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Targeted advertising: features, opportunities, formats, advantages and disadvantages

Recently, social networks have become very popular, and targeted advertising is gaining momentum. It is able to select the target audience we need and work only with it. A group of users is automatically combined by some common parameter, so ads are tied to it, and not to a specific page. Setting up targeted advertising on social networks allows specialists to offer a specific product or service directly to interested parties using advertising campaigns. This approach is much more effective than addressing a mass of users without address.

Targeted advertising — what is it?

This is a kind of promotion tool, which is presented in the form of ads or advertising campaigns. These can be photos, videos, text messages that we see very often when scrolling through the pages of social networks. Ads also include active links, clickable buttons, and many other elements for user interaction. The set of components depends on the advertising and design settings chosen by SMM specialists.

How target advertising works

In the process of developing an advertising campaign, the targetologist sets up the criteria for the audience to which a certain ad will be shown. The parameters can be very different: gender, age, location, interests, etc. Since they are aimed at a certain category of people, the likelihood of advertising success increases many times over. You can encourage a person to purchase this or that thing or order a service directly in the advertisement.

the principle of targeted advertising

Target advertising reaches the target audience as accurately as possible. It is shown to those people who are most interested in a product or service and are ready to buy it. Targeted advertising can also be personalized, for example, by a specific parameter (car brand, etc.) or place of residence (“Delicious coffee on Khreshchatyk”).

Such advertising can be presented in different formats. One of them is a carousel — an advertising post of creatives (from three to ten in one post). This format is most suitable when you need to demonstrate several products or services to a potential buyer. Here you can also specify the price and attach a link to a specific product.

Targeted advertising on Instagram

Targeted advertising is configured either in the application itself or through the Facebook advertising account. The first way is faster, the second is more flexible and accurate. Today on Instagram, you can set up many ad formats:

  • Image - square, horizontally or vertically oriented ads with one image;
  • Video — videos in horizontal or square format;
  • Carousel — ads that appear in the news feed and stories are shown in vertical and square formats;
  • In-stream video advertising are full-screen with a vertical orientation, used for ads on IGTV;
  • Reels — ads where you can only use objects in a full-screen vertical format;
  • Instagram Shop — posts in a square format with a single image or a carousel;
  • Stories is a fairly versatile and flexible format: here you can post photos, videos, leave links to sites that offer goods or services. You can fit up to three stories in one ad, so this targeted ad format can be very effective in some cases.

Targetologists also use another type of advertising — contextual. They are somewhat similar to each other, but the principle of operation is still different. Contextual advertising displays the answer to a specific question asked by the user, and targeted advertising shows ads to those users who meet the specified characteristics. For example, you have an online store selling sports bikes. With targeted advertising, you can find buyers based on your job, hobby, or favorite sport. As a result, ads hit the target exactly, and grateful users make purchases.

targeted instagram advertising

Targeted advertising has many advantages:

  • it hits the target audience as accurately as possible. You yourself set the parameters of the users for whom it is designed, taking into account gender, age, place of residence, interests, etc.;
  • it can be analyzed and tracked for effectiveness. You can observe the activity of the target audience, their interest, and also have an idea of how effective your advertising is. If necessary, you can change the targeting settings to find exactly your audience and work with it;
  • with proper SMM promotion, you can get really big coverage;
  • compared to advertising in the media and on billboards, advertising targeting has a low cost;
  • You can set ads to only certain communities and only show them to them.

Targeted advertising also has its disadvantages:

  • Targeted advertising settings may seem complicated and incomprehensible, but this is only at first glance. It is worthwhile to deal with them a little and all the difficulties will disappear;
  • advertising campaigns need to be constantly updated and improved, as they tend to "burn out" over time. Otherwise, the ads will become familiar, and potential buyers will lose interest in them. They must also be moderated and, if they violate the requirements of the social network, they may be rejected or blocked;
  • for each social network, targeted advertising is configured in the same way, and the tools in advertising accounts may differ significantly. This means that it will take time to master them.

Once is not enough to figure out how to set up targeted advertising. This requires practice and several of its launches, even if initially unsuccessful.

