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TOP-7 project and task management systems for your business

The effective functioning of a team without monitoring and control of the work process is almost impossible, and no matter what volume of work is in question. Whether it is an internet marketing agency or several freelancers united by one common goal, a task and project management system must be implemented. Even in a small team of several people, over time, so much information accumulates that at one point chaos sets in, and it is not possible to sort out all the correspondence, e-mails, messengers, comments on Google docks. The reality is that any rapidly growing business needs a project management organization for further effective development.

There is a solution - and this is a task manager. It will help you to fully and efficiently create, track, implement and close projects. A team of specialists and team-leads within such a service can manage tasks, appoint executors, exchange files, conduct correspondence, fix time and set deadlines, as well as carry out other interactions that positively affect work efficiency.

Currently, project management systems are presented in a wide range, and each of them is endowed with certain specifics, advantages, flexibility of settings, the ability to monitor tasks and teamwork. When forming the TOP task managers, we took into account not only their popularity, but also their cross-platform nature, the cost of tariffs, support for integrations with other resources, the number of connected participants. By the way, we tested some project management services on our own experience, and used them to organize the work of our team at certain stages of development of the Light Spider digital agency.

How to Choose Project Management Software?

Let's first consider what criteria are recommended for choosing task managers and what to look for first.

  1. Formation of tasks and monitoring of deadlines. Vaunted multitasking is not the best solution for effective teamwork. Each employee must see and be aware of his or her range of work, and the team-lead and project-manager should be aware of the real terms of the tasks to be completed by each team member. Therefore, project management technologies always support the ability to create tasks, assign responsible persons, set and control deadlines.

  2. Communication between team members. Discussions among specialists play an important role, because this is how the best solution is found in the shortest possible time. Therefore, systemic correspondence with a convenient division by topic and the possibility of backup is extremely important, and should be present within the corporate project management system.

  3. File storage for teamwork. Cloud storage is a key component of a quality task and project management system. Prompt access of each specialist to files, the ability to use the latest version and monitor changes in real time are the key to productive team work.

Now let's take a look at the best task managers for business, and let's start with the most famous and popular solution.

Trello is a cloud service with a comfortable interface


Trello — облачный сервисIt functions as a kanban board. The user creates tasks in the form of cards on the board, which are arranged in several columns, each of them corresponds to a certain status: “taken into work”, “in progress”, “under approval”, “done”. The cards are assigned to a specialist, for example, Frontend, PPC, SMM or SEO, and he moves them as soon as the task is ready. This ensures a visual control of the volume and distribution of the load for each team member.

Trello is implemented as a web version, there are also applications for iOS, Android, and an extension for the Chrome web browser. Project managers, team leaders and department heads appreciate this task manager because it is simple, versatile and multifunctional. For small companies, startups, and personal use, Trello is best suited. Especially if you want a free task management system. However, you can expand the capabilities of the service by connecting a paid tariff.

Overall, a free Trello task manager has the following benefits:

  • simple, intuitive interface for each user;

  • assignment of persons responsible for the task cards;

  • setting up a board for any area of business;

  • voting and direct editing function;

  • synchronization on all devices;

  • attachment of files, links, checklists and comments to cards;

  • availability of connection of add-ons and third-party services;

  • in the free plan there are no restrictions on the number of users and kanban boards.

However, Trello also has disadvantages:

  • If you consider free services for project management, and use Trello on a free license, then you will face the limits on the number of connected services. Only one third-party resource can be associated with each board.

  • Trello may seem inconvenient for working with large orders, since it can be easy to get confused in a huge number of tasks and lists.

  • With the standard settings, there is no way to assess the progress of work in the spent time, since there is no Gantt chart. The problem is solved by connecting a plug-in scheduler or calendar.

Jira project management system


Система управления проектами JiraThis online service has been successfully operating in the IT market for 15 years. It is available in the form of a web version and applications for gadgets based on iOS and Android.

In Jira, project management is also handled by cards scattered across the board. This system works on the basis of the Agile methodology. By the way, Jira, like Trello, belongs to Atlassian Corporation. Jira has gained the most popularity among web developers. The project management tools offered within this service are fully consistent with the specifics of the development teams.

If we consider free project management systems, then Jira cannot be ignored. And although it fully reveals its capabilities when paying for a fixed tariff, it can also be used on free-access.

The benefits of the Jira online service:

  • convenient, simple, user-friendly interface;

  • scrum or kanban boards;

  • availability of report generation;

  • the presence of a Gantt chart by default;

  • the ability to integrate third-party resources, including Dropbox, Trello, Excel spreadsheets, charts and calendars.

Speaking about the shortcomings of the Jira team management tool, we can only note that it is tailored for specialized development teams that was originally incorporated into the service. Binding to code and a number of other options are often useless for projects that are far from programming.

Asana - free task manager for the team


Asana — бесплатный таск менеджерYes, only if the number of participants does not exceed 15 people. You will have to pay extra for the expansion of the state. In general, Asana is a very popular task and team management system implemented in the SaaS platform format. This task tracker successfully works with Linux, Windows, Android, iOS and supports a wide range of languages, although it does not have Russification.

The Asana functionality supports the ability to create projects, assign tasks and assign responsible persons, while specifying deadlines and priorities for each, as well as generate tags, track progress, customize a calendar, and generate reports. In addition, this service allows integration with Google Docs, Jira, Slack messenger, GitHub, Evernote and other resources.

