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A business card site or a corporate site — a detailed analysis of concepts and differences

Choosing a site for a business is similar to choosing a strategy for promoting it on the Internet. How to understand — to make a business card site or a corporate web resource? Let's talk about this.

You should carefully approach the choice of the site type

To choose correctly, you need to regard the implementation of the site as a project. This choice can get you two outcomes: either the site will become a comfortable tool for ordering the product, or the buyer will forever forget the way to your web resource.

Why should you regard it as a project? After all, a project is something new, unique, limited by budget and deadlines. And it aimed at achieving clear performance indicators. Moreover, before starting any project, it is important to model the consequences of its implementation. It’s necessary to figure out before the project's beginning, how much you need to invest in it now, what operating costs will be required during the implementation process and after.

The key to successful implementation is choosing the approachable site type and promotion strategy. The type that best suits your business. There are two main types of sites that are used to present a company on the Internet. This is a business card and a corporate website.

A Business card and a corporate website — what is the difference

What is the difference between a business card site and a corporate resource? Let's make an analogy.

We all have faced the dilemma of whether to buy an expensive smartphone or a budget one. In this case, a corporate site is an expensive one, and a business card site is an economical option.

how a business card site differs from a corporate site

An expensive gadget, like a corporate website, looks presentable. The set of functions in it is so rich that the owner needs to try to master them to the maximum. But he has the quality and multifunctional device for daily goals so that it greatly simplifies his life.

In the "cool phone" project, you will have to pour in a big investment. Due to the increased build quality, the service life will be long. During this period, the operational costs for repairs and maintenance will be minimized. Dividing the total lifetime cost for the service period, we get a not so huge summary anymore.

But it doesn’t always happen that the user really needs an expensive phone and he uses all the device tools in full. Sometimes people buy an unreasonably expensive device and use it as an ordinary phone. In this case, it is advisable to buy a budget gadget.

In the case of a budget phone, as well as with a company's business card website, we are dealing with the minimum necessary investment. This is an ideal option if a person does not need anything except for basic functions. However, over time, the lower quality of the smartphone will make itself felt. It will be necessary to replace some parts, buy an additional memory card etc.

In our analogy, under add. costs refers to the costs of expanding the functionality of the business card. More on this below.

What conclusion can be drawn from these analogies? When choosing a site type, like a phone, it’s important to understand three things: what is the business goal, how much “investment” are you going to invest in the site, and how sales will increase with this or that site type.

Web resources have key criteria that determine the type of site: content and functionality.

What is a business card website on content

The name "business card" speaks for itself. When you hold a real paper business card in your hands, how much information can you learn about its owner? You will remember the name, business branch and contact information. By analogy, a business card site is also arranged.

In addition, between the site owner and the client there is an intermediary — a search engine. It calculates what result of the query to issue. The higher the link to your site ranks, the more customers will be able to pass through your sales funnel.

You’ll ask — where is the connection between the content of the site and its promotion in the search engine? These two things are directly connected. The site promotion to the search top line depends on the number of mentioned key phrases. It also depends on their correct using and harmonious distribution on the target pages.

what is a business card site

If your choice is creating a business card site, we usually deal with 3-7 pages, where you can go from the main one. This is the minimum required amount of information about what the company does, what products it produces, how it can be geographically located and how to contact it.

What is the functionality of a business card site

Its functions are usually minimal. The purpose of such a site is to familiarize the client with your company. At the same time, using a minimal set of pages and transitional buttons. We’ve already touched above that without additional advertising a business card site will be far from the search engine top. However, if the client still got here, you should meet him carefully. And make such a beautiful picture and user-friendly interface that he will press the "How to order our product" button in the shortest possible time.

The design of a business card site should be “catchy”, and the information blocks location should be convenient. Here you can apply even psychological techniques. For example, a person perceives information best when reading from left to right. It’s necessary to competently combine information about the company into blocks and arrange them from left to right, starting with the most important. It will be great to place buttons to go to social networks near these blocks. There, if you wish, you can view more photos and additional information.

It’s also important to highlight your brand benefits. Most likely, your company is clearly not the first and not the last among those who sell such a product. Consequently, entering the site and not seeing any advantages over competitors, the client will want to leave it.

Since the business card site is almost a one-page site, place your key advantages on the main page. Use big letters and suitable words. Tell your unique business story. It is not so easy. And also included in the cost of creating a site. The influx of customers will depend on the right wording. Therefore, be careful when choosing a digital agency to entrust the site development and the content generation for it.

Another good trick is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. It will save space and number of pages. But it will explain to the client the key aspects of your product at the same time.

In principle, you don’t need to demand more from a business card site. The main thing here is not the number of pages and functions, but the site development quality.

In addition to investment in development, you’ll have to spend money on contextual advertising. Or make it convenient to switch from the site to the social networks, and focus on advertising there. For example, set up targeted advertising.

Corporate site: when to choose it

If in the case of a business card site we are faced with cost sharing (small investments and additional operating costs for promotion), then a corporate site is a 2 in 1 option.

This site type is a complete product description, with many pages describing various product groups. There are usually video reviews about products, comments, text reviews and even video descriptions of individual products here.

If a company, for example, provides services for construction, repair, installation, sale of building materials, you can enter a special tool that will calculate the order amount depending on the volume of work. When you click on each product, its detailed description is displayed. It’s desirable to use keywords here. They raise the site to the top of the search engine.

what is a corporate site

There is no difference if you order a corporate website or a business card site in terms of development. In any case, you need to develop a comfortable design that doesn't hurt the user's eyes. The client should be pleased to view your web resource. Moreover, if your site is at the top of the search engine, it will be easier for the buyer to find it. It means that the resource will become visited. An attractive and user-friendly website is more likely to get into the top of search results.

Besides, if the site presents different categories of company services, it is very important to structure them correctly and combine them into logical groups. As you know, a person can keep in his head no more than 7-9 words. If there are more than 9 ones, he begins to group them. Relieve your potential client from brain stress. The grouping of site sections and its interface as a whole should be intuitive and easy to read.

What type of site should digital agency customer choose

The choice of the web resource type is up to you. It’s worth starting with the selection of a good digital agency that specializes in the development of business card websites or corporate web resources or both items.

Next, you should discuss your business and its nuances with the executor. If this is not your first site, it’s important to figure out what went wrong with the previous one, and why it didn’t give you many sales.

As you remember, there is the advice to treat the development of the site as a project in the article beginning. Like any project, the implementation of the site must be properly planned.

Website development from A to Z can be ordered here — creating a business card website from scratch. Our digital agency consists of experienced developers who specialize in both business cards and corporate websites.

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