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Why people don't follow you on social media: 7 reasons to check your account

Business promotion on social networks is a modern trend, and it is a sin not to take advantage of it in the current conditions, when competition on the Internet is growing day by day. One of the guaranteed ways to popularize your brand is SMM - Social Media Marketing. And many entrepreneurs start running corporate social networks on their own, believing that they do not need an SMM specialist, and they can save money on his work. After all, in their opinion, what is the maintenance of social networks? In an ideal account, where there are enough followers, likes, comments, publications. And every businessman considers his account to be just that.

True, as practice shows, after 2-3 months of self-promotion, entrepreneurs are faced with the fact that people do not subscribe to their corporate profiles in social media. networks. For some, this fact causes anxiety, for others, bewilderment, for others, irritation. In the end, they all decide order promotion on social networks from professional specialists, and be sure that their accounts will start to make a profit and be in demand among the target audience.

However, if you want to try your hand and personally engage in brand promotion on social networks, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the reasons why most often users refuse to subscribe to your account, and consider options for solving this problem.

1. Potential clients are not aware of your online presence

In fact, getting a large base of active, live subscribers is not an easy task. To do this, you need to attract people with publications, convince them to visit the profile, leave a pleasant impression about yourself and encourage them to subscribe to the business page. Therefore, even the slightest interest from users should not be neglected.

As practice shows, many companies are present on social networks, but do not inform their target audience about it. Although, it would be useful to notify them about this using posters, stickers, stickers, handouts, business cards. Alternatively, you can print information about the account on the check or send messages to potential customers. If you have a website, add social links to your header and footer. networks, as well as buttons for reposts and likes.

True, it is important not to overdo it here, so that the promotion of the site, brand on social networks does not look like spam. Check how people perceive your account. They should have no reason to mark it as spam. It is worth considering and reconsidering the strategy if low quality images are published on the profile, posts are repeated, contains mostly advertising content, and descriptions consist only of hashtags.

2. You are not communicative enough

смм продвижениеLeading groups on social networks involves interacting with the audience and actively communicating. Agree who will be interested in subscribing to accounts that do not react to the public in any way. Especially if they are closed.

Yes, there are often private accounts on social media, but they are usually personal, and that's okay. When a user sees a closed icon on a business profile, he subconsciously wants to move away from it. And there are 2 reasons for that:

  1. User request approval. This, as a rule, takes from several hours to several days, depending on who and how corporate social. networks. By that time, the user may already have lost interest in your account.

  2. Content unavailability. Without a subscription, people cannot see what is published in a corporate account, therefore, they have no idea what the business is sharing on social media. networks. This arouses mistrust and suspicion.

To generate loyalty of the target audience, participate in discussions, respond to comments and leave them in the publications of subscribers, thank those who repost your content and let users understand that real people are managing the account.

3. Publications: rare, often, monotonous, at the wrong time

Yes, it often happens that profiles are incorrectly filled with content. The fact is that each business niche is unique, and you need to choose the intensity of publications that suits the target audience. The best option is considered to be 3-7 posts per week. If you increase the frequency, you can quickly get bored with people, because their feed will be full of mentions about you. When new publications appear rarely, your account will simply be forgotten, and it will eventually disappear from the sight of potential subscribers.

Another problem is monotonous content. When a user visits a business page and sees posts of the same type there, most likely, he will not subscribe to you. People love diverse, interesting, creative posts such as Q&A, business advice, contests, reviews, humor. Experiment with branding, colors, fonts. The main thing is not to make users feel bored and routine.

Posting time is also an important aspect. By hitting the right gap, you can reach thousands of users and get hundreds of interactions. However, each business has its own optimal posting time, and it can only be revealed through thorough testing and deep analytics. It is necessary to identify the most popular entries and indicate when they were added. Based on the data obtained, a publication schedule should be formed.

4. Lack of individuality and high-quality visualization of the brand

Faceless account - 100% of no interest to anyone. It is important to create a positive image of the company that would reflect the essence of the business and would be liked by the target audience.

Here are guidelines on how to achieve the desired result:

  • optimize your bio, publish there all the important information about the company;

  • add a link to a web resource - this will help in promoting the site through social networks;

  • use the corporate colors of the company;

  • install an up-to-date business profile picture;

  • adhere to the corporate style of account design, images and publications.

Since in modern social. networks, the emphasis is on video and pictures in high definition, it is important to meet user expectations. Therefore, use all the relevant tools available in the arsenal of settings and options for social networks.

5. Excessive enthusiasm for stories about yourself

When users visit your page and see an emphasis on:

  • business exclusivity,

  • the need for goods and services for all people,

  • the fact that users cannot do without you - this causes antipathy.

бизнес-аккаунты социальных сетейIt is better if you bring a certain value to the target audience and show it in practice. For example, users sent you a positive review - post it, a subscriber posted a photo in your store or unpacked your product - share it on your page, found an interesting post on the topic of a business being promoted or a cool life hack - tell us about it in your profile.

Thus, visitors, having entered your page, will see interesting content, feel your interaction with subscribers, appreciate you as a source of useful information and will probably click on the “subscribe” button. You expect this from them, don't you?

6. Lack of value

As stated earlier, people care about the value you bring to their lives. Imagine what a huge stream of information each person draws daily from social networks. Unsurprisingly, users carefully filter brands and choose which ones to include in their news feeds. And this applies to all areas of activity, from beauty salons and clothing stores, and up to the services of cleaning companies and car services.

If you want to attract people - make them feel special. This can be done through useful, informative content and marketing chips - discounts, promotions, sales, bonuses, contests and sweepstakes.

7. You do not have a goal and strategy for promoting in social networks

Website promotion, brand promotion in social networks should be based on a specific strategy. The point is to create a business account just like that? If you make it according to the principle “to be”, it will not bring much benefit and practical value. The corporate profile must have a goal, a strategy and a result. This will allow you to: concentrate efforts in the right direction, increase audience coverage, show a serious approach to business, which will increase the target audience's loyalty to you at the start.

In summary, we can say that the success of corporate social media accounts is based on the ability to build a productive relationship with potential subscribers and offer them a unique product with an emphasis on the benefits it will bring them in the future. People will happily subscribe to your account and become part of the audience if they understand the value of your business to them and positively perceive the content you offer.