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What is Facebook targeting and what are its opportunities for business promotion on social media

Social networks today represent one of the most popular platforms. Millions of people run there pages, scroll through news feeds and use various applications.

When registering, users enter their age, marital status, interests, sometimes place of residence and other data. It is in the social networks are spreading the bulk of modern trends and trends.

In such conditions, business promotion there is a very urgent task. The basis for its solution is the competent preparation of advertisements and the recruitment of the target audience.

What is targeted advertising on Facebook and how it works

It is difficult to imagine a more convenient platform for business promotion than social networks. True, it is not always possible to correctly identify the target audience and release a 100% effective ad. As a result, it is impossible to attract due attention to your website / page. For some entrepreneurs, this causes negative emotions, and they abandon the idea halfway through, while others are encouraged to look for a solution and achieve their goals. If you do not have time to deal with setting up ads on social networks, you can contact us. Our specialists will do their job as efficiently as possible.

In the case when you decide to continue to try to independently promote your business in social. networks, the first thing to do is to define the target audience and reach it as widely as possible. Targeted ads do the best with this. It allows you to show your ads to people who are more likely to be interested in them. Using user data (provided by them), social media algorithms select the most relevant advertising. So an 8-year-old child will not have a window called “Round-the-clock Pub”, and a collector of antique literature will not have a signboard “TOP-10 women's novels of the 21st century”. Advertising is the engine of trade, but for its effective, guaranteed work, knowledge of the principles and methods of marketing is required.

What is Facebook targeting? In a few words, this is an advertising campaign, the task of which is to determine the target audience and methods of influencing it. The popularity of the social network allows it to show ads to a wide range of users. Advertising in thematic communities will attract the attention of target buyers. You will be able to notify many more interested people about your product or service.

It is necessary to understand everything in order - Facebook algorithms are specific and not devoid of a share of irrationality. For example, there is a complex system of prohibited content. Its work is carried out on the principles of copyright protection and the prohibition of the sale of dangerous goods (weapons of all types, aggressive chemicals, drugs, etc.). At the same time, the content verification system may consider a certain word or phrase in the ad to violate copyright (or other community principles).

In order to avoid premature (unreasonable) blocking, it is necessary to study the platform rules in detail. This will help you to correctly determine the methods of attracting an audience. Know “what exactly” the target customer wants. Using open user data, targeted advertising algorithms are based on its key features:

  • age,

  • social status,

  • marital status,

  • profession,

  • publics the user is a member of,

  • friends, followers and other contacts,

  • place of residence, work, study.

However, using targeting, one should rely not only on the “omnipotent” functionality of the social network.

What is Facebook targeting and the basics of how to apply it in practice

what is targeted advertising on facebookSocial networks have one contradictory property - they collect information from all registered users. Even during registration, a person enters his data (age, marital status, etc.), which advertisers actively use.

Naturally, no one personally checks each profile, everything is performed by Facebook algorithms. Their task is to quickly find the target audience and quickly determine the interests of certain users. In order to successfully launch an advertising campaign on social networks, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the actions that it is desirable to carry out and should be avoided.

If you want to make the most of your time and grow your business, you should start targeted Facebook advertising by contacting us. Light Spider offers you the development and maintenance of targeted advertising. Our qualified SMM specialists will develop an advertising campaign and handle it.

In addition to the above, we will help you:

  • Create a customized audience;

  • Show ads to the largest number of interested users.

If your ad is not too large, you can duplicate the channel name with an active link to the page. This technique will attract additional audience to your channel.

If you're building an audience, don't exclude their interests from other language groups. Sometimes Facebook won't show keywords in the search language. This does not mean the absence of a foreign language target audience. The algorithm will select interested people, and in turn will show ads only to those among them who match the initial parameters.

