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Harmful SMM: TOP 10 mistakes of account promotion in social networks

SMM promotion is a tool that gives results only when used correctly. To profit from SMM, you should study this issue and today's trends in order to avoid common mistakes. Consider the top "rake" that entrepreneurs step on when trying to pump up their sales using Facebook and Instagram.

Fail #1. Follower chasing

You can often come across a situation: more and more audience subscribes to a profile, but the coverage of subscribers tends to go down.

The reason for this is that the page is replenished with low-quality publications, in addition, the company ignores advertising. The result is null. And even if you resort to the help of contests, interactive events and other ideas to increase activity, the picture will not change significantly. It’s worth coming to terms with the fact that having well-structured content and ads is vital to promoting products.

When we run an advertising campaign on Facebook to increase subscriptions, we use the "Like" for the page. Therefore, the algorithm selects the audience that will subscribe to the page, but this does not guarantee an instant purchase of a product or service. During a dialogue with a potential client through content, it needs to be warmed up. The ultimate goal is to achieve customer loyalty and product ordering.

This path is not easy, and the presence of content is important here. After all, by going to a page without publications, subscriptions, where activity is low and there are few reviews, a potential client will lose interest. Therefore, before starting to collect the audience, you should pay attention to the preparation of the page. It is recommended to attract a relatively warm audience. These are either current customers or mailing list subscribers.

SMM promotion on social networks

At the same time, it is worth considering the demand for products. Since there are industries where the client does not need additional “warming up”. For example, these are fun products, attracting customers for them does not require many subscriptions. In this option, it is worth transferring the client to the company's website, and then inviting him to subscribe to the page.

Fail #2. No analysis of the current situation

When promoting on social networks, the establishment of key metrics is mandatory. For example, you analyze the traffic of clicks to the site. Then Google Analytics will help to make high-quality analytics. In your personal account, you need to set the goals of targeted advertising. Also, the mentioned tools allow you to apply a UTM tag. When working with Facebook, an analytical summary can show the presence of traffic and applications. For a deeper analysis, it is useful to use Facebook Ads in addition to Google Analytics. This will allow you to clearly understand what keywords worked and what advertising actions the user was interested in.

If we are dealing with social networks, it is useful to install Facebook Pixel and set the goal to “Conversion”. This is effective when you want to bring a customer to a website and encourage them to fill out a form or take some other action.

Fail #3. Having one group and one ad

A common occurrence is when there is only one ad group. However, hitting only one point is hardly effective. Betting on a single group from the entire audience and one ad is wrong.

Facebook has a rich range of features to scale the number of groups. From one or two to eight or ten. The more groups will be tested, the more understanding of the target audience will come to the customer. Identifying the target audience is very important, it will be mentioned below. After all, no further search for “our client” is required. It will be enough to enter the previous campaign, analyze what brought results, and repeat the scenario with the same groups.

You should also consider different creatives. These are images, videos, texts. Even if a small share of the budget is allocated for advertising promotion, it is worth testing at least three to five variations. After all, your vision and expectation of potential customers may differ.

Fail #4. When hypotheses are tested

Facebook's recommendation is to use all placements at the same time. However, not everything can be effective all at once. Top working options are Instagram feed and Instagram stories, Facebook feed and Facebook stories. These are the key things that give the most results.

If you are trying to promote the application, you should separate the placements, that is, increase their number. The results are different for everyone.

Another recommended action is to break down stories to understand what works. Don't rely on optimization alone. In theory, you can approach as follows — indicate the geographical location, gender and age.

Fail #5. No funnel

It is necessary to take into account the stages of decision-making by the client of readiness to purchase. Some, seeing an acceptable price tag, are ready to buy immediately. But there is also a large category of people who first get acquainted with the company, compare it with a competitor, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Therefore, if your product belongs to the expensive segment, it will take a person a long time to decide on a purchase. Start “warming up” the client should be from the moment of contact with him. Next, you need to set everything up so as to lead a person through the sales funnel.

The client often learns about products from social networks, and for detailed information and orders, he goes to the company's website. As the analysis made in Google Analytics shows, users come into contact with the product more than once before making a purchase decision. At the same time, statistics are often based on the last click.

promotion of the account in social networks - a sales funnel

What does it mean? When a buyer enters through a particular channel and leaves an order, that channel is considered the source of his involvement in the purchase. Therefore, in analytics reports, this is often the source of the company's website, because there is an opportunity to create orders in 1-3 clicks, setting up in Google Analytics the appropriate metrics for tracking user actions.

However, acquaintance with the product does not always happen through the site. Unfortunately, social networks Facebook and Instagram are often given insufficient attention. You need to analyze all channels carefully to understand which way the customer goes from getting to know your product to the time of purchase.

Fail #6. Inefficient use of the budget

To understand how efficiently the budget allocated for promotion is spent, you need to see the big picture. Preferably in a digitized form, that is, with the help of metrics.

