Why do you need SEO website promotion?

SEO is the optimization of the site in accordance with the requirements of the search engine in order to obtain traffic from search engines and bring it to the top positions on relevant key queries. SEO website promotion solves a key problem — attracting interested users who want to buy a product being sold or order a service.

Ensures that the site meets the requirements of the search engine


Optimizes the content of the site and its technical characteristics


Ensures that the site meets the needs of the target audience


Increases site traffic due to the growth of positions by keywords


Promotes the growth of company awareness on the Internet


Increases the number of conversions from search engines


Stages of SEO website promotion

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Data collection and analysis

The collection of data about the project is made based on the statistical data of the services.

Site audit

Looking for mistakes, make recommendations for their elimination and form a strategy for promotion.

Internal optimization

We perform work aimed at optimizing the site in accordance with modern requirements of search engines.


We generate and publish high-quality, expert, powerful content that benefits people.

Internal optimization

We increase the reference mass by safe methods: outreach, linkbuilding, crowd, social networks.

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SEO website promotion — positions in the TOP of search results are guaranteed

The modern Internet is thousands of web resources, both attractive, functional and effective, and obsolete, limited, useless. Every day, a search bot adds new, useful ones to the index and removes old, malicious, inappropriate virtual sites. It turns out a kind of circulation of websites on the Internet.

For any resource, be it a personal blog or an eCommerce project, positions on the first page of search engine results, in the TOP-10, are desirable. It is there that about 90% of users are concentrated. People rarely visit the second and third pages, not to mention the fourth and subsequent ones. The resources located there have practically zero traffic, since they are rarely relevant to key phrases, and visitors often find answers to their questions much earlier.

SEO promotion will help to achieve the desired TOP, which can be rationally supplemented with other marketing tools, for example, targeting, contextual advertising and SMM promotion. After all, the greatest effect is achieved with complex action.

However, back to the SEO. This service implies a pool of works aimed at the search engine promotion of the site in the free results of Google, Yandex and other search engines.

What is the purpose of website promotion in search?

SEO for a website solves the key task of business development - attracting targeted traffic, and with it interested users who want to buy a product being sold. SEO promotion is carried out by increasing the position of the web resource in the search results. The greater the number of key phrases in the top of the search engine, the more powerful the targeted traffic will become, which means that the number of orders will increase. This is due to the fact that the promoted resource will be shown in the search engine by the largest number of queries entered by users in the search bar.

It should be noted right away that SEO promotion is an investment in the future. This process is long-term, and the first results of work on it can be observed not earlier than in 3 months. On average, it takes a web resource from 6 to 9 months to reach the TOP, if everything is done correctly. After all, SEO services have some nuances, the neglect of which can greatly harm the web platform. To avoid sanctions from the search engine, you need to competently promote the site, and take into account the recommendations of the search engines. In the event of a block, it is extremely difficult to get rid of the consequences and return to their original positions.

SEO website promotion — key aspects

Like any prolonged process, the search engine promotion of a site can be divided into several stages. Let's consider them in more detail:

  1. SEO site audit. Technical and usability. In the first case, we mean site optimization. Analysis of the technical part allows you to comprehensively assess the quality of the resource, detect software flaws, errors, malfunctions that reduce the ranking of pages and the speed of their indexing. Usability audit is carried out with the aim of assessing the convenience for visitors. Menu categories, buttons, forms, contact numbers and emails, product cards, navigation, etc. — all this should be comfortable and understandable for any person. Weaknesses in usability worsen behavioral factors, increase bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and decrease user engagement, which negatively affects page rankings. Based on the information received, a technical specification for amendments is prepared and transferred to the development department to eliminate the identified shortcomings.
  2. Analysis of the business niche and competitors. At this stage, your company's USP is formed, a content plan is drawn up, the best UI and UX solutions are selected, a link strategy is developed based on the information obtained after analysis.
  3. Formation of the semantic core. To monitor positions and attract targeted traffic, you need to understand for what queries users are looking for your product. The more relevant keywords are included in the semantics, the better the visibility of the web resource in the search engine. This is achieved through the ranking of pages in the search engine results by an extensive pool of search phrases. It can take anywhere from one day to several weeks to generate a semantic core, depending on the number of sections and landing pages. After collecting keywords, they are grouped by relevance and distributed to suitable pages. Thus, effective website promotion by keywords is ensured.
  4. Internal website optimization. This includes expanding the structure, customizing indexing, technical edits, speeding up loading, generating text content, filling pages, organizing linking, upgrading the user interface, etc.
  5. External website optimization. At this stage, the building of the link mass is carried out. Links are posted on relevant forums, reviews, social media. networks, directories and other web platforms that match the criteria.
  6. Testing, monitoring, analytics. After carrying out the initial range of work on revision and optimization, you cannot stop. It is necessary to analyze the results and, if necessary, improve SEO search engine promotion, make adjustments to the strategy and direct resources to strengthening the weak links.

Internal website optimization: price and essence of the service

At this stage of promotion, all manipulations are carried out within the framework of the promoted web resource. The internal market is needed to improve the interaction of users and the search engine with the web platform. Usually these works are included in the complex of SEO promotion services, but if you are only interested in internal website optimization, its cost is calculated individually for each project based on SEO analysis of the site.

Conventionally, the internal optimization can be divided into 2 parts: visible and invisible to humans. The first relates to setting up the visual perception of the resource, in particular, usability, structure, titles and descriptions of pages, linking, content. The invisible side of internal optimization includes the introduction of micro-markup, the connection of analytics, improving the loading speed, mobile adaptation, adjusting technical files, matching semantics, eliminating duplicates, closing junk pages from indexing, etc.

External SEO optimization and website promotion in Kharkov

Occurs on third-party resources, and not within the framework of the project. The goal of external optimization is to increase the credibility of the website from the search engine bot and increase the visibility among users. For this, outgoing links are used on different thematic sites. It is important that the selected resources meet the requirements for trust and spam, were visited, relevant and did not previously fall under search engine filters. As a rule, links are obtained on stock exchanges or through crowd marketing on forums, blogs, media, catalogs, reviews.

SEO Google optimization and website promotion — when the price matches the quality

Agree, this can be said when the result of the work is extremely positive and sustained within the budget. In the case of SEO optimization, this is considered to be a multiple increase in traffic and high positions of relevant keyword phrases by which users find your site. The more of them at the top of the search, the more often people visit the advanced web-resource.

What is the price for website promotion? - you ask. The fact is that the cost of SEO promotion in Kharkov and across Ukraine is formed individually for each project. The role is played by the current state of the web resource, competitiveness, customer wishes for improvements, link mass, etc. At a minimum, you need to conduct an audit, analyze a niche, and highlight keywords for promotion.

If you are interested in promoting an existing resource in the search network, or if you want to develop one from scratch, please contact us. We offer the creation of custom-made websites at a reasonable cost and their further SEO promotion with a guaranteed result.

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