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CRM для Украины

TOP-5 CRM for business in Ukraine

In business, efficiency, focus on development and automation of processes are important, because the better you track customer relationships and the quality of employee work, the more likely you are to increase sales, improve service levels and form the right marketing goals. The fact is that at a certain stage of maturity of your enterprise, there will be a need to work with customers in a more productive and organized manner. In order to automate and track all internal company processes, it is recommended to use CRM for business.

Through customer relationship management, you optimize the team's work and increase the efficiency of its activities. CRM system for business stores the entire history of interactions with consumers of your products. Based on the available data, you can form and optimize marketing goals, build a sales strategy and further development of your company. However, here a very reasonable question arises - how to choose a CRM and not miscalculate?

The main principle of finding the right software in this case is compliance with the specifics of your business. Based on the needs of the business and taking into account the direction of development, you can find the best CPM systems, the functionality of which corresponds to your wishes, and already among them you can choose a suitable CRM. For Ukraine, by the way, more than a dozen options are available that, if properly selected, can simplify the work of your enterprise. We decided to compose our TOP CRM systems based on personal experience, the practice of our clients and publicly available information on the Internet.

CRM systems: rating of the most popular solutions in Ukraine

Before we start our comparison, let's take a look at how CRM works. The main purpose of these programs is to collect information for the purpose of analysis, finding weaknesses, automating processes and increasing business productivity. The result of the correct implementation of CRM in Ukraine will be the optimization of the team's work, the correct marketing strategy and effective management of interaction with consumers.

The functioning of business automation programs is based on 3 principles:

  1. A single repository of information, constant access to the database of all buyers.

  2. Many channels of communication with customers - e-mail, IP-telephony, social networks, chats, events, feedback forms.

  3. Collection, analysis, preparation and processing of data according to the chosen marketing strategy.

CPM for business, although they have a similar principle of operation, differ in price and range of functions performed. For this reason, management software from our TOP is suitable for different types of clients. Considering the specifics of the tasks to be solved, it is necessary to make a choice of CRM.

1. Bitrix24.CRM


This system has led our TOP CRM, because it is in high demand among businesses, has extensive functionality and is available for use free of charge. From the point of view of settings in the eyes of the user and the implementer, it looks like a functional modern gadget.

If you look into history, Bitrix24 has come a long way. Originally created as a SaaS platform for website development, it soon transformed into a corporate portal, and then began to be filled with new options and features. When its functionality has grown several times, it was decided to add a sales funnel and related blocks. Thus, Bitrix24 has been upgraded to the level of a full-size powerful CRM for small businesses. However, now it is successfully used by larger representatives of the e-Commerce segment. This software is implemented in the format of a cloud solution and a local version, "box". There is also an application for mobile gadgets, which significantly increases the flexibility of working with different devices.

The leader of our TOP CPM systems focuses on optimizing activities within the team. Structurally, it resembles a corporate social network with a live feed of events, which includes all actions, from the tasks of managers to the correspondence of managers with clients and likes of posts in the feed. For convenience, a chat has been implemented with notifications for each position, task, event. Thus, employees are more likely to respond to messages from the manager and questions from consumers.

Bitrix24 features include:

  • project and task management, leads and deals;

  • invoicing, printing and sending documents;

  • setting up a sales funnel, plans and reports;

  • IP telephony, integration with corporate mail;

  • creation of websites and landing pages with built-in CRM;

  • setting up bots, SMS, ads and letters, connecting social. networks and messengers;

The Bitrix24 interface is available in 14 languages, including Ukrainian, which also contributed to the popularization of the program in Ukraine. The free version contains the required minimum of options for comfortable work within a small company, up to 12 people. Including thanks to this, Bitrix24 topped our rating of CRM systems for small, medium, large businesses. As for paid access, the minimum tariff is 369 hryvnia, the maximum is 4400 hryvnia. A total of 5 options are offered, which allows each business to choose the optimal package for themselves.

2. AmoCRM

сравнение CRM систем

If you make a comparison of CRM systems for small and medium-sized businesses, you cannot ignore this program. AmoCRM is a simple cloud platform that attracts with intuitive navigation. It allows you to generate a sales funnel and organize customer requests, informing managers about each of them.

In general, the main feature of AmoCRM is lead management. The program collects leads from all possible sources: chats, feedback forms, mailings, email, telephony, etc. Then the lead is passed through a sales funnel with the aim of becoming a buyer.

