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Telegram bots: TOP-30 useful helpers of SMM specialist

Telegram is a messenger that confidently ranks among the most popular applications, and is actively used by people of different professions, ages, and social statuses. Of course, it is also in demand in the digital sphere, since it is simple, functional and easy to use. To be honest, the relationship between the specialists in the Light Spider team is also configured via Telegram. However, let's not talk about our internal site, because that's not why you came here. We are going to talk about Telegram bots. And they are really useful in SMM promotionWhy? Because they are able to take on a number of routine processes and responsibilities of an SMM manager, thereby increasing the efficiency of his activities.

When promoting projects on social networks, SMMs use many applications and services, analyze large amounts of data, generate new content and creatives. They also need to be constantly connected, stay in trend and stay ahead of the competition. Getting bogged down in a routine in this case means hopelessly lagging behind and staying behind, giving way to more flexible and productive specialists in the TOP. So how do you avoid failure and stay mobile while reducing the amount of drudgery? Telegram bots will help in this. Which of them will be useful, convenient for you - it's up to you, of course. We will take a look at the best Telegram bots, which, in the opinion of SMMs, are the most popular and effective.

What tasks do Telegram bots solve?

A Telegram bot is, in fact, artificial intelligence that automatically performs a series of actions at the user's command. Based on their algorithm, bots in Telegram can solve various tasks:

  • process, modify images, photos;

  • parse data about competitors;

  • save content;

  • edit text;

  • collect information about the audience;

  • develop Instagram-channel and promote publications.

And we'll start with the last point. After all, promoting Instagram these days is one of the key components of the work of an SMM specialist. Using Telegram bots for Instagram channels, you can achieve excellent results.

Bots for promoting Telegram, Instagram channels

  1. @getcombot is a great solution for giveaways on a comment + subscribe basis. This Telegram bot helps to upload comments to a promotional post, quickly analyze and summarize the competition online. The algorithm of work is simple - send a link to the publication and receive in response a list of all people who left a comment. After that, go to the page of the random number generator and choose the winners, who, by the way, can be checked for the fact of subscription through this bot.

  2. @pstrbot is a chatbot that can automatically send posts from social networks to Telegram channels, and more recently Instagram Stories. Yes, you will have to spend some time installing and connecting all the channels, but when the process is established, the smm specialist may not worry about anything. When a new post is added, it will immediately appear in the Telegram.

  3. @getlikersbot is a draw results generator that works in the same way as @getcombot, except that instead of comments, it takes into account likes.

  4. @BerezhokBot — used to order ads from popular bloggers. The choice of persons here is small, but all accounts are verified. If necessary, you can contact the administrator for help. There are discounts for advertising and promotions.

  5. @easyprbot is a service similar to the previous one, but with a large selection of people, from microbloggers to large influencers, with reviews and statistics on them. This Telegram bot also allows you to join Instagram Givs.

  6. @CommentsBot is a resource for parsing Instagram posts and comments. Works both with the promoted page and with competitors. Received comments can be filtered by number, location and gender of subscribers.

  7. @InstaPoliceRobot — used to check competitors and bloggers for boosting views to posts. It can only work with carousel content. Moreover, the checked publication must contain at least one video.

  8. @quizbot — if you need to create a lead magnet, test, quiz, add-on to the product, any interesting content, this service will help you.

Telegram bot for text on Instagram


Publications in social networks should be not only bright, creative, useful, interesting, but also well written. Therefore, we choose a convenient bot for text in Telegram.

  1. @Text4instabot is perhaps the most popular and convenient service for the correct formatting of the text of posts on Instagram. It solves the problem of content formatting. The fact is that Instagram often removes paragraphs in the original draft, and after publication, the text looks like a continuous long canvas. When working from a smartphone, he is an irreplaceable assistant to the smr. Also bot for text in Telegram can count the number of ready and valid characters, which helps to avoid writing long posts that the social network will refuse to publish. Among its options, we note the ability to underline, strike out, highlight the necessary words in bold, add a red line, and align the text in the center.

  2. @SelfSMMBot is a versatile and fairly popular chatbot that works with posts, pictures, hashtags. Its features include spell checking, hashtag compilation, downloading and saving content, converting text to image for a carousel, voice recognition and translating to text format.

  3. @TransliterationBot is a useful Instagram bot in Telegram when working from a laptop or computer. An analogue of Punto Switcher, quickly and correctly translates "gibberish" typed due to an incorrect keyboard layout.

  4. @Glvrd2Bot — an analogue of the popular Glvredservice, helps to write texts in the info-style: capaciously, without water, intelligibly and convincingly.

