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Social media website advertising: goals, strategies, methods and results

Recently, it’s increasingly difficult for companies to attract a warm target audience to the site. Social networks are the place of the greatest traffic concentration. Therefore, companies should focus on targeted advertising websites in social networks.

The top media resources are Instagram and Facebook, including due to the convenient content format — posts, comments and communities. Coming to one of these social networks, a person is definitely looking for something that interests him. He usually experiences positive emotions when being on social media.

Social networks are near us 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we go there for positive energy and satisfaction of our interests. Therefore, if our goal as a site owner is to increase SEO promotion and sales, then advertising the site on social networks is must have.

SMM (Social media marketing) will help bring a target, and most importantly, a warm audience to the site. In today's article, we will consider the key nuances that you should pay attention to when promoting your site on social networks.

Benefits of SMM website promotion

Typically, an entrepreneur creates a website for one of two purposes. Depending on the method of making a profit.

In the first case, we are talking about an information or entertainment resource. His earnings are formed due to the monetization of traffic. That is, the key goal of such a site is to increase the number of incoming users. We achieve this goal by increasing the position of the site in search results in every possible way.

The second type of site is a selling resource. It could be an online store. Here, the main goal of the site owner is to encourage the client to take action: buying, filling out a feedback form, ordering a call, etc.

Both the first and the second receive benefits from advertising the site on a social network. Social media will help boost search results and bring in a warm audience ready to make a purchase.

Social networks as an assistant in website promotion are effective for several reasons:

  1. High quality link profile. The social network, especially FB, Instagram and YouTube, is a significant trust platform. Google "trusts" it and takes into account the click on the link from such a source when ranking the site in the search results.
  2. Behavioral factor. When a client clicks on a website link from a social network, he's already aware of the company, because he saw the link in the corresponding account/community. Therefore, he is already a subscriber and a loyal user. The fact that he is the loyal one affects the behavior of the visitor on the site. There is such a thing as a bounce — a visit to a site that lasts no more than 15 seconds. Due to the influence of the social network on behavior, loyal users usually stay for more than 15 seconds. Therefore, the number of failures can be reduced. Search bots that rank sites in the SERPs take into account the high number of visits without bounce.

просування за допомогою SMM

The quality of the link profile and behavioral factors increase the effectiveness of website advertising on social networks.

How to prepare a site for promotion using SMM

Remember that our goal is to make the user move from the social network to the site. It is important to understand that the website should be prepared before it. For this kind of preparation, there is a special term SMO (Social Media Optimization). The site needs to be optimized before attracting traffic from the social network. The two main areas of SMO are working with the site interface and working on content.

Elaboration of the site interface

Adding “Share” buttons

Surely everyone has seen “Share” icons with the logos of Instagram, Facebook, Telegram on websites. This tool has performed well. It allows you to repost content from a site to your social network profile with one click.

It’s recommended to make the “Share” button large and visible. Focusing on the target audience, make buttons for those social networks where customers spend more time.
For an older audience, Facebook is suitable, youth traffic should be expected from Instagram. If we are talking about a narrow professional niche, you can use Linkedin.

Adding these buttons doesn’t require gigantic efforts. Each social network has a section for developers. There you can find the button code, and transfer it to the website. There is another way too. There are services that allow you to generate one code for all social buttons, networks.

If the website is developed using the WordPress engine, you can use plugins. In the admin panel of your resource, go to the “Plugins” section, select “Add new”, then enter “shares” in the search box. You will see various options for the “Share” buttons, both free and paid. The difference is in the number of connected social networks and the ability to customize the button design. But it’s not the button design alone that ensures the success of SMM. Before launching an SMM advertising campaign, you need to pay attention to the general interface of your resource.

Website design as a guarantee of successful promotion on social networks

It’s recommended to review the design for ease of perception by the user's eyesight. Key buttons and information blocks should be highlighted in the foreground. Don’t use too bright colors. They put the user's vision out of focus, he can't structure the overall picture of the site in his head. You should also pay attention to fonts. They should be strict but attractive. The gothic, fantasy style of fonts, the overuse of italics are something to forget about.

For clarity, American designers have even created a website where they showed the world which design should not be used. Here is a link to the worst site in the world.

Widget Customization

This is another tool that affects the overall success of advertising through social networks. Widget is an element on the website that looks like a small graphic block. It connects the website with the public in the social network. Thus, a user who came to the site from a search engine will probably also visit the company's corporate profiles in social networks. The widget allows you to repost an article or website page to a social network. In addition, this tool can show the friends who are the subscribers.

Procuring of authorization via a social network

It’s necessary to strive to abandon the standard forms of authorization, with filling in the registration fields. It’s worth paying attention to setting up login through social networks. A simple registration makes a user's life easier and increases the likelihood of a repeat visit to the site.