Which business can use targeted advertising

The possibilities of this promotion channel are almost unlimited. Therefore, targeted advertising is suitable for many types of businesses. This is a great way for online stores to offer their product to potential buyers. Public catering establishments with the help of this type of advertising can attract even more customers. The same applies to nightclubs, bars, fitness centers, gyms. The target is also suitable for promotion, promotion of various seminars and popularization of the work of coaches in different areas.

You can launch targeted advertising in several consecutive steps. First of all, a public, page or account for a business is created. After that, we determine the goals and format of the advertising campaign, after which one ad or group is created. At the next stage, parameters are selected, for example, age, hobbies, place of residence, work, hobbies, etc. The final step will be setting up the site, specifying the display rates and the budget of the advertising campaign. Where to advertise is your own business, but it is advisable to use the sites where your target audience “lives”.

Targeted advertising on Facebook

This social network is an excellent platform for targeted advertising. It is popular all over the world and has a huge number of users in a wide age range. Its audience is generally solvent and receptive to advertising. Facebook provides the ability to use basic targeting and customize ads based on data such as gender, age, marital status, interests, etc. In addition to the basic ones, it also has interesting additional tools:

  • Look-alike — here the audience is created automatically. The tool is convenient in that it saves time;
  • SuperGeo — geolocation targeting with high accuracy. It allows you to target ads to users in a specific location, for example, the central square of the city, a shopping center, a certain cafe, etc.

The main advertising formats on this social network are a carousel of videos and pictures, as well as an adaptive format of Canvas and Facebook Leads.

Advertising on Facebook has many advantages:

  • ads are placed in the visible part of the screen, that is, they appear not only in the blocks in the side part, but also in the news feed, which makes them more visible;
  • advertisers are subject to high requirements. To launch an ad, you must follow the placement rules, and ads must pass moderation.

The page must inspire confidence, offer legally acceptable products or services, and use high-quality advertising. After meeting these requirements, the trust of users and Facebook algorithms in advertising increases.

Targeted advertising is of great importance not only for advertisers, but also for potential users. Recently, the Internet is overloaded with a lot of unnecessary information and advertising. The use of targeting enables users to see products of the segment they are interested in more often in the advertising stream.

targeted facebook advertising

Such advertising is present in almost any business, but there are those industries for which it is a necessity. First of all, these are local companies. Since geotargeting combines the audience not only of a country, but also of a certain city, district, and even a street, the same owner of a car service station can attract customers within a radius of about five kilometers using appropriate advertising settings.

Target advertising is also useful for products or services with a narrow focus, for example, dog owners during their summer vacation will be interested in information about pet hotels.

There are several goals for an advertising campaign:

  • brand awareness, through which advertising can be shown to a large number of people or a specific audience many times;
  • engagement, which increases the number of likes, comments and reposts;
  • video views — suitable for the first stage of product promotion to the market. In the video, you talk about your product or service, after which you collect an audience that has watched it, and then create an advertising campaign focused on them;
  • lead generation — suitable for those who do not have a website, but need to test the demand for the product. After clicking on the ad, the user sees a short information and a data entry form. In this way, the advertiser collects the data of potential customers and then works with them directly;
  • messages — make it possible to attract as many buyers as possible directly through the messenger. Thus, the presence of a site for such advertising is also optional;
  • sale of goods from the catalog — as a rule, this goal is pursued by online stores with a wide range of goods. Ads here are formed on the basis of catalog cards.

Professional setup is the key to the successful functioning of targeted advertising

Today on the Internet you can see many ways to set up an advertising campaign on your own, without putting much effort. But high efficiency is achieved only when professionals take over the job, who can choose the right keywords, the right frequency of impressions, a sufficient budget, etc. Without the experience of such work, it is quite difficult to independently perform the necessary settings. The services will offer many options that will be simply incomprehensible to a beginner, besides, hidden settings must be taken into account. The budget allocated for an advertising campaign can end very quickly, without bringing any effect. This happens not because the ad does not work, but because it is not configured correctly.

If you need to set up ad targeting, please contact Light Spider. The staff of our digital agency is staffed by qualified specialists who have sufficient experience in this area. With our help, you can bring your business to a new level of customer relationships. We will take over the creation of targeted advertising from scratch and bring it to perfection. In our work we use modern marketing methods, while taking into account all the wishes and preferences of the client. You can leave an order by filling out the form on the page of our website or by calling the phone numbers listed there.

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