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LinkedIn Promotion: Best Practices for Business

Social media have long been rooted in the public mind as a means of communication or sharing photos and videos. This is partly true, but in addition to communication and dating, they act as advertising platforms. For example, companies of various sizes and budgets run targeted advertising. They post ads, release posts that are relevant to the interests of the communities. This is a familiar picture for social networks.

Thanks to the open provision of data by users, creating the image of a “target customer”, determining his interests and methods of influencing him is not the most difficult task. In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine any kind of advertising campaign without promotion in social networks.

Ads on social networks, working with the audience is the establishment of a "dialogue" between the selling company and the potential buyer. People don't often respond to advertisements on various sites. The problem is not in web resources, but in user habits. A person visits their own page much more often than a specialized site.

The objective advantage of targeted advertising in social networks is the ability to demonstrate a product / service to a wide range of users. But this is also the disadvantage — it is not a fact that those who click on your ad will be interested or solvent. In other words, not everyone who clicks on an ad can be called a potential buyer.

But there are also specialized social networks. They are distinguished by a narrow focus (according to professional skills or interests). Users of such social networks are often not interested in conducting “friendly correspondence” or posting photos from their vacations.

Social media marketing, is it really effective and how to use it?

Social networks with a professional direction differ in both functionality, which is conducive to the placement of certain materials, and the audience. Users are interested in either looking for business partners, sharing experiences, or looking for work. Some social networks are used to find employees.

Promoting groups in LinkedinThere are many similar Internet resources. But a particularly popular and authoritative social network is Linkedin. Its hallmark is its audience. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, etc. Linkedin is actively used by people for business purposes. At the moment, more than 500 million users from 24 countries of the world are registered on the social network. Such a transnational audience disposes both to launch an advertising campaign and to establish international trade relations (at the company level).

An important aspect of the social network Linkedin is one of the principles of making deals. It's called B2B and means business to business. The platform allows enterprises to quickly communicate, thereby greatly facilitating the process of mutual cooperation. B2B is a kind of "chain" between companies. In simple words, the website development team is in dire need of the work of an animation specialist, but they do not have the opportunity to hire him to the team. If so, they post an ad on Linkedin looking for someone to help with development. This is the essence of a social network. It allows you to quickly establish business relationships between companies or owners. This is where Linkedin helps.

A convenient search system and an intuitive interface allows you to quickly identify a profitable partner and place advertisements. But this social network is mainly used by people with business interests. Why conduct an advertising campaign in it? The answer is simple — the market is constantly changing, new trends and tendencies regularly start in it. It is extremely rare for companies to have a so-called “closed production cycle”. These are self-sufficient suppliers of products, capable of starting production on their own.

Often firms simply do not have their own raw material base. In such cases, they are forced to look for suppliers with the most affordable prices (and quality) for them. Constant changes lead to a change in price indicators. Then advertising comes into play. By offering the stakeholder what they need, it is easy for the company to sell the product and acquire a regular customer.

Linkedin also has a tough selling point. They mean a risky trade. This usually means a high price, which is what makes it “difficult”. To conclude transactions of this type, it is necessary to acquire a reputation as a reliable partner. Often, in order to conclude such agreements, it is necessary to conduct personal meetings, discussions and agreements.

But in order for business proposals to be interesting, apart from the product and the price, it is desirable to have a reputation. For a business, reputation and brand awareness are extremely important. A competent PR, brand and SMM specialist, as well as the correct conduct of an advertising campaign, will help you achieve this. Promotion on Linkedin is one of the important elements of company development. For more information — read the sequel!

Linkedin promotion strategy, what you need to know and how to start acting?

For the competent promotion of pages in social networks, it is advisable to contact the specialists. Otherwise, the costs of running an advertising campaign may turn out to be meaningless. But you should outline the main steps and methods of promoting your business on Linkedin.

Linkedin promotion strategyFirst, let's look at sponsored content. It looks like a Facebook feed ad. A great option for promoting your profile on Linkedin. Shows ads also on websites. Used to warm up the audience tracking your page. Sponsored content is also available on mobile devices. Suitable both for attracting a new audience and for heating up the interest of an old one.

Next, let's look at text ads. It is used to promote sites on Linkedin. Text is one of the most reliable marketing elements. The distinctive features of this approach are both versatility (everything is in your hands) and low cost. Text advertisement is displayed in the upper corner of the screen, consists of several lines and a logo. It allows you to quickly and inexpensively launch an advertisement for a resource, product or service. Special attention should be paid to the cost of promoting a company on Linkedin using text ads.

Don't forget about sponsored inmail messages. To some extent, this is a unique practice of targeted advertising. Implies sending sales messages from an authority figure. One of the most effective methods for promoting a product on Linkedin. It is advisable to add elements such as linking or CTA to them.We must not forget about the importance of the reputation of the person from whom the messages are received. The credibility of a person can be determined by the following criteria:

  • the presence of a photo in the profile;

  • he must have a first level contact;

  • the sender must be an expert in the field of the issue. The audience should trust him.

Sponsored inmail messages are targeted at specific people and are classic lead generation. On Linkedin, it's important to prevent it from becoming spam. Otherwise, the messages will simply be ignored.

Promotion of groups on Linkedin, work with audience and reputation — where to start?

Social media advertising requires constant contact with the audience, working with potential clients and generating “warm traffic”. For this, the classic methods of lead generation are used, with one exception. On Linkedin, it's important to be more than just a rumor, but, at the very least, appear convincing. To do this, it is necessary to form an expert image in a certain segment. Constantly be active in specialized communities, etc. Remember, it is impossible to be an expert in everything, it takes time and knowledge, one person can be a specialist in one specific industry or related professions.

To effectively launch leads on Linkedin, it is desirable to establish trusting relationships, create “engaging” content (for example, articles, stories, etc.). Only after the above you can start offering deals.

There is a second method (does not cancel lead generation). It is based on the creation of an expert story. Requires constant filling of the community (profile group) with content of all possible types. This will help you build a reputation as a professional and expert in a specific segment. At the time of launch (and early years) on Linkedin, it was not uncommon to find profiles with descriptions like “jack of all trades”. At the moment, this is simply not on the social network.

To create an image of an expert, you need to do the following:

  • Take a narrow niche, create content that is unique and valuable for the target audience.

  • Regularly work on confirmation of expertise. For example, write articles and other cases.

  • Shoot a lot of videos on the topic. It is advisable to film the process of work, product creation and other evidence of real activity.

If the above processes seem difficult or time consuming to you. You should contact SMM specialists. They have both experience and knowledge of platforms, and are able to quickly and efficiently establish the promotion of your resource on social networks. But how much does the work of an SMM specialist cost?

What is the price of promotion in social networks?

The salary of an SMM specialist depends on many factors. The location and scale of the advertising campaign is so important. The amount of analytical work carried out depends both on the region and on the audience coverage. The amount of content is one of the elements that directly affects the cost of website promotion services on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you are interested in promoting on social media. Contact us! In addition to SMM promotion, our company offers services in the following areas:

  • website development, including adaptive, mobile version;

  • SEO promotion;

  • setting up contextual advertising.

We work responsibly, complete projects on time and focus on a positive result!

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