SMM promotion: promotion of Instagram and Facebook


Declare yourself, formulate the desired image and increase sales.

Why do you need SMM promotion?

SMM solves many business problems and is the most promising method of promotion, which allows you to directly communicate with the audience, form and maintain the company's image.

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brand recognition
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Increases sales
using social networks
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Conducts constant
competitor analysis
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Increases the number
Target audience on the site
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Stages of SMM promotion

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Determine target audience

We define the goals of the project.
We study the target audience and competitors.

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Formation of the visual range, elaboration of details.

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Development of an SMM strategy

We form a detailed plan for promotion in social networks.

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We create unique -text, -photo, -video content for social networks.

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We connect the services of deferred posting of your publications and set the prime time for the publication of publications.

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SMM promotion in social networks - an interactive and successful business

Social media have long become an integral part of the Internet, almost every modern person has at least one account in some kind of social media. networks, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte, etc. A characteristic feature of such web resources is a huge number of users actively interacting with each other. Using such a large-scale source of potential customers for marketing and business promotion is the most effective solution and more than justifying the investment.

To popularize a service, product, brand, a specific person in social media. networks will help SMM promotion. This service is a set of works and measures used to promote the customer's website. The foundation of good SMM is content. It is he who arouses interest among users, in fact, people visit social. channels for new information that can be found there and discussed immediately.

The SMM should not be taken as something simple and frivolous. It would seem that it is worth creating your own accounts, adding a group, gaining 500-800 subscribers over time and getting customers? As practice shows, for stable, regular sales via social media. the network is not enough.

Here you need a professional, comprehensive approach, from the correct design of the business page to the preparation of a content plan and the launch of SMM advertising. As you can see, posting interesting information or funny pictures with cats is not enough. Social media marketing is a targeted promotion of a Facebook page, Instagram promotion, Linkedin promotion and other SMM services, the range of which is selected individually for each project. The work pool is determined based on the analysis of the business, the competitiveness in the niche, the goals and objectives that the customer sets for the marketing agency.

SMM promotion: what is its advantage?

Social In this case, we consider networks as one of the most effective channels for attracting targeted users to your site. Especially if configured targeted advertising. Another promotion of Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other channels through SMM marketing has a positive effect on SEO promotion. Site activity in social networks contributes to the growth of positions in the search engine results. This effect is possible if users vividly discuss your content, repost, like, retweet, in general, share it in social media in every possible way. This allows the search bot to understand that your site is in demand, interesting and useful to people, which means that it deserves more attractive positions in the organic search results.

However, you should not consider maintaining social networks in terms of helping SEO promotion. This effect is an additional bonus, but not the main advantage of SMM promotion in Kharkoy and in Ukraine as a whole. To order SMM promotion on social networks, the price of which you will surely like, you should here's why:

  • Increasing the degree of trust. When a company is represented in all popular social networks, maintains communication with customers there, regularly updates content, reports on new products, achievements, holds promotions and contests - in this way it demonstrates to the audience its availability, openness, seriousness of intentions and pays attention to it, which significantly increases loyalty and the level of trust in her.
  • Customer retention. Once the user is interested, the company through social media regularly informs him about new products, promotions, sales, which increases the likelihood of repeated orders.
  • Brand recognition. Nowadays, it is extremely necessary if you, of course, strive to develop your business. By presenting a product on the online market, you at the same time position yourself as a brand that users will begin to recognize and recommend over time by throwing links to your website or business profile. Thanks to the stable attraction and retention of target audiences, your chances of increasing relevant traffic and raising the conversion rate of your site will increase significantly.
  • Feedback. Audience feedback is an important aspect of doing business. Do you want to keep abreast of events, feel the audience and know what customers think of you? Creating groups on social networks and tracking comments will help you with this. If your product is good and everyone likes it, rarely does a person want to praise you, and that's okay. But if the client doesn't like something, the probability of a negative review is almost 100%. In this case, there is no need to immediately worry, because constructive criticism helps to make the product better.

Promotion in social networks: where to start and which channels to choose?

So, you've decided to order SMM. At the initial stage, the goals of the project are identified, a promotion strategy in social networks is developed, the target audience and the range of channels used are determined. With the help of special marketing tools, the target audience instantly finds, segments and attracts to the desired web resource. The next task is to ensure the growth of user engagement. This is done through content. Chatting with people, publishing news, colorful images, useful posts on a relevant topic, etc. - all this becomes the foundation for effective interaction with society.

Unlike search engine promotion, where everyone is almost equal in front of the system, in social. media initially, there is a division of users by audiences. Based on this, promotion channels are conventionally divided into several categories:

  • Universal - Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki.
  • Messengers - Viber, Telegram, Vatsap.
  • Photo - Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat.
  • Video - Vimeo, YouTube, Tik Tok, Vine.
  • Business - Linkedin.
  • Narrow-profile - Quora, Reddit.
  • Geolocation - Swarm, Foursquare.

The most popular is the promotion on Instagram in Ukraine, as well as Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, Linkedin, YouTube channel, to a lesser extent - Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Mailing lists in instant messengers are also in great demand.

Factors influencing the price of SMM

Social media marketing budgeting depends on many aspects, such as location and type of channel. Either you choose to promote on Instagram in Kharkov, or in Ukraine, etc. The more social media involved. media and marketing tools, the higher the cost of SMM promotion. And this is logical, because the volume of analytical work, content, advertising and other resources will increase.

Interested in promotion in social. networks, the price of which will certainly please? Please contact our marketing agency. Our range of services also includes comprehensive turnkey Internet marketing and website development from scratch. The cost of work is affordable and is calculated individually for each client.

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