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Internal and external site optimization what is it in simple words

Website launch is an excellent solution for promoting your own business. The presence of an attractive design and interesting product / service, in theory, should attract a sea of ​​potential customers. But this is often (almost always) not enough. In addition to attractive visuals and interest in “products”, user-friendliness of the page is also important for users.

If a person cannot use the site as it is convenient for him, he will most likely simply close the resource and start looking for another one. Convenience can be understood as a lot, for example, not “cutting” the eyes of a visual, readable text (with an outwardly pleasant font) or just comfortable navigation between pages. But resource optimization is also important. Let's talk about it more thoroughly.

Promotion, optimization of sites is the flywheel of an advertising campaign

Before considering them in order, let's get acquainted with the basis. Internal and external site optimization are processes of improving the quality of both the resource's content and its ranking. Thanks to them, the page takes a higher place in the search engine results for the user's request.These are the results of the processes that you observe every day when you enter what you are looking for in a query string.

It should be mentioned right away — if you do not have enough experience, knowledge, skills in working with SEO-promotion, then it is better to provide optimization processes to professionals. Filling the site with content, building up the link mass and improving the ranking of pages requires a scrupulous approach and deep knowledge in the field of promoting Internet resources.

As we mentioned, there are two types of website optimization:

  • Internal.

  • External.

Each of these points has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness and attractiveness of your site. Before a detailed analysis of each of them, you should explain the principles of the search engine and answer the question — “why is it important?”.

It does not matter on what platform the site is launched, be it Google, Yandex or others search resources. Everywhere there are systems for ranking (sorting) web pages. Optimization of internet sites just allows your web-resource to take a higher place in the “TOP” of search results. Although each search engine has its own ranking algorithms, there are general rules for promoting Internet pages. By following the rules and recommendations of the search engine, you can achieve good ranking indicators for your resource in search queries. SEO-promotion of the site will help you in the effective promotion of an Internet resource. How, what is included in it and why is it needed? Let's take a closer look at them.

Internal SEO optimization of a website

The state and content of your Internet resource directly affects its ranking in search engines. To achieve high performance, you should fill the site with high-quality, relevant content and use tags as efficiently as possible, optimizing the resource in every possible way, and this is not a complete list of works.internal SEO optimization of the web-site

Internal optimization is necessary for two most important components of the site - accessibility and "Visibility". Few people will look at poorly designed pages, read boring and torn text. Let's take a closer look at the methods of Google site optimization.

The main components of SEO optimization services

Although humanity has made significant progress in the development and availability of video and audio recording (and playback) technologies. Text remains one of the main methods of conveying information. It is still used today not only in the literature of various industries, but also in advertising, descriptions of goods / services, etc.

People are used to reading. They regularly check social media feeds, pay attention to advertisements, and more. Therefore, it is desirable to make the text informative and light. The latter is easy to determine - it can be viewed quickly, and not pay attention to any areas. If, while reading, “the eye is not caught” on the dubious turn of speech, the text is readable and deserves application.

Key words also apply to the paragraph above. A person who first got into the world of SEO copywriting may ask “Why are they?”. After all, the text only becomes more complicated because of them, and even often they are visible to the naked eye (as if inserted). The answer is surprisingly simple and complex at the same time. Keywords are one of the main SEO tools for website promotion. Their principle is elementary. The most popular search queries on a specific topic are analyzed. On their basis, the text is formed. Its relevance is determined by both the use of keywords and readability. However, sometimes copywriters abuse the keys and place them literally everywhere. The output text is a jumble of sentences, without much meaning or structure. Of course, if you avoid "over-optimization", then the site may receive a high ranking, but what is the chance to interest a casual visitor and make him stay?

Also, for website promotion, meta description is no less important. Although its influence on the position of the site is not so great, the page in the search takes on a much more interesting, attractive and informative look. A meta description is a short digest, a representation of a site. They do not always pay due attention to it or do not do it at all. Then in the search results it looks like a truncated part of the text. Its recommended size is 320 characters. Its task is to familiarize the user with the site.

Although search engine algorithms accept images, it is desirable to use alt-text for high-quality ranking. It allows you to at least slightly, but increase the ranking of the page. Alt text is a short textual description of the image.

To improve the user experience and convenience, it is desirable to customize the navigation of the resource. The so-called “breadcrumbs” help SEO specialists in this. You can immediately understand the principle by the name. “Breadcrumbs” are strings of words that make it easier to navigate and navigate between catalog and blog pages.

In addition to user convenience and ranking in the search engine, it is important not to forget about the safety of the Internet resource.

Website safety and performance

With the development of Internet technologies, hacker programs have become more efficient and skillful. They achieved particular popularity during a pandemic; due to quarantine restrictions, the demand for the delivery of goods increased significantly. Payment, of course, is carried out mainly online. To implement remote funds transfer services, it is necessary to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the and performance of the website during SEO optimization

To prevent anyone from taking over client data, you should activate the SSL certificate. Google itself prefers secure sites, but at the same time, people are much more active in using web pages that guarantee data security. Activation of the certificate increases the growth of potential customers and guarantees the safety of visitors.

