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A personal blog is a person's personal page on which he shares his impressions, emotions, thoughts and photos.

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Personal blog tasks

With the help of a blog, the author promotes himself or his products. Works with feedback - answers questions in the comments, gives advice on use, monitors quality.


This opportunity is especially valuable for creative and public figures.


You can make money on a blog in different ways: place ads, write paid reviews, make money on affiliate programs.

Личный бренд
Personal brand

A blog helps to become known to a wide range of people. By publishing, for example, reviews or toolkits, the specialist shows their skills.

Stages of creating a personal blog

Personal blog
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Determine target audience

We define the goals of the project.
We study the target audience and competitors.

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Working out custom scripts. Prototyping.

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Formation and placement of content, selection of media elements and their application on the prototype.

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Making a juicy call-to-action design. We create marketing traps.

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Formation of the visual range, elaboration of details.

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Blog site - your personal space on the Internet

The global web space is constantly being replenished with new resources that appear on the web almost every day. Now in the search you can find virtual sites of any type: forums, shops, web business cards, portals, catalogs, blogs, etc. We will talk about the latter further.

A blog site is a personal page used to attract a target audience, search for people of interest, publish various content. With its help, people share their own thoughts and experiences, declare themselves to the world, promote themselves as a brand.

Sometimes blogs are used for commercial purposes, to promote a certain person, product or corporation. The formation of a positive reputation here occurs through comments under the publication. They are a kind of social network where people have prolonged conversation, which has a positive effect on behavioral factors and is taken into account by the search engine.

The main thing is that the brand being promoted is really good and offers a high quality product or service.

There is an opinion that blogging web-resources can become successful only in the hands of journalists, copywriters, SEO-optimizers, marketers and webmasters. In fact, this is not the case. Anyone can make a blog, and even for free, if you choose to create a website on Wordpress. It is an open source CMS and can be used without capital investment.

However, in order to develop a blog on WordPress, you need to have certain knowledge and skills in the field of Internet marketing. If you are, for example, a business coach, culinary specialist, psychologist, artist, poet, traveler, lawyer, doctor or expert in any other niche, and are far from the advertising field, to promote your blog, it is better to order the services of a marketing agency and be sure of the positive result.

Turnkey blog: choosing the right type of resource

Based on the tasks solved by the customer, there are 4 categories of sites:

  1. Personal blog does not have a specific goal. As a rule, this is a resource used by a person to express his own experiences and reflections on close, exciting topics. Despite the absence of designated goals, it is likely that such a site will become interesting to people if the author touches on topics that will find a response among readers.
  2. A professional blog is a resource through which a person shares experience, knowledge, life hacks in a particular niche. It can be both a hobby and a main activity, the main thing is that the author is a professional in his field and can publish useful articles. Such a site has its own target audience, which allows the owner to use publications to their advantage.
  3. News blog - created to cover events in a city, country, world or some area, for example, IT, politics, culture, etc. The main task of such resources is to maximize audience engagement and monetization through traffic. Several editors and copywriters usually work on a newsletter.
  4. Brand blog - used to promote a person, for example, a designer, writer, artist, or a trade mark, product, service.

It should be noted that one of the factors affecting the cost of creating a blog is the category of the future resource. News and professional blogs often require more functionality and development time.

Blog development: a successful project from A to Z

The first thing to do before starting a blog is to identify three fundamental successes:

  1. The theme of the future site. What will you write about? Tourism, recipes, legal aid, traditional medicine, sports, etc. Choose what you are interested in and in which you are an expert.
  2. The target audience. We segment users and select those who will be interested in your blog, which can be created during the day. For example, you are writing about fishing. Your target audience will be men aged 25-55 who are just discovering this hobby, or want to learn some life hacks for catching a particular fish.
  3. Content plan. It is irrational to simply create a blog “just to be” and fill it with weak content. Nourishing hopes that one day it will dawn on you and you will start writing interesting articles is also unreasonable. In this case, the blog will be filled irregularly, and its promotion will become difficult. You need to carefully consider the strategy for filling the site. Think about how you can surprise users in your niche, that you can offer something that your competitors have not yet offered. Remember, people come to a personal blog with the clear goal of familiarizing themselves with its content.

The advantage of sites in this area is that they gather the public for specific interests. Therefore, setting up advertising for them and launching SEO promotion will not be difficult.

What is the best engine to build your blog on?

There are many website builders out there that allow you to create blogs, but many of them offer too limited functionality as part of the free version. The same cannot be said about CMS Wordpress. It belongs to open source software and is installed free of charge. Of course, there are paid plugins for this engine that expand its capabilities, but even without them, you can safely use the system without losing comfort.

A Wordpress blog is simple and easy to manage, any PC user can administer such a site. Content, photos and videos, as well as new pages are added to WP quickly and easily. Another significant advantage of this CMS in comparison with SaaS-platforms is the friendliness to SEO promotion. It is much easier to create a website on WordPress and promote it in search engines.

If you want to create a blog, the development and promotion price of which would be pleasant for you, please contact our company. We create effective web sites, so order a website business card, an internet store, a landing page and any other resource you can with us with a quality guarantee.

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