Possibility of leaving comments

One of the strategic goals of target advertising of the site is to warm up the interest of the audience. Psychologically, the person who has left the comment remembers this action. After all, he ‘s done the mental work to come up with a replica for the commentary. And he may be interested to know after a while the reaction of other users to the comment.

This works even better in combination with the previous “Sign up via a social network” option. A person logged in in a couple of clicks, and after that he can discuss his questions in the comments. It will be a big plus if visually the comment area looks like a familiar social network. This will further pique the interest of the person. An important addition will be the moderation of the comments feed. It’s necessary to react to the remarks of users and promptly answer them.

Recommendation blocks

It’s important to show the website visitor the recommended content, for example, a new blog post. This will increase the time spent by a person on your resource and his loyalty.

Quick Newsletter Subscription

Some visitors will prefer not to log in. However, they would like to subscribe to the company's newsletter. It’s worth developing a simple and noticeable subscription form. Having issued it, even without authorization, this visitor will not go out of sight, and will remain in the database. Thus, this category of users will not be lost.

Elaboration of site content before SMM promotion

We have already found out that it is important to prepare the website visual component. However, you shouldn’t forget about the content posted on your resource. To make the content more attractive, it’s worth following the basic principles of working with it.

Regularly update content

When a new post on the site appears rarely, the meaning of advertising in social networks is lost. Even more - by going to the site several times from Facebook and not seeing anything new, the visitor can unsubscribe from all your resources. Make new publications by announcing them on the social network. This will attract interested users to your resource. Active discussion is often associated with new content.

It’s useful to combine your own publications with UGC (user generated content). This is content created by ordinary website users. It includes comments, reviews, photos. This format is likable by people because it gives them confidence in your product. The audience is interested in hearing an assessment from the same ordinary users.

Monitor the target audience interests

For effective smm advertising on social networks, it’s important to create content on a specific topic that is relevant to the website topic, and is also interesting to target users. Arguments about lofty matters and adding much “water'' in texts reduces the chances of success. Those visitors who come to the Public "Car tyres' ', not waiting for the article about the global crisis. Such an approach likely alienates the audience.

Not only articles are important in content adding

You shouldn’t restrict the content of the website to only articles. The site administration needs to involve users in active interaction.For example, adding polls, voting. This will increase the movement of traffic and the clickability of the resource.

Content announcement is important

The correct approach to SMM advertising is not only updating the website content. It's important to understand how it will look on the social network when the user clicks "Share". Two components are important here. These are an attractive cover, a concise title and a catchy announcement phrase that briefly describes the article sense. After all, this phrase will be visible when reposted by other users on Facebook and Instagram.

Do not make the announcement text too difficult and overloaded. For example, the phrase “This article will help you focus on the key aspects of time management and escape from the routine of operational tasks” is hardly readable. But such an interpretation “This article will help you get rid of unnecessary work and focus on what is important” will not cause the reader's mental stress and increase the chances of his clicking on the link.

Website promotion methods on social networks

Recently, users are very smart and demanding. He filters social media ads and recommendations, denies public invitations, selectively likes the content he likes. You should try various promotion methods to attract traffic from the social network to the site. There are some free and paid ones.

Free methods of promoting a web resource on social networks

Attractive format of your own group

Account / public in the social network should be filled with interesting and varied content in a structured way. You should alternate Informational posts with memes, humor, educational content, making the user's stay on the page comfortable.

Before adding a new product or article to the website, announce it on social media. To do this, you can prepare a bright preview, offer subscribers a discount using a promotional code, as well as a discount when going to the site using this link.

Contests can also be diversified and include an element of transition to the site. In addition to the standard “tag a friend”, try to make tasks like “find a photo from a post on a website” or “identify the cheapest product”. You can go even further. For example, ask subscribers to go to a special section of the site and leave a link to the desired prize. Next, you should determine the winner by voting.

This is only a part of the effectively working activities. You can come up with your own format, the only limit here is your fantasy.

просування сайту в соцмережах

Be sure to make the group public. Don't hinder yourself. Any user should be able to see interesting content and repost it. Also enable the comments option. Naturally, don’t forget about the link to the site. It’s advisable to attach it in a notable place in the description of the group.

It will not be superfluous to post a pinned post. It’s advisable to indicate in it how the public can be useful, to announce headings and activities here.

Organization of contests and drawings

When placing ads on social networks, the give-away format has proven itself well. The prize draw works effectively via Facebook stories and Instagram stories/posts, in the format “subscribe to our public and tag in a friend's comment”. Here we get 2 types of profit: increasing the interaction of people with our page and increasing the reach of the audience, due to the users noted in the comments. However, drawings can’t be called a 100% free method, because you have to give something to the audience. This method can rather be called out-of-advertising.