To improve convenience and expand navigation on the site, in addition to “bread crumbs”, linking will help you. It works on the principle of keywords and allows you to increase the "click-through" on the site.

Particular attention should be paid to the technical component of the site. No "bugs", stable work without "loss of connection", etc. — Requirements that probably need not be discussed. No one will (with rare exceptions) go to a non-working site, with the hope of restoring its correct work.

In order to avoid incidents with operability, it is advisable to use specialized tools to check the site. Although there are services in Google that determine the user experience, it is advisable to use third-party programs to achieve better results and better site positions in the SERP.

Finally, let's mention the versatility. Often, users access resources not from computers, but from phones, tablets, etc. The site is not always adapted to the screen resolution of the gadget. Therefore, these days it is imperative to develop a mobile version of the site. Improving user comfort is directly related to improving resource ranking indicators. To improve the user experience with your web page, Google recommends developing a responsive version of the site for mobile devices.

Finally, about the price. The cost of internal website optimization directly depends on the amoudirectly depends on the amount of work. In some cases, it is enough to make minor edits, while in others it is necessary to increase both the content and carry out revision, layout, or even develop from scratch. Our SEO specialists monitor the quality in all of the above areas and guarantee you stable site performance.nt of work. In some cases, it is enough to make minor edits, while in others it is necessary to increase both the content and carry out revision, layout, or even develop from scratch. Our SEO specialists monitor the quality in all of the above areas and guarantee you stable site performance.

External SEO optimization of a website

The ranking of your web resource depends not only on the "internal", but also on the outside of the page quality parameters. This includes everything that goes beyond the efficiency and content of the site. Let's consider them in detail.

The first and most important method of popularizing your site is backlinks. The more trusted, reputable and quality third-party resources link to your content, the more “friendly” Google will feel about your site. Oftentimes, marketers make the decision to use paid links. This does not always lead to positive results. There are more subtle approaches. For example, competent link building.

The above methods of external site optimization for search engines also increase the domain rating. What is it and what impact does it have on search? - the reader asks logically. We will try to give a concise answer.

Domain authority is a measure of the “responsibility” of the site owner. It is measured by several factors, such as:

  • content relevance and its quality;

  • technical condition of the site (no errors and “broken links”);

  • number of backlinks.

The “lifetime” of a site is important for search engines. The longer the better. Thus, the search engine is confident in the relevance, and simply the viability of the resource. There are several methods to achieve high performance. In some of them, it is desirable to work with social networks and conduct contextual, targeted advertising.

Social networks and SEO-promotion of a website — the interdependence

Although SMM-promotion is not directly related to the optimization of web pages, but it can affect the ranking of the site. By posting ads on social networks, you are already increasing the number of conversions to the site. At the same time, by inserting links into the selling ad texts, you form backlinks. In this case, the search engine perceives them as links from third-party resources.Зовнішня SEO оптимізація веб сайту та лінкбілдінг

SMM marketing will also increase user confidence in the resource. Social networks create the illusion of direct interaction and analogue of communication. When promoting an Internet resource in social networks, it is advisable to enhance the effect of contextual advertising. Having created a "dialogue" and having identified the exact interests, platforms and general portrait of the target client, it is time to start action. Objective: to convince the user that he needs exactly what you offer. Along the way, you need to convince him that you are trustworthy, your site is safe, and every element of it works like a clock. Google SEO optimization will help you with this.

In today's world, “trust but verify” is more relevant than ever. To save the average user from the risk of switching to unreliable sites, platforms are created (in addition to the rating) on ​​which they write reviews of various web resources. Services such as Google My Business, Yelp and others help the user to avoid getting to dubious resources, and the optimizer to promote the site or web page in the search results up. Let's take a closer look.

Using such platforms opens up space for you to apply SEO within a specific region.This is what allows you to use the specifics in advertising, rely on the needs of users, thereby increasing the number of sales and simply interacting with the audience more efficiently. Targeted and contextual advertising works according to a similar principle. You should pay special attention to them.

External optimization implies website promotion with the help of advertising both in social networks and on thematic web resources. Its task is to popularize the web page. External and internal optimization significantly increase the ranking and knock out the site in the "TOP-10", but this is possible only if you have the necessary skills in the areas of SEO and SMM.

Where to start web site promotion

Although the methods and principles of web resource optimization described above seem simple. Without work experience, taking on them is a rash idea. Website promotion, optimization requires skills and understanding of the work of Google. Otherwise, at best, the site will require revision and rewriting (reshooting) of the content. At worst, his rating will fall to the “very bottom”, and promotion will take much more time and money.

For competent SEO-optimization and website promotion, it is better to contact the specialists. Our company employs professionals in the field of SEO and SMM. We offer both filling the resource with high-quality, relevant content, and technical work on layout, revision, and development of an adaptive mobile version of the site.

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