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Promotion of a Telegram channel from scratch: free ways to promote and practical recommendations

Telegram is one of the popular marketing tools for interacting with the target audience today. How to promote your project within the framework of this messenger is of interest to many users, from bloggers to business owners of various sizes.

You can declare your public in different ways, and in our article we will share the most popular and effective ones, which, if properly implemented, will help you grow from 0 to 1000 or more subscribers without large initial investments and complex manipulations.

Telegram channel promotion - what is the business benefit?

Before proceeding with the review of popular solutions, we note why it makes sense to spend time, effort and even finances in promoting the Telegram channel. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. Increasing the volume of the interested audience. You need to attract active readers, even if making money on TG is not a priority. After all, someone should read your posts, otherwise the enthusiasm will fade away and the motivation for writing content will quickly disappear. Publishing interesting material will attract readers, they will recommend it, and the audience will gradually expand on its own. This process, however, is slow, so even free promotion of the Telegram channel will be beneficial, allowing you to quickly attract an audience and get more responses.
  2. Earnings from advertising sales. To get your first income, you need to know how to develop a Telegram channel to the level of one or two thousand subscribers. Publics with a similar number of readers are already becoming interesting to advertisers. Often, the more subscribers are recruited, the higher the price of the Telegram channel becomes. How to promote one for yourself? Read on.
  3. A tool to promote your business. A TG with lively, active readers is an excellent platform for the development of its entrepreneurial activity, and in some niches it is very successful, for example, healthy food and health, the services of a lawyer, lawyer, psychologist, other specialized specialists, etc. How to promote Telegram for your business? With a focus on subscribers. The larger the number of your readers, the higher the chance to build a base of potential customers.

However, when thinking about how to promote a Telegram channel for free, it is important to remember that attracting subscribers is only half the battle. It is important to keep them in the future. It seems like a banal thought, but, as practice shows, even now many people use "black" methods, winding up subscribers-bots, which are of no use. The audience will grow if you manage to keep it and convert each subscriber into a regular reader. Therefore, the correct answer to the question: how to promote the Telegram channel is only one - by natural, "white" methods.

Telegram channel from scratch: the nuances of promotion these days

Телеграм канал с нуля: продвижение Telegram каналаOne of the unpleasant features of modern promotion in messengers is a very limited toolkit. Like social networks of 2007, they are deprived of the ability to attract external traffic. Therefore, users of TG channels can only count on "sundress" - a method based on the recommendations of readers. And if you are looking for a solution on how to promote a Telegram channel without investment, publish high-quality, interesting and expert content that visitors will share on their own.

So what do we have at the moment? An audience not spoiled by advertising. From the word at all. Due to this, a good conversion, high interest is achieved, and the “subscriber = regular reader” scheme works with a probability of up to 100%. On the other hand, Telegram does not have a system of tips and recommendations, algorithms for displaying content that can be influenced, contextual and targeted advertising. It will not work with him in the “paid and received traffic flow” format.

How to promote in Telegram and not make mistakes


Novice authors often make a number of typical mistakes, which in the future will negatively affect the Telegram channel, which we are considering in this article quickly.

In general, deciding to develop a TG channel, bypass such solutions:

  • Boost traffic using bots. Yes, it's always nice to watch a large flow of visitors, but what's the point of it if only bots come to your messenger? Amuse yourself? So what is next? This approach will only harm the promotion of Telegram. Thanks to the% ERR parameter used to assess audience engagement, other administrators will easily calculate the use of bots to boost traffic and refuse to interact with your resource.
  • Ordering traffic from outside. For example, you can attract subscribers from social networks, Tik-Tok or YouTube using the services of intermediaries. However, practice shows that often such performers catch up with bots to show their effectiveness. We also do not forget that third-party subscribers who came from Tik-Tok or YouTube are not among your target readers, which means that they will eventually unsubscribe from your TG.
  • Purchase of a "turnkey channel". In some cases, this approach can be effective and even profitable. However, it is advisable if the creation and promotion of the Telegram channel is carried out in the short term. If we consider the prolonged operation, then the “turnkey channel” is not rational from an economic point of view. The first is overpaid, the second is that as soon as you stop paying for support and promotion, the quality of the published content and the growth in traffic will deteriorate sharply. Do not even hesitate, readers will quickly notice this, and your Telegram cannot avoid numerous unsubscriptions.

As elsewhere, easy solutions do not work when promoting a TG channel. Choosing the smallest path of resistance, you run the risk of ruining the advancement at the initial stage and getting a negative experience.

I would like to pay special attention to selections. Participation in them is recommended only in the early stages of TG development, when these sources are simply indispensable. Choosing options for how to promote a Telegram channel for free, you will not be able to bypass the selection. They, of course, are not particularly effective, especially those that are formed according to the principle “who wants to participate,” but they are quite capable of bringing you the first subscribers and readers.

Ways to promote the Telegram channel: where to start and how to continue

So, the public is ready, the posting is set up, the publications are coming out - but where are the readers? And there are no them, where do they get it at the start. They will not appear on their own. So, it's time to start acting and first of all, pay attention to free ways to promote Telegrams.

Telegram channel promotion: preparation


Как раскрутить паблик в ТелеграмеHow do users usually get to know a new resource? They look at a couple of recent publications, and if they like, they subscribe. Then they follow the TG channel for several days, when new, interesting materials appear, they continue to read, and, as a rule, stay as long as the content and format of publications satisfy them.