In general, Asana is similar to Trello, only it contains more features and has advanced functionality. For a large team of freelancers or digital agencies, this is a great option.

What are the advantages of Asana:

  • the ability to divide complex projects into areas and areas;

  • intuitive user interface;

  • high level of detail;

  • more than 100 third-party services available for integration;

  • visual task lists;

  • Agile project management tools;

  • the ability to update, exchange information and files in real time.

If we consider the shortcomings of the Asana task manager, then we note the absence of the Russian version, which negatively affects the popularity of the service on the Russian Internet, and the Gantt chart, as a result of which there is no way to track work in real time. Also, this resource may seem unnecessarily overloaded with various customization elements, which can cause difficulties when creating tasks and assigning people responsible for them.

Monday is a simple and convenient task manager for a team


Monday — простой и удобный таск менеджерDespite the large number of different add-ons, this service has the most comfortable, intuitive interface. A pleasant impression of the resource is complemented by the convenience of sharing files and tracking statuses for each performer.

Monday is designed with an emphasis on visual control and color association, implemented with multi-colored timelines, charts, kanban boards. Users can easily and quickly add projects, goals, tasks, workflows and monitor their progress.

Interestingly, Monday is an updated version of the previously popular resource Dapulse, enriched with a wide range of relevant features. It can be used to manage both large and small teams of specialists. True, you can't use Monday for free.

Among the advantages of the service, we note:

  • no restrictions on the number of task lists and users;

  • a wide range of services available for integration;

  • adaptability to work with large orders;

  • multilingualism;

  • flexible configuration of workflows and a cancel button;

  • color schedule associated with system functions by color;

  • the ability to synchronize the schedule with the calendar;

  • project map and a wide range of templates for project managers;

  • special rates for business, with an emphasis on the specifics of its activities.

The disadvantages of Monday include:

  • higher price in comparison with similar services;

  • some difficulties in mastering for beginners;

  • the need for additional payments for new users, regardless of the tariff.

Cloud-based task management service BaseCamp


сервис управления задачами BaseCampA popular online platform that provides high-quality company management. Both the web version and mobile applications function. Key options include to-do lists, cloud storage, branded reports, calendar, group chat, and task boards.

BaseCamp allows you to split large orders, choosing the appropriate stage for each part, for example, promoting a site on google, maintaining a client's social networks and setting up targeted advertising. At the same time, all information on the work of the team and the state of the project is collected in one place, which eliminates the need to install additional software.

BaseCamp has a shareware plan with basic functionality without full technical support. Among the advantages and key options, we note:

  • reporting expressed in the form of informative graphs;

  • automatic check of team members;

  • convenient, user-friendly interface;

  • integration of Google documents and calendar;

  • storage of history and previous versions of uploaded docks and files;

  • to-do list and scheduling;

  • functional message boards, ideas, announcements;

  • the number of connected users does not affect the price;

  • the ability to combine different divisions of the company to work together.

As for the downsides, BaseCamp is not without them:

  • there is no possibility of presenting the entire project;

  • no Russian translation;

  • lack of tools for strategic planning;

  • a cloud solution that is likely not suitable for companies looking to manage a team from outside their organization.

Good old Worksection


Система менеджмента проектов Worksection

Project management system operating in the IT market for over 10 years. By the way, this is a Ukrainian development, which by default contains a Gantt chart and a Russian-language interface.

In general, this system is convenient and flexible in terms of functionality, it allows you to create projects, add tasks and manage them from start to finish, set deadlines, assign responsible persons, exchange files and fully organize the work of the team. And here you can customize different types of projects: the same type, creative, prolonged, simple, one-time, etc. The quality and level of visualization of the task manager is not lagging behind.

Worksection contains kanban boards, a time tracker, statuses, charts, labels and many other customization elements. This resource can be used for free, but the free functionality is noticeably limited, and is hardly suitable for corporate purposes.

GanttPRO - online service based on Gantt charts


GanttPRO — онлайн сервис управления задачами и командамиIt captivates with ease of use, intuitive design, Russian-language interface and support, thanks to which it is actively used by domestic companies. Team and task management is carried out using Gantt charts. They give a clear idea of the priority and timing of tasks, as well as the employees responsible for them. The overall picture is complemented by visual elements: boards, tables, graphs, statuses, etc. Thus, defining the goals and objectives of the project will not cause you problems.

Communication between participants is achieved through real-time synchronization, notifications, comments, attachments, and other capabilities that keep the team informed. Another positive feature of GanttPRO can be confidently called first-class data protection, which is achieved through a dedicated VPN, Azure Cloud infrastructure from Microsoft and an SSL certificate. On the other hand, this service is only available on a paid basis. The more users, the cheaper it will be to add each subsequent one.

Of course, we have not considered all systems for managing tasks and teams. In addition to the above options, at least the services ProofHub, Zoho Projects, (based on Redmine), Hive, Backlog, ClickUp, Podio deserve attention. As with any collection, there is no perfect solution. Each option should be tried in work and assess how it meets your current requirements.

Let's say that at one point we realized that we had outgrown Trello's functionality and started using the Jira system, after which we generally implemented Bitrix24, since we no longer needed just a task manager, but a full-fledged CRM system. By the way, we have a separate article about CRM systems for business, which you can read here.