What is website revision and why is it needed?

Website improvement is a range of actions aimed at improving the functionality and usability of your website. As part of the revision, we focus on technical and internal optimization, graphic design, appearance, navigation, user interaction with the site.

Rebranding, redesign, change of corporate style


Enlargement of the range of goods or services


Integration of third party services and interface change


Timely response to new search engine updates


Ensuring the convenience and usefulness of the site


Increase of positions in search results and traffic growth


What kind of work does the site revision include?

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Improving business logic

Improving usability to make it easier and more convenient for users to use the site.


Adjusting the structure, adding interactivity, simplifying the user's path from visit to purchase.


Freshness in the style of brand design, updating the logo and graphics, placing better images.


Technical optimization of the program code, elimination of bugs and errors, speeding up the site without losing the quality of content and increasing its power in general.

Creation of new functionality

Add an interactive online calculator or a convenient order form, gallery, social network settings, widgets, comments.

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Finalization and mobile adaptation of the site on a turnkey basis

Successful entrepreneurs know that keeping an online resource in optimal condition is the key to the success of an online business and attracting new customers. It's not enough just to develop a website and rely on the fact that it will work calmly and make a profit with a minimum of attention paid to it.

In the world wide web, even a small enterprise has every chance to bypass representatives of medium and large businesses due to a well-developed online resource. Agree, a beautiful, optimized, perfectly working website will deserve more trust from visitors than a morally outdated online platform that sends “greetings from the 2000s” on an old, limited engine with long page load times, an incomprehensible interface, broken layout and a complex menu . Even if it will represent a large industrial holding. On the Internet, people are greeted by clothes, and that is exactly what your web resource is.

If it was created by reputable developers, the site needs to be refined during its existence. This can be refreshing the design, editing the layout, search engine optimization, introducing new elements, updating the content, etc.

A separate aspect is the site adaptation for mobile devices. In the absence of a responsive layout, you can lose up to 45% of customers. The reason lies in the mobile-first index algorithm. It appeared several years ago, and thanks to it, resources with the presence of adaptive are preferred in Google search results. Currently, it is important that the design of the web platform adapts to any gadget, because every second or third user is now surfing the Internet using a smartphone or tablet. Without optimizing the layout for modern realities, you risk losing a significant part of your audience. Thus, the decision to adapt the site for mobile devices is one of the key decisions at the development stage. If it was initially missed, then you need to refine the web resource in the process of promotion.

What does web site improvement include and why is it needed?

Some owners of online platforms, before ordering the revision of the site, ask themselves: why do I need this? It would seem that everything works, content is added, managers respond to feedback and questions from people, forms work — an ideal environment for the existence of an online resource. However, many people confuse support with improvement. In the first case, the website works but does not develop. But over time, it becomes obsolete, as new programming technologies appear, advanced design solutions are created, search engine algorithms are updated. And your resource should be able to adapt to all these changes. Promotion is a continuous process that requires development, upgrade, improvement. It is a mistake to believe that a good online platform will itself get to the TOP of the search engine results and remain there forever.

As practice shows, the reasons for improving the site can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Technical — everything related to the operation and functionality of the online platform. This includes the integration of new plugins and widgets, upgrades to functionality and conversion elements, modern site design etc.
  2. Marketing — updating content on a web resource. It includes rebranding, changing information about goods and services, adding new products, as well as catchy and catchy special offers for visitors working to improve behavioral factors.

Depending on the reason and type of revision, a layout designer, programmer, SEO specialist, usability developer, designer can implement the edits of the site.

In what areas can the site be improved?

Structurally, the modernization of the web site can be divided into six components:

  1. Technical base. This item includes work aimed at programmatic edits of the site. Let's say getting the https protocol and SSL certificate, reducing the server load, moving to a VPS, fixing errors in the code, speeding up page loading, debugging scripts, crash tests, etc.
  2. Interface. A comfortable, attractive website will always inspire confidence in people. Therefore, at this stage, edits are made to the UX design, the current state of usability is analyzed, a redesign is done, if circumstances require it.
  3. SEO. Search engine optimization of a web resource will cost you much easier and cheaper if you carry out internal optimization and make it attractive to the search engine. SEO includes setting up technical files, microformats, headers, analytics, filters and product cards for online stores, meta tags and other work aimed at simplifying the promotion in the PS.
  4. Automation. Some operations for the maintenance and support of a web resource can be automated, thereby making it easier for specialists to work with them. This includes online calculators, integration of control systems, revaluation of goods and internal reporting, setting up a website backup on the server, etc.
  5. Electronic accounting. It is important to always keep abreast of events, timely learn about changes and monitor the current state of affairs. In this case, it will be useful to integrate systems of online recording and warehouse accounting, monitoring customer actions and monitoring tasks.
  6. Marketing. Aims at increasing brand loyalty, attracting new customers and retaining current ones. The more visitors become your regular customers, the better, isn't it? Therefore, marketing improvements may include the assignment of discounts to customers in automatic mode, the generation of discount coupons, etc.

As for the overall improvement of the site, its price is always formed individually, since each resource has its own problems that hinder effective promotion. To assess the scope of the work, you should at least check the code and the database.

As for the overall improvement of the site, its price is always formed individually, since each resource has its own problems that hinder effective promotion. To assess the scope of the work, you should at least check the code and the database.

Due to the constant development of the Google platform, the functions and algorithms of its work are changing. The use of outdated technologies on the site can lead not only to incorrect display of its content, but also to a deterioration in the ranking in the search engine.

It should be noted here that for mobile adaptation of the site, access to the database of the edited web resource is required. Without changing the key elements, we make changes to the program code, after which we can easily implement the updated functionality. The integration of new technologies will affect the performance or functionality of the resource only in a positive way. The positive side of adapting the site for mobile devices is the possibility of refactoring.

We achieve the correct display of the content of the web resource by testing the updated version at all possible screen resolutions. Based on the customer's requirements, we can make layout of individual elements for greater convenience and readability of the material.

As practice shows, the number of views can increase several times due to the adaptation of the page for mobile devices. Text, video and images scaled for the respective screens will make browsing the Internet resource much more comfortable.

Adapting the site for mobile devices will allow you to change the page for correct display on devices with different screen resolutions. While not allowing the loss of content or functionality.

Since most of the web resources are made on the WP engine, optimization of a wordpress site for mobile devices is very popular now. Thanks to the simplified database, the adaptation of the page will be faster. Wordpress allows you to edit, scale and embed edits into the page structure in an elementary way. Our digital company offers services for updating online resources on WP for various portable gadgets.

Adapting the site for mobile devices will allow the adaptive layout and the introduction of new functionality. Integration of interactive elements will greatly simplify interaction with the site.

Correctly adapting the page for mobile devices will allow the new design, with an emphasis on responsive layout. The version for portable devices should look attractive on screens of various sizes. At the same time, the visual design is fully consistent with the version of the site for computers. Changing outdated, ineffective interface elements will improve the ranking, readability of the site and its popularity among Internet users.

The price of website adaptation for mobile devices is negotiable and depends on the customer's requirements. You can also add a redesign to the order.

To find out what needs to be fixed on the website, call us, fill out the brief and get the most from your online business!