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Prototype of your site: agreeing correctly

Presentation of a prototype to a customer is an important step towards creating a website. And here you need to correctly convey the information to the client so that he can understand what to focus on, and what exactly needs to be monitored.

After all, customers in most cases are far from development, and many aspects of the functioning of a web resource, which are obvious to layout designers and designers, are not clear to them. By losing sight of them at the stage of prototype adoption, clients, and with them digital agencies, risk adding to themselves problems at the stage of creating a site layout and further page layout.

Therefore, in our new article, we have compiled a checklist for agreeing on a prototype, where we have displayed the key aspects that both clients and web studios need to keep in mind.

Focus on configuration and functionality

готовый макет веб сайтаготовый прототип веб сайтаWhy is the prototype approved before the finished website layout? Because he does not evoke emotions in the customer with his appearance. The prototype uses ordinary fonts and neutral colors, because any images, except for basic ones, such as a logo, interface components and 2-3 standard products, if an online-shop is being developed, will negatively affect its discussion. Excessive visualization is confusing, shifting the vector of discussion from analyzing functionality to discussing the appearance of the page.

But the client needs to focus on the main thing:

  • structure,

  • functionality,

  • the operability of the web resource.

So light blocks with gray squares in the presentation of the prototype are quite normal.

The key to a successful agreement will be a deep analysis of the business by the digital agency. Designers need to focus on the logic, behavior, and sequence of user interactions on the site. The host of the prototype should present themselves as a visitor and go all the way, for example, from getting to the main page and right up to placing an order. If difficulties arise in the process of passing, something is missing or some element of the functionality is not clear, you need to work out this moment “without leaving the cash register”.

Discussion and adjustments

макет и прототип для сайтаA prototype is a sketch that the development team and the client need to work on together. Customers often make mistakes, letting the process go by itself, ignoring the value of the prototype, or postponing edits for the future when the layout for the site has already been rendered.

However, at the stage of design and layout, changes in the structure and logic of the site will cost the client more and waste the time of the development team. Therefore, at the stage of approving the prototype, you need to find all the nuances that do not suit you, clearly describe your expectations and impressions, and make adjustments to the prototype, because this is what it is created for.

To develop a website layout based on an agreed template to be successful, it is important to reflect all the key sections of the site and fill it with real data. Home, catalog, company information, product cards, top or side menu must be true.

Thus, the prototype is made as close to reality as possible. If the section title or product description turns out to be too long and is not shortened in advance, it may not fit into the design of the future site.

To study the prototype, it is recommended to use a real device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer. This makes it easier to understand the proportions and assess the scale of all elements of a web resource.

Semantics and site structure

Collecting the semantic core - a list of search queries by which users search for the company's goods or services - is an integral part of the formation of the structure of a web resource. It will help prepare the site for search engine promotion and carry out optimization already at the development stage.

Integration of third party services

Any site is supplemented with functionality that is connected from the outside. As a rule, these are various kinds of calculators, payment and delivery services, email distribution, warehouse and accounting, CRM, etc. At the same time, it is recommended to form a prototype taking into account business scaling. If the implementation of some integrations goes beyond the budget or is not required now, it is rational to put them into the site design layout immediately, and only after, in the process of work, make a decision on their use and connect as needed.

Collecting feedback

It is a good decision to show the prototype to colleagues whose work will be somehow connected with the future site. It will help to identify weaknesses in advance and modify the web resource, making it more comfortable and efficient for administration and interaction with visitors. True, in this case, feedback on a specific problem with a detailed explanation will be valuable, and not feedbacks like “this needs to be redone because nothing is clear”.

The result of joint work on the project will be:

  • A clear view of the appearance and functionality of the site, adding missing elements and eliminating unnecessary ones.

  • Agreeing and making corrections in advance, thanks to which the customer's finances are saved, and the working time of the specialists is spent with greater benefit.

  • Filling the site with useful tools, services and options that will provide it - stable work, users - a comfortable stay, and the administrator - convenient management.

  • The readiness of the resource for search engine promotion and optimization at the stage of layout layout.

Want an incredible website layout? Contact us! The Light Spider team will implement your wishes and develop a high-quality, functional and modern web resource for you.

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