We recommend using video in targeted ads. In this case, you should not be afraid to use text. The only condition and rule is that the text should not take more than 20% of the space. There are 2 options for posting video to Facebook:

  • "Custom"

  • "Downloadable"

The first option is appropriate to consider if you do not have a good frame for the “cover”. “Download” - in turn, offers to apply the selected visual. Don't forget to use subtitles in your video. Many users watch content with the sound turned off.

One should remember about such a simple manipulative element as CTA. A call to action (especially with a timer or other deadline) will encourage the visitor to perform certain targeted actions. It is advisable not to overdo it and not to put pressure on "catchiness". So skillfully written, laconic "Call to Action" will help you attract additional users, and the twisted-eyed "PRESS!" is more likely to scare off a potential client.

What not to do when setting up targeted Facebook ads

Do not change your ad settings after running an ad campaign. The platform's algorithms react extremely negatively to significant changes, such as:

  • change in the interests of the audience,

  • budget change,

  • change of placement.

почати таргетовану рекламу facebookThe reason is Facebook “learning”. The social network analyzes user behavior in the early days of an advertising campaign. If the key (described above) elements change, the algorithms will begin to study the advertisement and its results again.

Only cosmetic and text changes are allowed. In case of a critical need to change interests or other targeting parameters, it is better to start a new campaign.

Do not forget to keep an eye on the text in the picture - it should take up no more than 20% of the image. Otherwise, Facebook's algorithms will significantly reduce reach and may even block the post. To check the area occupied by the text in the picture, use the official tool of the platform.

When composing your advertisements, try to avoid “audience overlap”. Targeted Facebook ads are displayed on an auction basis. In the case of the same budget, those ads that are more likely to be responded to by users will receive more audience reach.

The system works as follows. You have two audiences. Their interests in certain areas are similar, and you, without thinking twice, decide to use the same ad for both groups of people. In this case, the “intersection” metric increases significantly. A better campaign will spoil the performance of another. Which in the future will lead to wasted funds on advertising.

To avoid this kind of excesses, it is advisable to use the "Audience" advertising cabinet tool. With graphs and accurate data, you will be able to determine the percentage of intersection. The optimal indicator is 15-20%.

Замовити таргетовану рекламу facebookIt is advisable to use different pictures for different types of placement. The functionality of Facebook allows you to upload individual images for stories, advertising cabinet, banners on the site. This will reduce the percentage of audience overlap.

The undesirable actions should also include the automation of the placement. Let's take a closer look. When you start an advertising campaign, you will be offered an automatic budget allocation. It will be effective if your goal is “Conversions” or “Catalog Sales”. But if you need “Engagement” or “Traffic”, then you should configure everything manually.

Why is it so important? It's all about the algorithms of the social network. If Facebook sees that more people follow your ad on Instagram or other social networks, then the lion's share of the budget will go towards placing ads on these resources.

An effective advertising campaign is possible only if your platform, website, page is in optimal technical condition. If the targeted ad is successfully compiled and launched, many users will follow the links. Hot leads flow like a river, but your web site cannot do its job quickly. In this case, all the funds thrown on marketing will be wasted. It is advisable to keep the site in order, modify it in a timely manner and improve it regularly. If you don't have enough time — contact Light Spider!

Order targeted Facebook ads from us

We offer customization, launch, maintenance of contextual and targeted advertising on social networks. Our company specializes in both the development of targeted advertising and website development. Also, the scope of our activity includes the development of a version of a web resource adapted for mobile devices.

In addition to targeting and creating contextual advertising, our company offers the following types of services:

  • website development from 0,

  • social media promotion,

  • SEO,

  • SMM,

  • website improvement,

  • design development and rebranding,

  • creating a personal blog and other online platforms.

Remember! When launching an advertising campaign, you need to make sure that the web resources are fully functional. A site crash can completely nullify the marketing department's success. Professionals will help you to avoid excesses. Such employees work for Light Spider.

As for targeting in social networks, do not forget to set up ads to attract customers interested in your products and services. Having precisely identified a potential buyer and having disassembled “what exactly” he is interested in, you can easily sell him what you want. Competent targeting is the key to success!

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