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Creation of an online store on OpenCart is the optimal solution for e-Commerce projects

The field of online sales is constantly developing and more and more entrepreneurs, whose activities are related to trade, want to present their business on the Internet. Now selling and buying online is convenient, safe and profitable for all participants in the e-Commerce market. You can compare prices, choose products, pay for a purchase in a few clicks, without leaving your home or office. This attracts users, and the first thing merchant entrepreneurs need to do is to make themselves known online. For this they need website development for an online store . This is where the first difficulty arises: on which CMS to create your online store.

It is logical that the primary task of any online store is the sale of goods. Regardless of the specifics, it must bring profit to the owner, otherwise what is the point of investing money in it and wasting your time? To achieve the desired result, it is not enough just to make a beautiful design or provide a web resource with selling texts. It is necessary to approach the creation of an online store in a comprehensive manner and we will start with the choice of the engine. More precisely, not so. We have already chosen the engine - this is OpenCart. Our team is successfully working with it, and has already created many cool sites on its basis. Next, we will consider why creating an online store on OpenCart is the most rational and profitable solution for e-Commerce projects.

Why do we recommend creating a website with OpenCart?

This CMS is a multifunctional content management system focused on e-commerce, making it suitable for businesses of all levels. On OpenCart, you can create a website both for a small online store with several hundred product items, and for a large resource offering more than 100,000 products.

Website development on OpenCart - advantages:

  • Extensive audience coverage, multilingual and multicurrency support.

  • Unlimited number of products, manufacturers, categories.

  • Open source, which makes it easy to extend the functionality.

  • Reliable protection of the engine against hacking and viruses.

  • Complete set of trade and business metrics reports.

  • Comfortable site navigation: categories, menus, products, subcategories.

  • Convenient admin panel and intuitive admin interface.

  • Availability of the choice of the payment and delivery method suitable for the buyer.

  • Good performance and balanced server load.

  • Support for the integration of the 1C service and the ability to automate the work of the resource.

  • A functional basic version, which includes filters, reviews, personal account, sorting, registration on the site, checkout, shopping cart and other options.

Creation or revision of the site, Opencart, if chosen as its engine, allows you to solve a wide range of tasks and problems of clients, both typical, quite ordinary, and non-standard, requiring a specific approach.

Website development on OpenCart is your profitable solution

Разработка сайта на OpenCart

Agree, using an engine that has been one of the three most popular content management systems for several years in a row is profitable and convenient, and there are a lot of reasons for that. And one of them is open source.

The open source engine is attractive because it can be modified to suit your needs. Of course, open source is now no surprise, but with OpenCart, setting up the functionality is relatively simple and affordable. With sufficient technical training of developers, even modules for it can be written. In the event of non-standard tasks, this opportunity will definitely benefit the project.

However, this is rarely required, since there are many plugins, both paid and freely available, to create and improve a site on OpenCart. Moreover, the former are much cheaper than those that are used when developing an online store on Magento, for example. Due to the high popularity of the engine, there are many communities, forums and web resources dedicated to Opencart on the Internet, which means that you can find a solution to a problem, relevant information or an answer to any question without any problems.

Most often, thanks to open source, the following tasks that arise when creating an online store are quickly solved:

  • output of blocks of promotional, related, recommended products;

  • setting up product and category cards;

  • creating a news column;

  • assignment of discounts to clients;

  • expanding filter capabilities;

  • informing customers about the appearance, availability of goods in the warehouse.

As practice shows, without the above options, the full financial return of an online store is impossible. Setting up OpenCart in this regard is very flexible and allows you to "sharpen" the engine for the needs of the business. Do you need to implement a quick order or display a block of similar products? OpenCart provides all the necessary functionality out of the box for this.

Creating an online store on OpenCart is convenient for developers, content managers, SEO-optimizers, business owners. Let's see why:

  • Easy integration of electronic payment systems. Since the engine is initially focused on the e-Commerce sector, global and local payment systems are easily connected to it, multicurrency is configured with automatic linking to the current exchange rate, and bookkeeping is simplified, including with regard to taxation. At the same time, Opencart has one of the best CMS protection against online fraud, site hacking and data loss, including payment transactions.

  • Free scaling, unlimited number of categories, commodity items, nesting levels. Most engines for online stores have restrictions on the number of product cards due to their physical resource or the desire of developers to make money by expanding the range of products. And it often happens that with successful business development, when the client's current CMS is exhausted, he has to order the transfer of the online store to OpenCart.

  • An informative reporting module, comfortable workflow, order status, analytics, backup, rating, product reviews, and many other options that allow you to customize the engine individually for the needs of your business.

  • Multilingual, adaptability for mobile devices, the ability to buy goods from any country without the need to use an online translator.

  • Effective SEO promotion. The engine already has available out of the box metadata, CNC, fast page loading, tools for content optimization, and if you supplement the CMS with relevant modules and modify the site on Opencart with an emphasis on SEO optimization, you can achieve excellent results in search engine promotion.

The creation of a website on OpenCart for online trading is also attractive from the side of interaction with users, which is expressed by a wide range of "chips" for building loyalty of the target audience. Generation of promotional and special offers, coupons with promotional codes, various discounts and bonuses, large-scale partner programs - all this is available on Opencart and is implemented by developers without any particular difficulties.

Of course, you ask: Is OpenCart so beautiful that it lacks negative qualities? Alas, nothing is perfect in the world, and this CMS has its drawbacks. One of them is the tendency to duplicate pages. The problem is solved with a special module or using rel = ”canonical” attribute , an article about which you can read in our blog.

создать сайт на OpenCart

Price and stages of website development on OpenCart

The creation of an online store, like any other project, begins with an analysis of the business niche, competitors and target audience. In parallel with this, the tasks and requirements of the client are studied. In this case, a brief on the development of an online store helps digital agency specialists understand the goals and expectations of the customer. Therefore, we recommend that you fill them out, as accurately and succinctly as possible formulating the expected results of the project.

After analyzing the information received, the site is developed according to the following stages:

  1. Formation of a detailed technical assignment and its coordination with the client.

  2. Creation of a design layout of the site pages and approval of the concept.

  3. OpenCart layout - template integration, implementation of functional blocks, engine setup, installation of modules, addition of necessary scripts to ensure the proper functionality of the site.

  4. Back-end development - setting up currencies, languages, menus, admin configuration, displaying goods and filters, shopping cart, personal account, ordering and payment system.

  5. Content filling and SEO-optimization - adding texts to key sections of the site: categories, news, articles, product cards, formation of CNC, metadata, headings.

  6. Testing adaptive, functionality and performance, finalizing the site for Opencart, if necessary.

As for price formation, there are many factors influencing this. The cost of creating an online store on OpenCart is affected by:

  • Timing - the faster the site is needed, the more expensive it will cost to create;

  • Design - template, improved, unique, with wow-effect;

  • Promotion - integrated marketing or a separate tool;

  • Modules - the need to use paid solutions for the engine;

  • Content - provided by the customer or written for a specific project;

  • Individual wishes of the client - integration of the CRM system, SMS notifications, 1C-enterprise, telephony, different language versions and other requirements for the functionality or design of the site from the side of the customer.

As you can see, the creation of an online store on Opencart is very flexible from a price point of view, and allows you to take maximum functionality for a stable and, importantly, profitable operation of the site, and the client's business as a whole. Interested in developing a beautiful and high-quality online store? Fill out the brief, order a call back or call us and ask your question directly!

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