AmoCRM can be considered an ingeniously simple system. Unlike Bitrix, there are extremely few settings here and they are structured as clearly and understandably as possible. Among the key options, we note the integration of MailChimp and social. networks, a business card scanner, general team chat, a contact database and transaction accounting. Since initially AmoCRM is provided with a clean interface and a basic range of settings, managers of different levels are able to understand it and master the work. If necessary, you can expand the options with add-ons, which are available in large quantities.

As for tariffs, AmoCRM does not have free access, except for a trial for 14 days. The minimum package costs 499 rubles, the maximum - 1499 rubles. This software will be an ideal solution for companies with a small sales department and the retail sector. The program will remember what a person purchases most often, and this allows you to make a personalized advertising mailing.

3. CRM Creatio

CRM система в Украине

Cloud platform developed by Terrasoft. Allows you to manage sales of any type, from short orders to extended corporate deals. Creatio, which took the honorable third place in the ranking of the most popular CRM systems, is focused on accelerating the process of marketing, sales, service and work within the company.

Thanks to the symbiosis of CRM and BPM (business process management), this platform has become an excellent solution for medium and large businesses, offering the maximum completeness of functionality, including financial, commodity, accounting, marketing promotions and special offers.

Creatio is a CRM system in Ukraine that differs from the rest by its price presentation. It is available in three formats:

  1. Marketing - automating the collection of outgoing leads, compiling flexible dashboards for analyzing marketing campaigns, working with customer needs and other options.

  2. Sales - automation of routine work of the sales department, control and tracking of results online, quick closing of deals, etc.

  3. Service - increasing business loyalty, working with requests and services, building personal communication with customers.

Interestingly, you can choose the option that suits you, you don't have to buy 3 parts at once. Moreover, the cost is calculated individually for each business using a special configuration calculator, which can be found on the official website of the service.

4. FreshOffice

CRM для интернет магазинов в Украине

A platform with a convenient online marketing block that allows you to monitor the productivity of advertising campaigns and analyze traffic sources.

FreshOffice also features an inventory control option. The service software automates the movement of goods through warehouses, as a result of which you can quickly search and track the desired products. Another positive option of this software is the integration of workflow into a single framework.

FreshOffice developers have implemented a separate functionality for online trading, thanks to which this CRM for online stores in Ukraine has become a very profitable solution. Access cost is 750 rubles per month for 1 user. You can also purchase an annual subscription with a discount or pay for a license once - 12,500 rubles.

5. Pipedrive

If you choose the best CRM systems, you cannot ignore this service. In 2017, Pipedrive won the Expert's Choice Award. She deserved this thanks to the maximum efficiency in managing the sales conveyors. With this in mind, this service will be an excellent solution for wholesale suppliers and growing businesses.

лучшие CRM системы

Key features of Pipedrive:

  • Convenient management of your sales funnel, customer base and deals.

  • Tracking communication interactions.

  • Automation of administrative tasks.

  • Ensuring confidentiality and security.

  • Mobile integration.

  • Analytics, insights, reports, dashboards in a convenient form.

The price of the tariff plans starts from 12.5 € per month for the basic version and up to 99 € for the enterprise package.

What other CRM systems are there?

Of course, not all customer relationship management programs are included in our rating. In addition to the above, you can safely use other solutions, among which we note the most popular options:

  • Megaplan is a platform for companies with 5 to 500 employees. The minimum tariff is 180 hryvnia per user. Service capabilities include communication, integration, automation, sales monitoring, tasks and projects for teamwork.

  • vTiger is an open-source platform based on Apache, MySQL, PHP. Allows integration with Outlook and Microsoft Office. The price is $ 42 per month. The functionality of vTiger is quite enough for work in the areas of sales and marketing.

  • 1C: CRM is an add-on to 1C: Enterprise. Allows you to keep a history of communication with customers, manage your contact base, sales, marketing campaigns, business processes. Comparable to Outlook, has a built-in email. Available in the format of a SaaS platform, mobile application, web interface and terminal client.

The systems used by Ukrainian companies also include Microsoft Dynamics, LiraCRM, NetHunt and Real Estate - a solution for real estate agencies.

How to choose a CPM system: summing up

In short, each software is suitable for specific interests and business goals. Only after careful analysis should you choose a customer relationship management system. Let's say for beginners, small online stores, small businesses, retailers, the easiest way is to work with AmoCRM or FreshOffice. Whereas large companies focused on corporate sales or wholesale suppliers are more suited to 1C: Enterprise with its CRM, Creatio or Pipedrive. Bitrix24 is a good solution for startups and IT companies. However, the choice is always yours, fortunately, the amount of available software for business automation allows you to find the best option for everyone. And if you have any difficulties with the integration of a web resource and CRM, please contact us. Our services include site upgrade and any non-standard solutions for the development of your business.