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How To Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed — recommendations of specialists for SMM promotion

Today, creating an Instagram profile is a real art, because this social network has long ceased to be a platform where you can show only good photos from your life. In the modern world, Instagram is a virtual place where people declare themselves with great success, successfully promote their business and advertise a variety of goods and services.

Light Spider will help make your Instagram profile bright, informative and accessible to users.

How To Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed?

When registering a profile on network, you must follow several rules:

  • the photos that you publish must be of high quality, because blurry, fuzzy photos are very poorly perceived;

  • on your page there should not be similar pictures with the same landscape, angles, lack of emotion. To make the page interesting, you need to successfully choose color combinations;

  • there is no need to load the Instagram feed with pictures that have a numerous bright, various objects, because this greatly complicates perception and "cuts" the eyes. A good way out of this situation is to add photographs containing one or two simple objects.

In order for your photos to be perceived in the best possible way, it is necessary to use quality photo editors, as "raw" unprocessed photos are perceived much worse.

How to properly design a page on Instagram and attract a lot of fans?

An important part of Instagram blog design is writing text posts. They should be no more than 2200 characters, while solid texts are quite difficult to read, therefore, when they are designed, it is necessary to follow some recommendations. The correct placement of paragraphs and the use of special programs (for example, Textygram) allows you to structure the text and make it easier to read. You can add emoticons, but under no circumstances abuse them, because solid emoji have a bad effect on the text, they draw attention to themselves and do not allow information to be taken seriously. Using hashtags allows users to find posts faster and easier by tags. You can add about thirty hashtags to Instagram posts, but in short publications it is enough to limit yourself to five, and you can insert them anywhere.

Interaction with readers significantly increases interest in the page, and you want to go there as often as possible (for example, you can ask them questions and ask them to share your opinion).

Thinking about how to design your Instagram profile well, you don't need to strive to write only short posts. In modern life, users of social networks are accustomed to longreads, besides, it should be borne in mind that the main thing in publications is not the number of characters, but the quality of the written.

How to beautifully design a page on Instagram, taking into account popular trends?

It's hard to imagine modern Instagram without videos and stories. And if posts can be very long, videos, on the contrary, have recently been reduced to the TikTok format (short videos about fifteen seconds long). In a story, you can apply filters to the entire story at once, as well as use masks. In order for a story or video to be viewed by as many users as possible, you need to decorate them with a beautiful cover that can interest you. For these functions, you can use modern applications:

  1. InShot — With this tool you can edit photos or videos. It also has templates and filters that you can use to style your page. Video can be trimmed, changed transitions, apply effects and sound;

  2. iMovie is an application designed specifically for video design. It includes more than fifty filters, as well as an audio library and various ready-made templates. Basic parameters are available for free;

  3. Motion Ninja is a video editor for Instagram. With it, you can apply effects and voices, edit video. The program itself is free, but if you want to use the advanced functionality, you will have to buy it.

How to make a good Instagram profile that will catch you at first sight?

When designing a page, special attention should be paid to its header, that is, the part in which the title, photo, and a short description of the profile will be placed. How your profile header is styled will determine how your page is perceived. An avatar plays an important role in the design, which is a photo or a picture that you choose as the main one for your page. This is the image people see first when they visit your page. You need to choose it taking into account the purpose for which you are creating your page:

  • for a personal blog, it is better to choose your successful photo (this also applies to famous people);

  • If you are creating a page for a company or a specific brand, then it is best to use a logo as an avatar. Thus, the popularity of the page and the company will increase significantly;

  • when creating a page for promoting any goods and services, it is better to attach an image of the item or a picture characterizing the category of the product on the avatar.

For whatever purpose you create a page, one thing remains unchanged: the photo or picture must be of high quality and bright enough to attract attention. It is advisable to avoid small print on the company logo, because it is very difficult to read, and it will simply complicate the perception of your profile by users.

How to make a good Instagram profileAlso, the name of the page plays an important role. This is a kind of title that tells you what your blog or page is about. You can use thirty characters for a title, so keep it short and meaningful. You should not use your first and last name as the title of the page if you are not a well-known and recognizable person. It is better to choose the keywords by which users will be able to find your page.

When forming a biography or a mini-description of a profile, it is necessary to contain all information about yourself and your blog in 150 characters. Here you can insert links, descriptions, mentions and add emoticons. It must be remembered that when you are describing a business page, you should not overuse emoticons, because it is not very appropriate. You should also pay attention to the language of the target audience, for example, it makes no sense for the English to write in Ukrainian and vice versa.

When compiling a biography, it is recommended to use hashtags, thanks to which your page can be quickly found on the Internet. Do not overuse popular tags, as this can lead to page blocking, it is better to come up with your own personal hashtags.

In the description, each phrase should start on a new line, then it will be easier to read and perceived by readers. For business pages, you can expand the biography fields by 150 characters, but such headers do not look very nice, so experts advise using them only if necessary.

How to design an Instagram page to interest users

Today, a business page on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to draw attention to the goods or services that you are “promoting”. Therefore, it must be executed responsibly and at a high level. To do this, in the account settings, you must select the function "Switch to a professional account", then select the direction of the page (for example, "Business") and its category. After that, you need to specify the contact information of the company and link the page to Facebook. This is optional, but you can link it in order to get more views and more users interested in your product or service. Once your profile has become a business page, you can start styling it.

The nickname on such a page should be meaningful and easy to remember. Experts recommend including a word or phrase that reflects your industry. But the main and invariable rule remains one: each user should easily and without problems find your page on the social network. And for this you need to follow some simple rules. It is undesirable to use punctuation marks or symbols that are easy to confuse in a nickname. For example, juliia_nails and juliia-nails are different accounts and it is pretty easy to confuse them. You need to choose short names (if possible).

