Why do you need targeted ads?

Targeting ensures that ads are shown to a specific audience segment, which leads to an increase in the effectiveness of the advertising publication, and the campaign as a whole, because your ads will be seen by interested users. Also, with the help of targeted advertising, it is convenient to inform about events, contests, promotions.

Effective advertising for your target audience


Promotes growth
brand awareness


Attracts the attention of interested users


Informs users about your products and services


Easy for small businesses at the start of growth


An account in social networks is enough for sales


Options for setting up targeted advertising

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Geo targeting

Research your product and business geography, analyze competitors and segment your target audience.

Thematic targeting

Advertising on web-platforms that correspond to the theme of your company.

Socio-demographic target

Focus on gender, age, social status of your potential customers.

Time targeting

Advertising at certain times or days of the week, depending on the interests of your target audience

Behavioral targeting

Gather information about all user actions on the Internet and adjust advertising according to his behavior.

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Targeted advertising in social media networks — a modern solution for business

Promotion through social media channels has become a very popular marketing tool nowadays, since it successfully combines efficiency and affordable cost. Along with the publication of posts useful for the audience, the creation and maintenance of thematic communities, groups and business accounts, targeted advertising is an important aspect of the promotion of any product, service or brand.

It is a special tool that targets social user profiles. networks. With its help, the target audience is selected from the entire audience and advertising publications are shown only to it.

In essence, targeted advertising is multimedia or text ads that best meet the user's needs.

To do this, statistics are tracked for each social network, user interests, behavior, activity, etc. are analyzed. Thus, users who are potentially interested in the promoted product are segmented.

For example, let's say you sell fishing tackle. It is logical that those who show interest in fishing and demonstrate in social media can be interested in them. networks your hobby to others. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other media channels works according to this principle, and as practice shows, it does it very successfully.

Possession of information about hobbies, status, age, work, preferences and life of users in general is a key advantage of targeted advertising, the price of which is quite affordable for entrepreneurs. Thanks to this publishing mechanism, your potential customers will see your ads at the moment when they really need the goods and services being sold. You can enhance the effect of the target if order contextual advertising and customize it based on the data about the target audience.

What are targeted social media ads?

Currently, there are nine types of targeting on social networks, and each of them is interesting in its own way. Thus, for each business, you can set up an almost ideal target advertising, taking into account the maximum characteristics of the target audience. Let's consider each option in more detail:

  • Selection of advertising platforms. The most popular type of targeting. In this case, web resources for displaying ads are selected so that their visitors correspond to the selected target audience of the business. Thus, targeted advertising is shown only to potential customers.
  • Geo targeting. An excellent solution for advertising on Instagram and Facebook. With this approach, ads are shown to users that are located in a dedicated area: in a country, city, region, district. Geo targeting is based on determining the location of a person through binding to an IP address.
  • Thematic target. In this case, ads are shown on sites of a specific topic. This can be car blogs, specialized online stores, fishing forums and any other resources that are relevant to your product and aggregate the target audience around them.
  • Socio-demographic targeting. Here, when setting up a campaign, gender, age, income level, education, marital status, place of work, etc. are taken into account. This information can be easily tracked in social media. networks through cookies and forms of various questionnaires and questionnaires. The disadvantage of this approach can be considered the likelihood of an inaccurate hit in the target audience, since some people indicate incorrect data about themselves.
  • Local targeted advertising on Instagram, Facebook. In this case, ads are shown to users who are within a radius of 0.9 - 15 km from your offline outlet. Thus, an audience stands out that is now in search of the product you are selling or lives near your place of offline trade.
  • Behavioral targeting. The method that experts predict the most promising. It implies a careful selection of data about user actions through cookies: search queries, personal, hobbies, interests, purchases, etc. Thanks to the information received, you can draw up a detailed portrait of a representative of your target audience.
  • Targeted advertising on Instagram, Facebook by display time. Convenient in that it allows you to set a specific period for displaying ads: morning, afternoon, evening, weekdays or weekends. This reduces the number of ineffective publications. The flexibility of setting up targeted advertising allows you to make the optimal display interval for any business, be it food delivery, sporting goods, weekend kayak tours or a nightclub.
  • Targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram based on behavior and geolocation. Ads using this method will be shown based on information about the interests of the user, identified using pins on maps, movements, frequent places, as well as settings for geotargeting Google and various geolocation services. Using this method, you can determine the location of a person down to the name of the object where he resides. For example, if a user often visits a vegetarian cafe near work, he may be interested in other similar establishments.
  • Targeted advertising on Instagram, Facebook with limited impressions to one user. Allows you to set the intensity of publications for a specific period of time. Agree, it's not worth overloading users with displaying ads of the same content, as this can cause a negative reaction in them and reduce brand loyalty.

Facebook Targeting Ads

This social network shows publications that are relevant to the interests of users. Moreover, excessively active promotion of a brand or product is not welcome here. The user has the ability to correct the displayed ads. With the help of settings and buttons, he can hide the publications that are boring to him.

Facebook is by far the most detailed, accurate and functional targeting system. It includes both classical filters: gender, age, children, education, place of residence and work, and specialized ones: hobbies, location, behavior, interests. In addition, there are also unique filters: wedding, anniversary, distance to home. With such a vast array of information that can be learned about users, Facebook advertising offers incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote their brand and product. Along with it, advertising on Instagram is usually launched, the price of which varies within the same limits. Since these social networks are strongly linked to each other, it makes sense to promote in them at the same time.

Targeted advertising on Instagram

On this social network, users are more emotional and sensual. Considering that this media channel is focused on photography, it is important to design your public page in a stylish and beautiful way for successful promotion. Instagram advertising is an excellent tool for building an image and a positive reputation. It is great for promoting photo shops, tour operators, the beauty industry, shoes, clothing, food, bars and catering establishments.

If you have an attractive, colorful business account on Instagram, then targeted advertising will also be an excellent solution, which you can order to promote your business for your target audience. It is configured, by the way, in three ways: through a commercial account cabinet, a mobile application and a business profile on Facebook.

How much does Instagram and Facebook advertising cost?

The budget is calculated individually for each project. For targeted advertising, the cost is formed based on various factors, for example, the number of social networks selected, the specifics of the business, niche and target audience, the complexity of the product being promoted, brand reputation, the speed of obtaining results, the number of employees involved, etc.

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