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Our goal is to create a website with which you can develop your business using modern technologies
and experience of professionals in the field of web development

Landing page

We create selling landing pages with a memorable design

A web page containing information about a service or product whose job it is to sell, sell, and resell.

from 300 $

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We take on the whole range of work on the creation, development and promotion of the development of an online store.

from 1000 $

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Personal blog

Our experienced team will design a truly special project for you.

Self-promotion or PR of your company.

from 750$

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Site - business card

Often a small site with no technical limitations, presenting services or goods.

The main goal of creating a business card site is the initial acquaintance of potential customers with the company.

from 600$

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Regardless of the specifics of the business, we bring the company to the TOP, offering an individual development strategy, taking into account the specifics of the site and competition.

from 200$

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SMM - the creation and promotion of accounts or communities in social networks (Instagram, Facebook) in order to attract the attention of users, increase loyalty to a company or product, brand popularity and stability in sales.

from 200$

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Сontextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a variety of ads that are shown to users in accordance with their search queries, interests or online behavior.

from 200$

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Attracting customers from social networks using ads aimed at the target audience.

from 150$

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Custom orders

Implementation of any non-standard solutions in the field of design and resource functionality.

from 10$

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Website improvement

Global alteration, modernization of the site functionality or elimination of resource errors.

from 10$

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High-quality design emphasizes the uniqueness of the site and distinguishes it from the rest of the mass, making it recognizable both in the eyes of consumers and in the eyes of partners.

from 10$

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Website design and development: turnkey digital agency services

The possibilities that the Internet opens up for us are practically unlimited. We use it for entertainment, education, interesting pastime, self-development, buying and selling various products, business development and other tasks.

In this case, we are more interested in the commercial segment. It is within the framework of e-Commerce that the highest number of orders for the development of web sites and their promotion on the network is recorded. Online resources are an excellent business promotion tool that helps to successfully conduct business on the Internet. Given the resulting environment, it's no surprise that website development is gaining popularity every day.

With the help of a bright, attractive, informative and dynamic resource, you can promote your brand, your creativity, various goods and services that you want to sell to people and receive good income from this.

Digital agency services may be required by any entrepreneur who wants to make money online. Through a bright, attractive, informative and dynamic resource, you can promote your brand, your creativity, various goods and services that you want to sell to people and get a good income from this. After all, what are people doing now when they want to find a product or service? That's right, they use the Internet, enter a search query into the line and start looking for the information they need. Having found what they need, users go to the company's web resource and study the offer in more detail. As you can see, the first impression of you is formed precisely due to the online platform. If it is comfortable, balanced and well-structured, the visitor will have no problem buying and will have a positive experience with your company.

Web development and marketing agency services

One of the attractive features of the Internet is equality of opportunity. To break into the TOP and become popular, you do not have to be a large, eminent concern. Even small businesses, small retail stores and start-ups have every chance of making a name for themselves online. It is enough to order the creation of a website, taking into account the requirements of search engines, and thereby foresee their loyalty to your online resource in advance.

If you are still in doubt whether you need to create your site, here are a number of reasons why you should do it:

  • Affordable cost of content. Trading on the Internet does not require the cost of finding, repairing and renting premises, utilities, security, personnel, etc. All you need is a one-time investment in the production of a turnkey website and monthly expenses for advertising and promotion, but they are much less in comparison with an offline business.
  • Large audience. If, for example, you have a store in the market, then only people who have arrived there will become its visitors. On the Internet, the reach of the audience is immeasurably wider. The main thing is to properly set up communication with users.
  • Minimum starting budget. Anyone can start activities on the Internet, because this does not require serious capital investments, without which it is difficult to develop an offline business.
  • Marketing potential. In the digital environment, there are many advertising and promotion tools that help attract customers and increase sales.
  • Expansion prospects. Website development will allow even a small regional store to reach a new level and start working throughout the country.
  • Mode of operation. Online platforms are available around the clock. A person can buy a product even in the middle of the night, and in the morning you will process his application and make a profit.
  • Comfort for clients. Information of interest to them, for example, characteristics, descriptions and reviews of a product or reviews of a book, film, recipes, and other data are available on the same website. You just need to highlight and work out the needs of customers, and then satisfy them.

What is building a website from scratch?

Our company offers a full cycle of work aimed at achieving maximum results. At the same time, we form quite affordable prices based on the volume of work and taking into account all the wishes of customers. You can order a website in an exclusive design, completely ready for work and promotion.

What we offer to our clients:

  • Web development. We are able to create online resources of any complexity, from a simple one-page landing page to a complex online store with many subcategories and product filters. Website development in Ukraine implies an integrated approach, starting with the formation of design, prototyping the interface and usability, and up to the implementation of various functional elements.
  • Promotion. The development of the web platform after its creation is a key aspect of a successful project. As part of the promotion, we use all available Internet marketing tools: SEO, PPC, SMM, email newsletters, crowd, targeting, etc.
  • Additional services. This area includes everything a client needs, but not suitable for the previous categories. This includes the completion and support of the site, web integration, functional upgrade, the formation of a sales funnel and any non-standard orders.

Why us?

  1. Result orientation. Stable attraction of new customers to your site through advanced marketing solutions.
  2. A firm foothold in e-Commerce. We support customers by providing administration, technical and advertising support services.
  3. Qualified specialists. A team to whom you can entrust your project and be calm about the quality and result.
  4. A wide range of digital tools used. With their help, we ensure business efficiency, which is expressed in an increase in requests, calls and purchases.
  5. Reasonable pricing. We analyze the niche and competitors, choose the optimal strategy, form the cost of work, taking into account understandable factors, and not abstract concepts.

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