  5. @voicybot is a voice decoder that translates it into text. Convenient in cases when a large amount of content is urgently required, but there is no time to write it. It is important to remember that when working with a bot, you need to pronounce the words clearly, and after that you will have to place the punctuation marks yourself so that the post does not look like a set of words.

The best Telegram bots to download and save content

  1. @Instabot is a multifunctional resource capable of extracting posts from Instagram in the form of text and pictures, as well as avatars, user stories. It also helps to break the text into correct paragraphs, ensuring its perception on Instagram in the right form, and not as a solid sheet.

  2. @instasavegrambot — saves images, photos, text from Instagram accounts. Able to process only posts in the feed.

  3. @SaveAsBot — unlike the previous bot, it can save images in maximum quality by downloading them as a file, and work not only with posts, but also with video materials, in particular, IGTV videos.

  4. @izibot is another resource for downloading and saving content from Instagram. Works with posts, stories, IGTV.

  5. @YtbAudioBot — if you need to export an mp3 file from a YouTube video, this bot will easily do it.

Telegram bots for collecting statistics and analytics

Analyzing achievements, adjusting the strategy, comparing with competitors, obtaining statistics on the actions of the audience — the work of an SMM manager cannot do without it. Bots can help you here too.

  1. @getpapabot is a service for collecting and uploading statistics on the followers of the selected account. Great for analyzing competitors, as it allows you to collect useful information about subscribers: age, interests, etc. Also, the bot will help you form an idea about your audience by providing information about followers, content they publish, subscriptions to other accounts. The third option is no less important — information about unsubscribed users. By examining this data, you will understand the reason for the loss of followers.

  2. @Soberubot — Similar to the previous audience data collection service. Able to filter target audience by specified criteria, collect information for 30 days and provide analysis results. Moreover, data can be collected both for the entire audience and for individual active users.

  3. @IGSpyBot — Spy on competitors, and not only on them, you can easily and simply use this bot. At least 2 times a day, you can secretly download posts, view stories, live translations, broadcasts.

Bots to promote telegram channels

We have already reviewed more than 20 different Telegram bots that will help you promote accounts on social networks, style text beautifully, download content, collect data for the analytical work of an SMM specialist. However, this list is far from complete, and you most likely will not use all Telegram bots at the same time. Moreover, there are much more of them than in our list. However, we recommend every SMM manager to have several convenient options in your arsenal.

Therefore, let's add some more interesting resources to the list:

  1. @UtmGeneratorBot — UTM tags for links allow you to track ad performance. If you prefer to work from a browser, rather than from a smartphone, this bot is an indispensable assistant.

  2. @Gmail bot — transfers your mail to Telegram, thanks to which you will not only immediately learn about new letters, but also reply to them directly from the messenger.

  3. @GiftHubBot — if you often have to choose gifts, and your imagination is running out, this service will prompt you for a suitable option, and also provide links to products with an approximate price. It is enough to answer the bot's questions about the age, interests of the person, your relationship with him.

  4. @EasyStrongPasswordBot is a simple chatbot that helps you remember complex passwords. Generates passwords that will ensure the security of your account, and provides hints that are easy to remember.

  5. @morecom_bot — Tracking comments and responding to them in a timely manner is provided to you with this comfortable bot. By the way, it can be connected to the group chat of the SMM or marketing department.

  6. @bebot is a service for processing photos directly in Telegram. Allows you to apply effects, improve the quality of a photo, create GIFs, texture images, collages.

Of course, like all people, SMM specialists get tired, lose heart, and sometimes it happens that steam needs to be let off. So for this, there are funny Telegram bots:

  1. @aaaaarobot — loaded with tasks so you wanna scream? Need to relieve nervous tension? Activate this bot, and he will shout for you.

  2. @memingbot — when you want to distract yourself and make a joke, or find a meme for the occasion, this service will help you solve such important tasks.

  3. @ZamesTodayBot — just look at it, and fatigue will be relieved.

Create a Telegram bot and use it for your own pleasure

It happens that you need to make a bot in Telegram, SMM promotion in order to raise it to a qualitatively new level. No problem. In Telegram... bot will help you create a bot. @BotFather is a tool for developing your own chatbot. However, without programming knowledge, you can use it to get a simple assistant bot or an interactive lead form. To create a Telegram bot with a wide range of functions, you will have to contact programmers or study this science yourself. Although, you can contact us at Light Spider and order a comprehensive SMM promotion. We have bots and qualified specialists.

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