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Instagram Stories: Reach, Statistics, Trends and Life Hacks

Today social networks play, if not the main, then a significant role in the life of Internet users. Although there are still those who fundamentally do not use services like Facebook or Instagram, but they are already in the minority. Social networks are often used for communication purposes, viewing interesting material, communicating with friends or in search of useful (and not so) content, etc. But pretty quickly they learned how to make money on them, for example, by advertising a business. But how do you actually start making money on social media? How to promote Instagram? In this article we will answer these and many other questions!

Why is Instagram promotion needed?

Let's start with the reasons. Maintaining a page on Instagram has long evolved from simply uploading your photos to a marketing element. Today every blogger makes posts with explicit or hidden ads. Moreover, it does not matter what, be it a catering establishment, the services of an IT company, or the launch of government programs. Now almost everyone has pages on social networks and people pay much more attention to them than to the media. Therefore, everyone interested in distributing their products or services simply must be represented on services such as Facebook or Instagram.

SMM specialists are engaged in promoting the company (and its products) in social networks. Unlike bloggers, they do not use their own pages, their job is to compose and write advertising or informational posts for the target audience. The last type is articles, and they are especially relevant for platforms like Linkedin and Facebook.But speaking of Instagram, posts often look like short, informational ads. Which at the same time should cause a desire to purchase a product or service.

Posts do not differ in a large amount of text or information and are intended to interest the user, force him to perform the targeted action and go to the company's website or to the page of the online store. This is what allows you to quickly promote your business and attract potential customers. But for success in promotion, it is not enough just to write an interesting text and create an attractive picture. It is necessary to understand the specifics of the platform and know the simple methods of working with Instagram. Let's start with the problems that SMM specialists sometimes face.

The main problems of SMM Instagram

Recently, professionals in SMM promotion on Instagram are increasingly faced with the problem of falling coverage. Let's consider the causes and threats in detail! Let's start with the definitions.

Instagram promotion

Audience reach is the number of unique users who have visited your profile at least once. It is distinguished from impressions by the impossibility of "cheating" the number of views from one person. What is the reach metric for? The answer is simple — without it, it is much more difficult to determine the interests of the audience in the Instagram profile.

Let's return to the declared topic. Instagram, like all social networks, is loaded with algorithms. They are the ones who determine the content that gets to you in the recommendations. If you are interested in a certain area, from time to time you will come across photos, videos or just messages from users with similar interests. In simple words, according to this principle, you can understand what is interesting to the audience and what is not. But this is not about that, but about the reasons for the fall in coverage.

Professionals began to notice unwarranted, negative changes in the coverage metric. After many cups of coffee and tea, it was possible to determine that there are at least three reasons for the drop in coverage, and all of them are directly related to the platform's algorithms. Let's consider them in order.

Reason # 1. Reels Videos

Over the past two years, the short video platform TikTok has gained tremendous popularity. Today it is one of the most well-known services. Both children and wealthy celebrities shoot short videos in it. Although at first it was an exclusively entertainment platform, now it is a full-fledged advertising platform.

Instagram (Facebook's third-party service) couldn't stand aside. The social network algorithms are trying to promote the Reels service in every possible way. It is recommended to publish at least one video per week, otherwise the social network reduces the reach of your content. It is advisable to publish 4-7 videos per week, but the problem is accessibility. At the time of this writing, the Reels service does not work correctly for users from Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Reason # 2. Extensive use of functionality

Instagram algorithms give preference to users who interact with subscribers and use all the provided toolkit. Combined activities have proven themselves best. Post multiple posts weekly, daily Stories using filters, IGTV, etc.

For maximum reach, Instagram recommends weekly:

  • Post 3;

  • 8 to 10 Stories;

  • 4-6 Reels;

  • 1-3 IGTV.

Alternative opinion suggests the volume is much more modest. 1-2 Stories, 1 Reel and a similar number of posts in the feed.

But it should be understood that the operation of algorithms in such complex structures as social networks is a process that is difficult to explain and poorly predicted. Predicting how the platform will react to your content (and its volume) is difficult, so the best option is to post regularly and not break the rules of the site.

Reason # 3. Algorithms prefer a sequential approach

The number of publications increases reach, but there is a much simpler way, it does not require the creation of a gigantic amount of content. It's enough just to be consistent. To some extent, this is similar to playing sports. No need to set unattainable goals and “bombard” the Instagram feed, just create a steady stream of posts.

Remember, Instagram algorithms are just lines of code. They help the company grow, but they are not designed to care about the convenience of ordinary users. Do not worry that some functions do not work in Ukraine, you do not need to tear your hair out on your head due to a sharp drop in coverage. All this you can "catch up and overtake" if you regularly deal with your account. You can attract subscribers not only by following the recommendations of the company, but we will talk about this further.

Basics of SMM Instagram

First you need to fix — the "adequate" percentage of coverage of a large audience (for example 10,000) is 9-10%. Naturally, if the number of your subscribers is lower, then the indicator will be higher. Why are we focusing on this? Instagram algorithms consider a significant increase in metrics as a "dubious action" and can then significantly "cut" the coverage.