How to properly design a page on InstagramIn the header of your business account, you need to place the main and important information. It is imperative to indicate the direction of activity, as well as the address of the main site. If you have discounts, then this information is best reflected in the profile header. If your business is not only online, but also offline, be sure to include the addresses of companies, stores and other business-related outlets.

The profile header should contain phone numbers, instant messengers, and other social networks through which visitors can easily find and use your services. The header must also contain significant information about the methods of payment and delivery of the goods. Instagram only allows you to post one link, but if you have multiple sites, you can use multi-link services. You can diversify the text with emoticons, but do not abuse them, because on a business website such publications look somewhat strange.

On Instagram, you can leave eternal stories that users can always see and they are pinned directly under the profile header. From such pages, guests can always find out the most important thing, and also there you can place a price list for your goods or services, detailed information about delivery, that is, everything that is always relevant and important. To do this, select the required history and click "Add to current". In addition, these pages need to come up with a name so that users can always find them. In order for stories to attract attention, you need to come up with a good cover for them. It does not need to be added to the story itself, you just need to click on the story icon and "Edit cover", and then add the necessary photo there. You can design stories for Instagram using special applications and editors (for example, Story Maker, Canva, etc.).

In the event that you need to recommend a product, combine posts on one topic or indicate a place, you can use a new type of posts on Instagram called "Guide" or "Tips" (names may differ in different versions of the application). On your page, it is located under the ribbon and is designated as a book. To create such a post, you need to click on the plus icon, select the type "Guide" (or "Tips"), and then indicate the category, for example, place or publication. This collection may include publications with information about products and discounts in your company.

If you are thinking how to design a page on Instagram, then you need to know that you can do this in two ways. In the first case, you can use the "endless feed", which is a regular feed of publications, as in a personal blog. Using the second method, you can place ten to fifteen posts in the feed, which will contain basic information, and place the rest of the news in stories or IGTV. Thus, it will be an analogue of a page for a business, or, as it is also called, instalanding.

The main method of creating such a page is considered to be cutting the finished page into 9 identical parts. In some cases, you may come across pages with numerous cut elements. As a result, when a page visitor opens your blog, he will be able to see a ready-made business page with all the necessary information.

High-quality instalanding has several main blocks:

  • visual, photo-based, focused on grabbing and emphasizing attention. The photo may show a product or other picture related to the main focus of your blog;

  • an informative block that includes data about a product or service;

  • in the call to action block, as a rule, they call to action, for example, "Buy", "Order". It also contains links to comments with reviews about your company or services.

Thus, the instalanding performs the main functions: it arouses the user's interest and encourages them to buy a product or use the offered service. To create a landing page, you can use the main services such as Canva, Publer, Crello.

How to design a profile on Instagram efficiently and creatively

One of the prerequisites for a high-quality business page is now its uniform style. That is, you need to successfully select the color scheme of the tape, keep all photos in a single motive, while they may have one common element. This element must necessarily characterize the direction of your business. The profile feed is made pleasant to view and varied, because the same type, as a rule, causes boredom and unwillingness to view the page further. Considering these nuances, a checkerboard arrangement is usually used when designing, when photos are staggered into intertwined with stories. The stories share the same design style.

How to design a page on InstagramWhen decorating the page with color shades, one can take into account the psychological interpretations of the color scheme, for example, red is associated with energy, strength, etc. Warm green shades are growth, freshness. They are perfect for decorating your nutrition page. Since green symbolizes prosperity and stability, it is often used in the design of the pages of financial institutions.

When designing a blog on Instagram, it is better to use the same templates. To avoid monotony and uniformity of the tape, it can be diluted with bright photographs. How to design Instagram depends on the target audience for which the blog is designed and the concept of the page itself. For example, if your business involves handmade bedding or baby items, it is best to use soft pastel colors.

When promoting youth brands or entertainment services and goods, it is best to use bright shades of color. Unusual and original designs (for example, "noir" style) will also look great. When designing a general story template, Photoshop or another editor will come to the rescue. Ideally, you should operate with programs for Instagram, for example, AColor Story, StoryLab. If you are interested in free templates, you can use Crello, which has a large library of various images and a simple editor.

Making a profile on Instagram in a single style involves the use of several techniques. In addition to the "checkerboard", you can use a ruler, a "column" or a diagonal, in which publications are distributed in a single line and have the same design motive. For example, if you look at the design of the blog of the Zara store, you can see that the line includes photographs of male and female clothing models. When placing publications in one diagonal line, uniform or monochrome photographs are distributed. You don't have to use these techniques all over the feed. It will be enough to collect up to twelve photographs — this is the number that is convenient to view by flipping through the tape.

Currently, the trend of page and blog design is dominated by naturalness. This means that photos should be minimally processed and no filters applied. You just need to take into account that the pictures must be professional and of high quality.

Collages are considered outdated, but you can use them to draw attention to your page or blog. It is not necessary to fully use the collages in the feed, but as a way to moderately diversify the page, its use will be appropriate.

If you do not know how to design an Instagram page yourself, contact Light Spider. The staff of our agency is staffed with highly qualified specialists with significant work experience SMM on Instagram. With our with the help of your business will reach a new level of relationship with consumers. We will take over the creation of your Instagram page or blog from scratch and bring it to perfection. In our work, we use modern marketing strategies, taking into account all the wishes and advantages of our clients. We always follow the terms that have been agreed with the customer. In addition, he will always be able to familiarize himself with the template of the finished project, and only after that we proceed to its implementation. We have described far from all methods of designing your page, we have mentioned only the most effective ones. We hope that your profile will be bright, original and will help to promote your business, attracting many new clients.

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