Active use of hashtags

Facebook, Instagram and other social networks have a built-in hashtag thematic search function. A competent approach to the selection of hashtags will help increase the position of your posts.
There are different types of hashtags depending on the frequency (low-, medium-, high-frequency), as well as on the content (niche, geographic, brand, personal, viral, etc.).

Follow simple rules when adding tags:

  • Use a hashtag that is relevant to your post.
  • avoid generic blurry tags like #summer, #food — this way you risk losing your post among many publications.

Page optimization using keywords

Search engines are built into the algorithms of any social network. At the same time, the positions of the public in the search within the social network are influenced by the same factors as in the Google search engine. We are talking about the quality of your public and key metrics (the number of likes, subscriptions, comments, shares). Optimization consists in adding key phrases in the group title, post, description.

The Google Trends service will help you in the selection of frequent thematic queries. It’s important that the content in your public contains keys. At the same time, their organic and natural insertion makes this tool better.

Working with reviews and discussions

A client who leaves feedback about you on a social network, uses your hashtag under a post, can be offered a discount. And if we have his neutral or even negative feedback, an effective step is to work with objections. Respond to such a client and offer him a special service or compensation if the negative situation really arose through the company fault. This will be noticed by the dissatisfied customer's friends and followers. That will give the impression of a professional and client-oriented approach, and will give an influx of audience.

Continuing the theme of communication with clients, it’s worth paying attention to keeping live discussions on your page. This also contributes to the influx of the audience, due to the fact that the post of each user is visible to his friends and subscribers. The effect of viral target advertising is created this way.

Interaction with neighboring publics and competitors

You should pay attention to the pages of companies that provide a product or service similar to yours. For example, you are in the business of selling clippers. It’s advisable to make a cross-promo with a barber shop or beauty salon account.

The tactics are you leave likes for each other, leave tags in stories, organize general give-away events. This is a mutually beneficial help in growing audience coverage and attracting subscribers.

Returning to the topic of contests, it is worth noting that you can sponsor a draw in a third-party community. This way you can achieve a situation where the contest post will contain a link to your account. In some cases, in addition to the link, there is a description of the sponsor's product or service. You can kill two birds with one stone: get an influx to the site and to the public.

However, in addition to communities from similar market segments, it’s useful to focus on the publics of competitors. Join communities whose subscribers may be interested in your product. Comment on posts, participate in discussions, share a link to the site, if this is not prohibited by the community.

Paid Methods of website promotion on social networks

Targeted ads

We all know how powerful this tool is. Especially when using a parser. This is a special targeted advertising service that is looking for subscribers of competing communities in social networks.

The parser helps to fine-tune the search. For example, you can identify a thematic public from which subscribers do not leave, but do not actively participate either. This means that the community doesn't please people with new content, but users have an interest in the topic of the public.

The parser helps to monitor the audience of the public-competitor, the influx of which happened recently. It’s highly likely that such people have not yet decided on a particular brand and may be interested in alternative products like yours.

Setting up targeted advertising and attracting visitors to the site in this way will help ensure the influx of high-quality warm audiences.

Attracting third-party communities as partners

If we see that a third-party group has a part of our target audience, it's worth considering a paid partnership. You can make an agreement with the group administration to add promotional posts, which will include a link to your site and the group.

This can bring a good influx of customers. Before such a step, it is important to qualitatively analyze how large the part of the target audience is in the group.

Attracting bloggers

Live advertising from an influencer will be effective, especially on Instagram. The type of cooperation depends on the particular blogger. This may be work on barter or with additional payment. Assess the degree of his influence, as a person, on the audience. And also the number of subscribers.

As a result, we get product promotion in the form of a review or native advertising. The latter one is especially effective, because the blogger tells the story of personal experience using the product.

Monitoring company mentions in social networks

There are paid services that monitor mentions of your brand on social networks. These programs track comments and posts where your product was mentioned. In this way, negative reviews can be identified and dealt with. Thank the person for their interest and communicate with him. After establishing a personal contact, it is worth inviting him to the website. You can accent that there are more detailed descriptions of customer reviews, product cards. And also on the site there may be an article that will answer the client's questions in detail.

Conclusions on website promotion in social networks

Search engines take into account signals from social networks. Therefore, using advertising targeting to promote the site is definitely worth it.

Before starting promotion, you should prepare both the site and social networks profiles. Think about future content and how the site interacts with media resources. You can promote your site in various ways, both free and paid.

Free tools are high-quality group management, contests and drawings, optimization and hashtags, interactions with other groups, working with reviews. Paid ones include competent targeted advertising, cooperation with third-party groups, work with bloggers, use of traffic monitoring programs.

The choice of promotion method is individual. It’s necessary to analyze the current audience arrival metrics, figure out the weak points and focus on improving them. To get advice on high-quality SMM setup, follow the link to the advertising targeting service page and fill out the feedback form.

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