SMM promotion on InstagramNow let's look at the problem from the other side, from the customer's point of view. You want to order an advertisement from a blogger. A million (or more) people are subscribed to it, he exposes you the corresponding amount and you, horrified, finally agree to it. But as soon as an advertisement comes out, its reach, for some reason, turns out to be far from the number of subscribers, and the costs turn out to be even more frightening than they seemed at the beginning. And it's all about the methods with which it was possible to collect such a large audience. Let's consider the problem in more detail.

Instagram followers are attracted through several paths. One of them is the use of competitive mechanics. The principle is as simple as possible: create excitement, let's say "The first 20,000 subscribers will receive an exclusive promotional code for ...". But the people who come as a result of such promotions will not become part of the audience, they are reward hunters, not grateful users. And many insta bloggers increase their audience in this way, because their coverage is relatively small. If you are interested in conducting Instagram promotion, then pay attention not to the number of subscribers, but to their activity and specifics.For example, if a vegetarian starts advertising a meat restaurant out of the blue, it will cause cognitive dissonance in the audience.

But all of the above is a problem, it's time to get down to business. We note in advance that if you have no experience with social networks or you are not sure about the form of the content, it is better to leave this matter to professionals. Even so, seemingly, a simple thing like posts in Stories requires knowledge of psychology, at least the elementary laws of marketing and, naturally, the ability to use tools. But if that didn't scare you off, here are some tips for newbies!

Let's start with the aforementioned Reels, back in 2019, experts unanimously said “Learn to shoot short videos! This is the future of marketing and the entire Internet! " This is not to say that they were wrong. Today, TikTok has conquered the youth and not posting videos there is to lose a significant part of the profit every day. Instagram missed the trend at one time, and only recently launched a service (far from everywhere) with a similar toolkit. At the time of this writing, Reels in Ukraine works with limited functionality, but the social network is "promoting" video in full. In the near future, the service should become available to all users. As soon as this happens, we recommend that you immediately start using it. In the near future, algorithms will do their best to promote content created in Reels. But this will only happen in the foreseeable future. Now let's talk about the present!

SMM on Instagram today is the publication of posts and in Stories. Here are some guidelines.

  • Use masks and filters often. Now the application has functionality that allows you to add third-party effects to a photo in a few clicks. Previously, image editing required skills in additional applications; Instagram itself did not have a wide range of tools. This is no longer the case today. Remember, many people love with their eyes - try to make beautiful posts and users will reach out to you;

  • For bloggers (and not only bloggers), experts recommend creating a professional image. If you want to enhance the image of an expert, then try to conduct a joint live broadcast with someone and devote it to the analysis of complex problems (in your field, not in arithmetic) or answering questions of interest to the pros. Today content is viewed not only for entertainment, but also for information. Although they do not forget about the fun;

  • Try to pay attention to your emotions. The era of cats and salads has passed, today you will not be interested in anyone with posts with just food and a cute little animal. People are interested in the "action", charge them with positive things (advertise something at the same time), tell us how you solve certain problems, deal with problems, etc. It will create life in your Stories, and there are few things people value more than liveliness;

  • Try to make your content more user-friendly. If posting a video, make captions for it. Underline your main point with text. It is advisable to do this due to the fact that people often scroll through the Instagram feed in transport or in other, crowded places, they are physically unable to listen to your content.

  • Don't forget about unique style. Similarity to someone or inheritance of someone will not add popularity. To do as fashionable is parasitism, not style. Users are interested in originality, if you are interested in expanding your audience, then take the time to create original posts.

If the above seems difficult to you, then contact Digital Agencies. Special attention should be paid to promoting a business page on Instagram.

How to promote a business page on Instagram?

How to promote a business page on Instagram

Let's just say that promoting a page for a business is not much different from promoting a personal profile. It is important to fill the feed with high-quality and original content. To promote a page on Instagram, it is enough to follow the above recommendations. But there is also a specificity. For example, some experts recommend creating 5-10 accounts in order to conduct mutual PR. True, in this case, advertising from bloggers and other popular publics will help you best of all. Just remember - PR always just PR, and you need to fill the group with content that is useful and interesting to the user.

Further in the article we will talk about what to look at when ordering a page promotion on Instagram in Ukraine.

Promotion on Instagram in Ukraine

Bloggers, owners of catering establishments and various companies, and others like them, are interested in the rapid growth of an active audience. Often, they “wind up” subscribers with the help of bots, on the principle “the more, the better”. In the article, we have already discussed why this is wrong. If you do not know what and how to create content, have no idea how to promote Instagram in Ukraine, then contact the professionals. This will save you both time and money.

The price of Instagram promotion in Ukraine directly depends on the goal. If you need to make a millionth account from a page with a hundred or two subscribers, then it will cost a lot. Keep in mind that professionals tend to have significantly higher prices for services than beginners.

One last thing. If you are looking for an answer to the question "promotion on Instagram in Kharkov", then we recommend that you stop. The fact is that social networks bring together users from different cities and countries. Your account can be promoted in Dnipro and Kiev and in other cities. It's just that ads and posts will work for an audience specifically in your city, but those who will create it may be located in other places, but they will still be able to take into account regional specifics.

Summing up, the promotion of a page or a public on Instagram is best left to specialists. The social network is peculiar, its algorithms are sometimes illogical and unpredictable. But if you want to do everything yourself, then just create unique content, do not look at competitors, focus only on your audience and never give up.

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