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PBN network of sites — what is it and how is it used for SEO promotion

Over the past few years, building PBN networks has become much more complex. This happened due to search engine updates and improved algorithms. What used to function calmly and was not monitored in any way is now prohibited and is being blocked over and over again. But before talking about the methods of laying PBN networks, we will give an answer to the questions "What is it?" and "Why are they needed?".

PBN network is an effective way to optimize your website for SEO

Link building is one of the most effective methods of website promotion. The more reputable internet resources link to your page, the better your ranking score. The building of the link mass, in part, is done by SMM specialists — the creation of posts with direct links is also counted by the search engine. But there is another method that can significantly speed up the promotion. Namely PBN mesh. A competent specialist with their help can quickly promote a website and increase the rankings. They consist of several sites (from 5 to 10), the task of which is simply to link to the main resource. Third-party pages are called donors or satellites, and the purpose of promotion is an acceptor.

In PBN networks, resources that are not created from scratch are usually used, but so called drops — sites whose domain name was not renewed for some reason. But these are not random web resources, they are characterized by such characteristics as:

  • Own story — each site was created with a specific purpose. Whether it's an online store, a thematic forum, etc. Search engines trust original sites.

  • High-quality backlinks on third-party resources — this will make the search engine think twice before applying sanctions to the site.

  • High level of trust — if the page meets all the standards of the search site, it has backlinks and users visit it from time to time, then the site is alive and does not need to be banned.

  • A high index of the quality and authority of the domain — then the search engine recognizes the drop as original and, naturally, links from it will increase the ranking of the acceptor site.

PBN networking as a way to promote a websiteKnowing what it takes to optimize a website using PBN networks, all that remains is to find the right resources. You can view the SEO indicators of each page using special programs or manually using an online audit service or a browser extension. It should be noted that there are several ways to get a site, the simplest of them is to negotiate with the previous owner. But this is not always possible. In such cases, platforms that specialize in selling drops will help you.

True, there is also a minus. In addition to the fact that you need to spend money on the purchase of drops, they do not always meet the criteria stated above. The fact is that pages with a good reputation and content are sold out quickly, and there are not so attractive resources, with often filters imposed on them.

Therefore, you can take a compromise path, namely, develop a site on WordPress or another free template design engine, saturate it with content (no frills) and add links to several sites, including the promoted one. But they need to be made as believable as possible "so that the mosquito does not undermine the nose." To do this, just follow the instructions:

  • During the development of the site, create a simple layout and make the site believable: add projects, works, portfolios, service menus, etc.

  • Come up with an address, phone numbers (it is better to randomly generate so that no one is disturbed by calls).

  • Add the company to the cards. Then Google will be convinced of the "reality" of the company and its website.

  • Use responsive design. If the site is suitable for all gadgets and permissions, then the search networks, most likely, will not suspect the resource of being "unoriginal".

After purchase or development, you need to register domains. One registrar can have up to 10 web pages. True, everyone needs a unique hosting, otherwise the chance of blocking will increase significantly. Do not forget that all sites should be at least to some extent similar thematically. Search engine algorithms have become much smarter. The medical center page that links to the car service looks illogical, and the search engine suspects that something is unclean in the link profile. If everything is done correctly, then Google will take the Internet resources for the original.

So how does PBN relate to website optimization and SEO? Let's consider this in the article further!

SEO-promotion of a website at the expense of networks

It should be noted immediately. Sites included in the PBN network require constant improvement and filling with relevant content. Therefore, before promoting an acceptor's website, you need to analyze the drops in detail or think about a possible topic for new resources. Google algorithms carefully monitor the originality, usefulness, and reliability of sites. The search engine closely monitors the activity of each resource, bots regularly visit sites and check them for "validity." We are talking about originality, but we never mentioned what that means.

PBN network sites - what is itThe fact is that the resources included in the PBN network should not raise questions from search engines regarding their authenticity. Google recognizes exclusively "live" pages — behind which people are behind who develop their endeavors. And networks with donors and acceptors are perceived by search engines as fraudulent. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly prove to algorithms that a web resource is an independent unit. This requires constant promotion and optimization of the site.

However, you shouldn't pay too much attention to donor pages. It is enough just to imitate vigorous activity and from time to time blog, and throw posts with referral links on social networks.

By following the instructions above, you can easily optimize your acceptor website and take your time to create a reliable PBN network. The unambiguous advantage of its use is the ability to manage the link mass. The creation of PBN networks will allow you to quickly increase the ranking of the resource.

But one cannot fail to mention the cons.The main problem with donor and acceptor sites is complexity. Although in words everything seems extremely simple and clear, it is worth making a mistake (at any of the stages), and the search engine can impose "sanctions" on drops. The creation of PBN networks requires money and time. Managing a dozen sites is much more difficult than saturating one with relevant content.

It makes sense to refer to PBN networks only when the necessary link weight cannot be obtained by other means. It is appropriate to use them in specific niches where thematic links are needed. In other cases, it is easier and more reliable to create a simple high-quality website.

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