The first one is CPM — cost per 1000 ad impressions. That is, we paid Facebook or Instagram to display content. In return, they received a certain number of results. In a simple way, the specific CPM is calculated. The amount spent on advertising should be divided by the number of results received.

Let's assume that this indicator is equal to 2.5 dollars for 1000 times. Here another CTR indicator comes into the analysis (shows how the number of clicks correlates with the number of orders). 1% of 1000 leads equals ten clicks. Given that the CPM was equal to $2.5, we get the cost of the 1st click — $0.25, that is, 25 cents.

With each click, a person goes to the page of the site. The number of transitions to the site shows the next value — CR. This abbreviation stands for Conversion Percentage.

Let's get back to our scores. Let's assume that 1% of those customers who went to the site will leave a request. Remember, the cost per click is 25 cents. If there are 100 visitors to the site, 1 will leave the application, it will cost $25. Let's say the advertising budget is $10. With such metrics, you need to scroll through the ad for 2.5 days before you feel at least some result.

Fail #7. Lack of strategic planning

SMM promotion is unique every time and can be compared with the project. As with any project, key processes should be planned and a promotion strategy developed. Especially, I take into account the past unsuccessful experience.

This will increase work efficiency and provide 3 key points:

  • determining the vector in which we move and promote social networks;
  • determining the rhythm of creating publications;
  • structuring and decomposition “on the shelves” the process of promotion.

Fail #8. Lack of understanding of the target audience

As mentioned above, understanding the audience is very important. This aspect helps to narrow the range of activities, not to be scattered on clients who do not interest us and will never become ours, simply because of their age, interests and hobbies. Knowing the target audience will allow you to set up targeted advertising as efficiently as possible. Conclusion — it is important to identify for yourself a portrait of the target audience, which has the highest demand for products.

Fail #9. Text content is not given due attention

It is desirable that the content that posts on social networks are filled with is filled with useful, expert information. Here it is advisable to trust an experienced copywriter who can “deliciously” paint the text in a selling manner. In addition, no matter how expert posts are, sometimes they should be diluted with photos and videos on a free topic.

Fail #10. lack of targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram

This item was ranked 10th in order, but it is far from the last in importance. It follows from the thesis about the target audience. When you have formed a portrait of your customers, you need to immediately hit this point. Find quality targetologists on targeted advertising services or digital agencies.

High-quality advertising will help to purposefully show the product to the right categories of users. Which, in fact, are already warmed up, although you have never interacted.

For example, there is a man who is fond of cars and indicated in his information about himself on Facebook “I like to drift in a car.” Scrolling through the feed, he will definitely linger on your ad for a profitable promotion for the sale of a set of tires. This is all the invisible work of ad targeting. Its key goal is to find a user with the closest possible need for our product. Further, this man with a 99% probability will soon pass the sales funnel before buying.

Facebook and Instagram targeted advertising

A smart decision would be to entrust such key work as targeting to experienced specialists who have implemented more than a dozen projects. Our digital agency will be happy to take the target advertising of your business to a whole new level. It will also pump social accounts. networks for maximum attractiveness and clickability.

For example, here are a few recent cases for projects that have significantly improved their sales performance with our help.

Parsing examples of SMM promotion of accounts

Cleaning company promotion

Strategy and target customers

Having connected to SMM promotion, we immediately started with the right strategy. Developed and implemented tools to identify the target audience. We created a content structure in the profile, analyzed the % of posts that bring the most audience. Having determined the strategy, we began to move along the set course, simultaneously honing the design of the page.


Empirically, we have found that high-quality design has a key impact on marketing performance. When designing an Instagram account for the cleaning business, we took into account the key points: the most suitable color scheme for this segment (association with cleanliness and order), as well as the convenient location of the profile header with information about the company and contacts. Here, the convenience of the icons also leads the client to think about order.

Well, as a highlight, a logo in the form of a raccoon was developed. This animal is known to strive for purity.

SMM — promotion

Within 3 months, an active promotion of the account was carried out. A logically built content structure helped to grow in a number of indicators, without attracting advertising.

At the end of this period, the dynamics of the indicators looked like this:

  • Subscribers +675 people.
  • Treatments 4-5 pcs/day
  • % of regular customers 41%.

Promotion of the medical center

The medical center, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of tumors and other pathologies, has significantly increased its marketing performance with our help.


In connection with the specific complex topics and the high cost of procedures, a special strategy was developed. A content plan was agreed upon, then the account was filled with unique texts. The brand has become better recognizable thanks to the implemented system of geolocations and hashtags. As a result, 35% was converted into sales. The number of likes, reach and comments has increased.


Here the approach was also logical — the design was done in a strict and pleasant style, as befits a medical theme. With the preservation of the corporate style and color scheme of the company, in order to maintain the former recognition and its growth.

Advertising targeting

SMM — promotion through targeting

An advertising campaign was successfully implemented to attract entries for the key procedures of the medical center. Achieved 76,468 average impressions and 46,283 average reach. Appeals rose to 60 on average. With a total figure of 179.

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