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What is site promotion and how to do it most effectively

You started your own business. Your ovens are warmed up, machines are humming and the conveyor is unscrewed at full speed. Your products are of high quality and have potential. But the client base is small, and the advertising campaign has just been launched. To expand the "pool" of customers, you make a strong-willed decision to launch the site.

The programmers did a great job, a lot of "chips" are successfully integrated into your site, and the design makes you want to make it a "home page". You have launched a web resource. Days, weeks, months pass, and the number of clients from the site is in no hurry to grow. You ask yourself, "What's going on?" And the answer is on the surface — it is not enough to launch the site, it is still necessary to "promote" it. What does it mean? What is “website promotion”? Why and why is it necessary? Let's figure it out and answer these questions one by one.

What is the job of website promotion and why is it needed?

Wherever you live. Whether it is the countries of North or South America, the EU, the CIS, Africa or Asia. Search engines exist everywhere. They were created with the aim of quickly finding information and developing a variety of ideas and business ventures (in the role of a popularizer). Their focus (with the exception of illegal ones) is not so important as the prevalence and relevance of search results on request. Whether it is the popularization of some ideas or the dissemination of certain information. Nobody can do it better than search engines. But besides “outreach” activities, platforms like Google are being used to grow a company's customer base.

The impact of the Internet on the population has grown significantly over the past 10 years. Where I could hardly catch mobile communications before, now it confidently accepts 4-5G. The times of "clumsy" social networks, hard-to-configure local "web", unreliable providers have sunk into oblivion. Now literally everything is on the international network. But the presence of certain web resources does not mean their popularity yet. After all, it depends on many factors. What matters is the relevance, accessibility, significance of the project, news feed, etc. But it is also important what the page will be in the SERP for the relevant query in the search engine.

It is the place of the site in the “TOP” of the search that determines its readability, accessibility, and simply success. People rarely flip through search engine pages, usually their choice stops at the first 10 (+ -3) sites. Remember — the person is lazy. When a user is looking for services, he is interested in satisfying his needs as quickly as possible. If the site is not working, then it is impossible to use it. When pictures fly off the screen or constantly pop up errors, the visitor will close it and will no longer want to open it.

The indicator of the “popularity” of the site — its place in the “TOP” for the relevant queries — is determined by the ranking. This is an analysis of pages for compliance with the requirements of the search engine with regard to internal and external optimization. In simple words, it is sorting websites. It is its results that determine the place of the resource in the search engine.

What is included in SEO website promotion, how to do it and what you need to know?

що входить в сео-просування сайтуThe ranking mechanisms deserve special attention. They are divided into:

  1. External.

  2. Internal.

Let's consider them in more detail:

External factors include the following:

Above citation, backlinks. As well as behavioral factors. One of the popular tools for analyzing the target audience or users who visited the resource is Google Analytics.

It determines the page rank by the following factors:

  • Time spent on the page is one of the most important indicators of the effectiveness of a web resource. The indicator can be improved using elements such as images, videos, tables and graphs.

  • Number of bounces. Quickly closing a tab in the browser is a signal that the content is irrelevant to the user's request. The presence of information about the discrepancy between the search result and the user's expectations negatively affects the website promotion.

  • User return rate. It will help you determine the number of people who visited your site a second time. Thanks to this, you can determine whether your resource is interesting to users and possibly take steps to improve their experience of using the web page.

  • “Click-through rate” (CTR) in search results. These are statistics that are determined by the number of clicks on classified ads and the site. Has a significant impact on the position of the page in the "TOP" of search results when requested by the user.

  • The number of page views is an indicator of the success of site optimization. Thanks to him, you can determine whether advertising, SEO-promotion, etc. is effective, or you may need to change something, make adjustments to the promotion strategy.

Internal factors

An ordinary user can have little influence on these elements, but they play a huge role in the ranking of the site. The web developer and SEO specialist are in charge of them. And here it is important to mention things like regular changes to search engine algorithms. Although they force you to make changes to the structure of sites, text, tags, they rather simplify the work of specialists than create a new one.

Internal factors include the following:

  • The rules for indexing the pages of the site change from time to time. This forces the developers to make new changes, or even completely "restore" the site.

  • Content analysis based on such characteristics as uniqueness, novelty, relevance, etc.