Therefore, it is important not only to prepare and publish several catchy relevant posts, but also to form a content plan for 3-4 weeks ahead. It is necessary to retain current followers and turn them into your regular readers.

At the preparation stage, it makes sense to come up with your own distinctive feature, which will become the trump card of your project. Answer a simple question: "Why should a user choose yours from hundreds of thematic publics?" Individuality in this case will play in your favor.

A feature of your project can be:

  • expertise in your niche;
  • insiders, a look from the inside;
  • humor, irony, sarcasm;
  • style, content presentation;
  • narrow thematic focus.

Where to advertise the Telegram channel for free?


A newly created project, which does not have even 500 subscribers, is recommended to be promoted for free, not only in terms of financial rationality, but also to form naturalness and organicness.

Among the free methods, we note:

  1. Attracting friends. You can inform them about your channel through social networks or by sending invitations to contacts from your phone. Thus, you will be able to recruit the first readers, and even if it turns out to be 30-60-90 people, this base can already be worked out further.
  2. "Sundress". A proven method based on the previous one. If you have really interesting public and good content, at least some of your friends will tell their friends about it, and they will tell theirs, and so information about your TG will spread naturally. As a last resort, ask friends and acquaintances to talk about your channel in their environment.
  3. Announcement of posts on social networks. This will help broaden your reach by informing people about your TG channel who aren't on your contact lists.
  4. Registration in collections, catalogs, blog platforms. This refers to such resources as Tgstat, Telegros, Tjournal, Tlgrm, etc. Although potential readers rarely look for sources of information in catalogs, you can be found there by administrators of other channels and advertisers.
  5. Mutual PR. The exchange of posts is a popular tactic for promoting young projects. How to promote a Telegram channel? Very simple. You are looking for TG-publics that are similar in topic and number of followers, and offer their authors an exchange of posts. If you have registered in the directory, such invitations are likely to come to your address. So much the better, the faster the target audience will know about you.
  6. Email marketing. If you are sending mailing, corporate or on your own behalf, include the link to Telegram in the letter template.
  7. Interactive in publications. Contests, questionnaires, polls are more likely aimed at increasing reader engagement. However, such publications are often re-posted and distributed among friends, which has a positive effect on the development of the project from scratch.

Promotion of Telegram for free, perhaps, ends there. We have listed the most effective methods of popularizing a public without financial investment. Now let's look at how to advertise the Telegram channel.

How to promote a public on Telegram using paid solutions

Here we have two proven methods: advertising on other Telegram channels and on third-party resources, in particular, blogs and social networks with a large number of followers. Advertising within the TG can be purchased both on special exchanges and by negotiating directly with the publishers. In the first case, the method is effective when ordering advertising for several Telegram resources at the same time. To do this, just register on an exchange or chat, for example, Telega, Combot, and use filters to find sites suitable for advertising.

The second option is to search the collections of public administrators with similar topics and invite them to advertise your channel. An interesting aspect is that there is no price standard in Telegram, each author sets the cost of advertising himself. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to bargain, communicating with the admins of TG-publics. When choosing a source for advertising, pay attention to audience growth, the level of reader engagement, and the nature of the posting. Such “symptoms” as a sharp and noticeable drop in the number of followers, low activity of readers and the presence of advertising publications of dubious topics should prompt you, at least, to carefully check the proposed resource. Often, authors clone their public pages and wind up quality metrics for clones. Studying the content will help you avoid wasting money.

In terms of third-party resources, Instagram and Facebook are most often used to attract audiences. Within the framework of these resources, you can order PR from a popular blogger, advertise in visited groups, or even launch social media targeting.

It is believed that people are reluctant to go beyond the usual social networks, so the return on this promotion method is less than from advertising in Telegram itself. On the other hand, the advantages of this method include low competition, the ability to promote a highly specialized public and attracting live, active followers.

аналитика продвижения Telegram-пабликовCrowd marketing also copes well with the promotion of TG channels - answering questions with a link to the source, comments on articles, publishing notes on thematic sites.

An important nuance of promoting Telegram-publics by the method of communicating with administrators, which many do not know or do not remember, is the risk of losing the ability to write messages to people outside of their contact list. When complaints are received from three people, the “Antispam” system is triggered, and access to communication is limited. To minimize the chance of blocking, it makes sense to order the promotion of the Telegram channel from professional SMM managers.

And finally, a few words about the analytics of TG channels. You need to somehow check the quality of sources, especially when it comes to paid promotion of Telegram. After ordering an advertisement from the administrator of a dubious resource with winding subscribers, you can not only drain the budget to nowhere, but also spoil the reputation of your public at the start of working with it. Therefore, before paying for advertising, check the proposed sources of analytics services. One of these, tested on our personal experience, is, and it most accurately displays information about cheating by bots.

Monetization methods: how to make money on Telegram

We have already considered how to promote a Telegram channel, now a few words about monetization. After all, what is the point of investing efforts and finances, not having the goal of recouping them and getting income in the future. Yes, there are image publics and projects for personal use, which have different tasks. In other cases, TG channels are created for money. And you can get them through:

  • sales of certain products, services, services;
  • implementation of advertising spaces in your public;
  • selling information, for example, advertising vacancies in the job search channel.

Which of the options to choose is up to you, of course, to decide. In general, the promotion of a channel in Telegram is not as difficult as it might initially seem. If you are confident in your abilities - try, if you doubt - entrust the job to professionals. You can find these at Light Spider digital agency. By the way, we also have a Telegram channel, subscribe and ask your questions!

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