly or if it contains bugs. This leads to conflicts, decreased client-side satisfaction, and decreased productivity in the development team.

Designers also perceive their work to be ineffective. They take the time to create layouts that may look great but are probably not getting the desired result (whatever it may be) in the eyes of the client. As a result, prototypes have to be redone and coordinated with the customer for a long time.

Instead of totals

If the business needs of a project are not identified and refined early on, the product is likely to be of no value. Worse, it can have a negative effect that can cause user churn and even complete product crash.

Determining business needs is an extensive process that requires a careful approach. Similar to creating architectural designs for skyscrapers, it involves several stages, including identifying and understanding the goals of the business. Defining strategic direction and identifying any key issues that are relevant to future challenges, risks or challenges are also important pieces of this puzzle.

To keep your project running smoothly and leading to a successful end product, you need to meet the business needs as early as possible. So you will lay a solid foundation for promotion and significantly increase the chance of successful implementation of your ideas.

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