  • Meta tags by type: Correct title tags, Correct description description, Competent use of keywords in title and description.

  • Creation of sites that are as easy to read and easy to visit as possible. Skillful distribution of keywords on the site will increase both the ranking and the readability of the text itself - otherwise the search engine may block the page according to the Google Panda ranking algorithm due to over-optimization, keyword excess, plagiarism, spam, a lot of outbound links, intrusive ads.

  • It is also necessary to correctly use interlinking, which allows you to correctly configure the navigation on the site, and at the same time avoid violations according to the aforementioned criteria.

Although the above points are of paramount importance when promoting a site upward in key queries, it is important to remember about Google's chaotic system of updates. Over the years of development of the platform, algorithms for search, tag generation, etc. changed several times. Constant innovation has led to a "funny" situation. At the moment, few people can guarantee the unambiguous operation of most algorithms.

Website promotion: how to do it?

Having familiarized yourself with the basic principles of ranking, you should consider the basic methods of website promotion.

For this, it is advisable to contact an SEO-optimization specialist. The success (traffic) of the site depends on them. You ask — “What is included in the CEO website promotion?”. We will answer — “Everything”. For search engines, both the tags and the content of the site itself are important. Check out the latest (at the time of this writing) update from Google. It affected the tagging system and, on the one hand, simplified the work when creating a web resource, on the other hand, now it will not allow unscrupulous optimizers to “cram” keywords into titles. The algorithm update has shortened the site names and now generates the title tag (shown in the search) based on the page content. This change perfectly demonstrates both how Google's algorithms work and the company's desire to optimize sites according to general criteria of readability and relevance.

Much attention and effort is paid to combating non-unique content (text, music or video). All Google services are jealous of copyrights. Algorithms designed to deal with non-uniqueness, as a rule, block the resource completely.

Considering what you have said, it is possible to start a website and run it on your own, but without skills in website promotion, it will not be a productive undertaking. To “climb to the TOPs”, you need to “keep your nose downwind” of trends, know the principles and algorithms of the search engine, and have a good understanding of the rules for ranking online resources. Unfortunately, working alone and without experience of interacting with a search engine, it is not always possible to get around these sharp corners.

While high page rankings are enough to effectively expand your customer base, you can do more. To do this, add SMM to website promotion for SEO. We will talk about him further!

What is SMM promotion and why is it needed?

що входить в смм-просуванняAlthough search engines are the most popular “part of the browser”, social networks have long been deeply rooted in the lives of most people. Promotion to the “TOP-10” in the search engine query results, although an excellent result, but it should be reinforced by expanding the client base through thematic communities in social networks.

How does it work and what is included in SMM promotion? First of all, it refers to advertising on social networks. By conducting targeted advertising, SMMs attract the attention of the target audience to the product. Using thematic communities, dating and (if possible) brand popularity.

It is in social networks that most of the trends, trends of all kinds, and just popular ideas are distributed. Also, this is where most users stay. It is important for a company to establish a “dialogue” with potential buyers. SMM specialists will help them with this. They specialize in advertising (of all types), working with an audience and developing selling ads. Promotion using SMM also has a positive effect on SEO promotion.

And yet, what is website promotion?

To summarize everything described above. Website promotion in search engines will significantly increase the flow of new audiences. Unfortunately, the process of popularizing a web resource requires skills and knowledge from the person running the site. Otherwise, its ranking will be low, and incorrect actions may even lead to the blocking of the resource. Not infrequently, due to inept website promotion, people's undertakings remained unnoticed or the influx of audience turned out to be insignificant.

For the effective development of your business, it is advisable, in addition to promotion in organic search, to try to "establish" a common language with the audience. Social networks can help you with this. Although many of them have tools for advertising activities, it is desirable to have the skills of interacting with potential clients. Nobody canceled targeted advertising either. The task of which is to identify the right person (no matter how scary it sounds) and make him an offer (which he cannot refuse).

We can help you with this! Light Spider provides services for website promotion and contextual, targeted advertising. Our SEO specialists do an excellent job of filling the site with content, external and internal optimization. At the same time, SMMs disseminate information on social networks, attracting the target audience.

SEO and SMM marketing work best together. They are by no means mutually exclusive, but on the contrary, they significantly increase the popularity of the advertised product or service.

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